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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #19

July 17, 1999

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. A Dream Can Be Different - Rinor Zidran
3. The Easier Way? - Alexander Aldarow
4. The Ring and The Vision - Lady Tia
5. World Wide Watch Closure - Diana Botsford
6. Prometheus Elucidation III - Erik S.
7. The Summer of Changes - Rinor Zidran
8. Open Letter to the Fear-mongering and Doomsday crowd - Doug Lewis
9. A Miracle Cure - Laviaia Ritkiss
10. Today's Mail: Jennetta, Tiamat - Today's Mail
11. Closing Words

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

We've decided to do what this newsletter was initially intended for, and what hasn't been done for a while - share with you some of our latest experiences. Along with the regular columnists - Tiamat, Erik S. and Doug Lewis - you can also read about the, let's say, "adventures" some of us had in a dream state. Also, there are two articles from the Paranormal Network, on UFO SkyWatch night results, and - brace yourself - a precise recipe for the remedy of all diseases.
In two weeks we will celebrate our 20th issue, with a look back to what has been accomplished so far, to what to expect in the future, preparations for the August 11, hottest paranormal websites, that all the Net buzzed about lately, and - you've guessed it right, the Competition results! Who will be crowned as the undisputed best article of PXN (Project X Newsletter)? Who'll be the lucky subscriber to receive our prize? Yes, the prize - I guessed you've missed that part, somehow. All you have to do is to e-mail me and choose the number of one of the nominees listed below, that in your opinion qualifies as the most well written. No matter whom you've voted for, your name enters the draw. It is our unique way to thank you for reading this bi-weekly newsletter. If the total number of the votes does not reach 20, the draw will be canceled, which will be too sad and unfair to those who have already placed their voices.
Here are the nominees for you to select from:
1) "Elijah: Revelation", 7th issue;
2) "Doug Lewis: Brain Wave Diary, Questions and Answers", 12th issue;
3) "Messages from the Original Six", 15th issue;
4) "Gwen: Merkaba", 12th issue;
5) "Rinor: Hypnotic Gate", 6th issue;
6) "An introduction to Wicca, courtesy of Tiamat", 15th issue;
7) "Aldarow: The Experience", 7th issue;
8) "Prometheus Elucidation", by Erik S, 17th issue.
So far, we have numbers 6 and 8, Tiamat and Erik, leading neck to neck, so to speak. You can still change it...
OK, back to the unusual events around us.

A Dream Can Be Different    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

It was 10:35 P.M., and I was ready to go to sleep.
Brushed my teeth, kicked the dog out of my bed and was ready to close my eyes.
I left my clothes on the shelf near my window as I always do, a blue jeans and a blue Adidas shirt... nothing more than that... for now... and I went to sleep.
I've dreamt many dreams on that night, the night between the 3rd-4th of July, some are not so important, but ONE is!
I woke up at about 3:30 A.M. and thought to myself whether to go to the kitchen and have a drink, to "wash" my throat, but I decided not to (although I do it every night), and I got back to sleep.
I remember a dream (or not) in which I'm standing near my closet, I thought to myself that in order to take my computer exam without the school board yelling at me, I'll need to wear my school uniform (a T-shirt with the school logo on it), or else I won't be able to take the exam.
I took out from the closet a T-shirt, but I was afraid that this one could be the uniform of my previous school, and not the one I need, I didn't care a lot, because it was night and I wanted to sleep, so I took this shirt and dropped it on the shelf, on my jeans and Adidas shirt, that were organized.
In the morning, July 4th, 7:15 A.M. I woke up, got up from bed and went to the shelf... when I see that on the shelf was the same school shirt from my dream, and the same one which I've suspected, the one that belonged to the old school I went to... and not the one I needed for my exam... and it lied there in the same position I left it in my dream, the same angle, while the jeans and Adidas shirt were organized as I've left them the night before.
I've put the shirt back in the closet... but couldn't find the shirt I needed... it just vanished.
I know that I didn't put the school shirt on the shelf the night before, and I know I didn't woke up in the middle of the night to do so...
Than what just happened here? I was either walking in my sleep or something strange happened here...
The thing is... everything was blurry... and I still can't find that shirt...

The Easier Way?    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

It is always easier to destroy than to create.
It is easier to steal than to earn.
It is easier to kill than to give birth.
It is easier to run away and sink into drugs and alcohol, than to face and deal with the reality and its problems and obstacles.
It is easier to break a relationship, to fight, curse and abuse, than to cherish people close to you, to love, to keep the ember still burning.
It is easier to ignore than to believe.
It is always the easier way to plunge into depression, into the blackness of melancholy, into self-pity, than to keep on striving, struggling, overcoming the moments of hopelessness and accepting the moments of joy.
It is easier to give up than to win.

Do you still want the easier way? I don't.

The Ring and The Vision    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)

Unfortunately, there are things I have been unable to share with you and tell you, but some of those I will cover here... and others in due time. There is a ring, a ring I have asked all of you about, many times. I now know partially what it is. The rune ring I speak of is called the Talisman of Isisha - a ring of religious symbols on the outside and the 12 sacred witches runes on the inside (ring is onyx, I think, with silver symbols on the inside and out). It is from the late 16th century. The only records of this are in Toronto, Canada and handwritten in Gaelic (if only I had a copy of it, I know I could translate them). What is significant is that none has worn this ring since then... just about the same has never seen the ring, whereas I have seen it twice... once in a dream, and once in a vision. I am still awaiting confirmation on whether or not I am connected to this woman, Isisha, which I shall receive later on in the weekend.

How many here have heard of the Tales of Merlin? From a while ago, I remember my anonymous source told me that Merlin was to return. I didn't think much of it at the time, until I last spoke to my anonymous source, when he told me that the time is near. When the Old Ones awaken, so shall the anger of Merlin. As I understand it, Merlin was bound in a tree quite a long time ago. It is said that Merlin will become young, and Excalibur, the sword in the stone, shall rise again. Though I am not too sure what that means - the part about Excalibur, I know that it is important.
If anyone knows of anything I tell now, then perhaps this may sound familiar:

There is a place... a place so perfect, yet mysterious. Where the full moon glistens above two mountain peaks (one side steep, the other drifting downward) near the shore line of a water source. Near the glistening moon is a bluish orb, that is almost suspended high near the moon.

In a void of motion, like a tunnel was the second bluish orb. It has 4 lightning bolts coming at the orb in a perfect point, then going around it.

Deep in the forest, I know someone who saw into the forest. There was a void in nature. He was inside the woods, then it was as if he was actually inside the void of the lifeforce of nature.

If this means anything to you or if you share it with anyone in the group and it means anything to them, please have them contact me as soon as possible.

Love and Light,

World Wide Watch Closure    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Diana Botsford    (all articles by this author)

[Note: International World Wide Watch for UFO was held on the night of June 26.]

By Diana Botsford
Publisher/Community Manager

Life is never as it seems, goes the saying. And that would certainly apply to the startling results of an event for which we had little expectations. People 'into' UFOs were in factions - one not wanting to deal with the other. Of course, our original hope was to get some of the larger organizations working together. But in increasing surprise, the World Wide Watch took on a life of itself during the weeks leading up to the event. It in itself became a conduit for community. And no, I don't mean this website. I mean the entire world wide community of people who are interested in the UFO phenomenon.

At a time when the field of Ufology is riddled with hoaxes, anger and even lawsuits, thousands of individuals from 51 different countries teamed up in recognition that they were not alone. The fact that others shared their interest and were ready to throw down the differences and share their knowledge is perhaps the most vital key to understanding why, on June 26th, the sightings submission page saw over 950,000 hits. And 39% of those 'hits' were from outside the United States.

Download a zip file containing the raw data and excel and access versions of the database. View the results of top relevant data via the web. View the final map images that display the results. True, the results were less than dazzling - from a strictly scientific point of view. La Nina was busy with a vengeance on June 26th, 1999. Australia, the kick-off point for this expedition, was 90% covered by clouds. Great Britain was essentially rained out and clouds banked most of the sky throughout Europe. The mid-west portions of the United States saw muggy, cloudy humidity as well.

And of course, there is certainly a share of the reports that are seemingly bogus. One participant claimed that Howard Stern was a fellow witness!

But forget the science for a moment and consider this. We received over 6,000 emails and newsgroup postings in addition to the responses that organizations such as Skywatch International (who played a key role in organizing this event) committing to the event. What exactly does this mean? Does it simply mean the interest continues? Or something more?

Call me an optimist, but I do see something more in all this. The people involved with this event dropped their differences and committed to an event that is simply about seeking information. Nothing more, nothing less. They downloaded the star maps provided. They shared cell phone numbers. And they made contact with each. They recognized that there is in fact something more important than ego. And that's seeking the truth. In whatever form it may take.

Perhaps we are finally growing up. If we can finally see past our isolated selves and work together, no matter our differences, the answers to the puzzle of UFOs are just moments away.

Prometheus Elucidation III    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Erik S.    (all articles by this author)


Commentaries on the path:

There be no greater challenge I find than the test of ones faith. As of late I've gone from the security of a full-time work and a place to live to having no job, only eating once every 12 hours and wondering if I'm going to have to live on the street. Although this can be unnerving, it has allowed me the opportunity to meet new people, hone some skills and question my words and actions which led to such a situation in the first place. Also combined with the fact that my fate, destiny and life be not in my hands, but in the hands of God, and it is this fact that undeniably defines our responsibilities and opportunities, which will be made available to us solely based upon the result of how we treat others and in turn how we will be treated.

I've learnt the hard way that we are no better or worse than the next person, no matter what path the other be walking. Even unto darkness some walk, and it be the will of God that we should meet them, both to understand that no favorites are played, nor are we fit to judge or even assume that the path of light is solely for those who maintain their faith. But moreover be needed for those who walk in the darkness, and it be we who must be the beacons to guide the way unto the path of light. Certainly in one's daily lives you can only do so much, or give an ear and heart to an extent, as I have at times felt that there be no more I can give, to this I was wrong; so long as there be a need for such beacons till peace and harmony reign, my inner spirit drives me as it should with all.

I apologize for the fact that this writing and the others submission to which I am responsible for tend to emphasize the same points through different means but it is the methods of understanding and searching I work through in discovering the Simple Way of Being. I can only define this "Simple Way" as the right words and actions so that individuals we meet find their own solutions with no more than our listening and offering further questions to spark the interest of wanting a deeper understanding from within and from god. Of course this is by no means an easy task but is necessary in the long run for even just listening and asking gives us insights into ourselves as well, and so we all rise together. Not necessarily to an absolute enlightenment or perfection, but at least to a level where strife over the materialistic be no more. And all strive for the good of everyone.

I do feel though that I've explained or at least expanded my perception to the point of it almost being that of a flight in fancy, certainly I will continue this exploration and attempt at gaining further understanding for both myself and those who choose to hear, see and listen. In the conclusion, however, I am at present at a loss as to where I should focus my energy for the final push into the deepest recess that be my soul, and at the same time put aside once and for all the doubts and concerns as to where the journey must lead, and of whether I am ready for such trials.

Unfortunately along with such concerns and doubts I possess a level of rage which stems not from the trespasses that have been committed unto me or those I have committed unto others or myself, but be more primal in origin. Over the years I have learnt to reign in such a force of darkness as having someone whom I know not well beg me not to kill them along with the fear and shear terror within their eyes was quite shocking and appalling as to how far I am capable of going in the way of harming another. And it was such an event along with others that has brought about this understanding of not only a higher power or of our true capabilities, but also of the necessity of choosing our words and actions within the confines of both ethics and morality, as not to continue the infection for which chaos festers but to heal and rebuild the damage that has been done.

Certainly if we met face to face you would question the validity of my words, as I'm not a large man nor a being who relies upon a raised voice for either compliance or to have my point of view supported without question, but am a man humbled and respectful who tries to live life within the boundaries of ethics, morality and honor. My life since beginning such writings has been exciting, average and unique depending on your point of view, I have also regained my faith and trust in God to the point of even in the darkest hour he stands by willing to aid in his mysterious and simplistic way so does he for us all.

Erik S.

For those who wish to respond to this submission or to the submission from previous editions I can be reached at

The Summer of Changes    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

I've been studying, learning, seeking the paranormal for five years now, but mostly I am fascinated by it.
This summer is the most unusual I've ever had, mostly because I've developed most of my senses in these five years and my understanding of things around me as well.
The past is clearer now for me, it returns to me now and I accept it, dreams are stronger, there are more cosmic messages in dreams and in present, and it is shown as ?future knowledge?, things that I already know of them before anyone ever told me of them, and it always starts with a sense, a feeling... but it turns out to be true.
It's summer time now, and here in Israel schools are over, kids are on the vacation, but to me it's maybe the most important time ever? for now.
The reason is because I'm 18 years old, I've finished school, and before I'm coming out to the real world, (the army comes first) I want to learn and develop myself more.
I'm not saying there won't be more time for that, there will be time, the whole life is the time for it, but especially now I feel something inside me happening? and it is time to grab it and not let go...
The summer was always the important time for me and Aldarow, we switched to a higher gear at that time, more traveling in the country, more hypnosis, more of the paranormal as if there's no more time... but this summer is different, if not for him, then for me... in these 5 years I've learned to respect, love and carry for the nature, for the universe, for people, and I'm still learning, but this summer we will do things as we feel right... there will be traveling, there will be hypnosis, there will be dreams and messages, but now they will be different... the last summer of the millennium, and I'm about to grab what's burning inside of me, and share it with the universe? and thank him... if Aldarow wish to do so he is welcomed as well... and so are all of you my friends? wherever you may be.
Love and peace, take care and? stay aware!

Open Letter to the Fear-mongering and Doomsday crowd    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

(July 3 - 1999)

In today's uncertain times when it seems the world is on the brink of disaster - it is good to look for balance and context. Bad news travels fast, bad news sells, misery loves company. Good news does not get a fair shake. I have been told it takes eight positive reinforcements to cancel out one negative one.

Who will assist with leveling the playing field?

I dedicate this open letter to the removal of the American Bald Eagle (July 1, 1999) from the endangered species list rather than our planet earth. Mitigation of our poor use of the planet is still required and we should not let down our defenses, however, hope springs eternal for our enhanced enlightenment for these things.

To Fear-mongers and Doomsayers:

Respectfully, I disagree with you - the fact that the majority of humanity abides by a common community standard of behaviors signifies a strong, existing collective conscious working in unison towards a better world. Without it, we would be in Hitler's, Sadam's or Milosevic's worlds - permanently. As noble as anyone's individual cause may be to them - integrity, truth and right are the ingredients for lasting success.

Ironically, the crazed are their own worst enemy!

Notice applied sickness (insanity) never prevails for long and has not for at least 2000 years. Anarchy and chaos would reign supreme without the invisible but prevalent influence of the common will for betterment and rejection of insane approaches. I submit - the collective conscience is alive and well.

We may not yet approach these matters ideally - it is the fact we respond against that is significant. We will learn better ways of moderating as we go along. If the deal is a good one - the people will want it. As it turns out, the actions of the sick (insane) aid in the mass awaking from complacency and the strengthening of resolve for the well (enlightened).

Enacted and legislated law and order cannot be attributed as the main stay of "civilization" - it is tenuous at best and would be defeated easily if the preponderance of humanity would turn on it. Therefore the collective, positive will of the masses must be the underlying factor for our slow but unstoppable positive intellectual growth and spiritual development. The righting of wrongs will prevail.

"We" the "well" must proclaim loudly and accept responsibility for steadily advancing improvements to the common lot. Why not? Are we embarrassed of what we are? The fact you and I want to and are able to discuss such matters across man made boundaries is a testament to this advancement and improvement.

The more insanity "turns it on" the faster sanity mobilizes against it. Look forward to massive POSITIVE changes very quickly in the near future. I invite you to visit my site and review the "mechanism for world change" I expect a significant positive change to become readily apparent between 2008, peaking in 2012.

I believe this emphatically and squeeze my mind hard to "will" 6 billion others to do the same. 6 billion wills are an awesome force.

If 6 billion hamburgers can be served - surely 6 billion positive thoughts can be too *S*

I choose to believe in this POSITIVE improvement for our world because the alternative is unacceptable to my children and me AND I refuse to capitulate to fear -- for I am Warrior the protector! *S*

I spit in the face of fear and the fear-mongers for I am educated now and can reason based on facts - I will not be shackled mentally as my deprived and beaten ancestors were. Truth, right and integrity are my spear, shield and mace.

One Mind, One Heart, One Soul, One Will - take up the cry and it becomes true enough - mind these words well.

Also - if the insane can mobilize a significant following, I expect the sane can too. The sick have better marketing skills and media coverage -- that's all.

If you are not on the part of a solution -- then is it possible you are the problem?

Respectfully submitted by Doug Lewis
@ the site for sore eyes
A World the way a World should be accomplished by many doing a little good a lot.

A Miracle Cure    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Laviaia Ritkiss    (all articles by this author)

{Courtesy of Paranormal News Network}

Laviaia Ritkiss, a healer in Los Angeles, has been given a recipe for what seems to be a miracle cure. The health says her amazing "space syrup" was a gift from the aliens to humankind and that anyone can prepare it from common ingredients.

"This syrup is truly amazing," said Mrs. Ritkiss, who used the medicine to cure her arthritis. "It costs just pennies to make, yet after a few weeks of taking it, your whole physical and mental conditions change for the better. It contains many ingredients that humans use to improve health, but the formula the aliens' advanced science has produced, combines these ingredients in a new and different way, and it has a remarkable impact on the body."

"The aliens told me that it affects the electrical energy of the body, reversing negative impulses that bring about diseases and unhealthy emotions. I take a teaspoon every day and I know that it has worked wonders for me. Now the aliens want me to spread the word so that the maximum number of humans will learn about it and use it."

Mrs. Ritkiss, who runs a healing center that offers natural products and New Age cures, says she encountered the aliens last fall while she was working in her office behind the store.

"Seven small green creatures appeared out of the thin air," she said, "and they used their huge, glowing eyes to immobilize me. They appeared in the corner of my office and they seemed very loving and concerned," she recalled. "They told me they had a great affection and respect for humans and wanted to help us with this gift. I couldn't move or speak. I felt like I was dreaming. When I woke up, the spacemen were gone and the recipe was sitting on the desk in front of me."

Mrs. Ritkiss says she mixed up a batch of the syrup the next day and because it contained nothing she felt would harm her, she took a teaspoon every day for a month to see what would happen.

"I couldn't believe what it did for me!" she says. "My arthritis is gone, my skin glows, even my teeth and hair are different. I feel like a teenager again. Since then, I have shared the recipe with hundreds of people and it has cured everything - acne, heart disease, depression and even cancer. The syrup is so wonderful, I know I have to tell everybody about it. It's a miracle gift, a token of love from outer space."

Mrs. Ritkiss says she plans to distribute a pamphlet about the space syrup sometime later this year. In the meantime, however, she had provided the formula so people can start enjoying good health right away.

?2 tsp. diced fresh garlic
?3 Tbs. olive oil
?5 Tbs. pure clover honey
?1 Tbs. apple cider vinegar
?1/2 tsp. cayenne
?1/4 tsp. asafoetida (optional)
?1/4 cup strong green tea, freshly made

Saute garlic in olive oil for 1 minute, then add other ingredients. Simmer and cook over low flame for 5 minutes. Let cool. Strain into glass jar. Cover and refrigerate. (Makes enough for a week with one teaspoon a day)

Today's Mail: Jennetta, Tiamat    (view on a separate page)
Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)

Today we continue the feature, presented in the previous edition, "Today's Mail", with readers' responses to the topic "Spiritual Use of Drugs?"


I believe your response to the user of ecstasy could have been more complete. There are many out there with the same questions regarding drugs. To compound the confusion, drugs have been historically used to facilitate spiritual awakenings. What is almost impossible for the novice to realize, without guidance, is the fact that drugs are, at best, a limited tool and are a limiting tool when used improperly.
Very controlled and limited use of certain drugs can aid in the breakdown of the reality structure, allowing for the development of a new paradigm of reality. Continued use will actually muddy the aura to a dull greenish cast and impede the energy flow.
Personally, I would advise anyone who has experienced the "Oh, wow!" to go no further with the drug use, but to use that gift of momentary 'sight' as a reference point in their meditations.
The only way to achieve lasting ability to access that plane of consciousness is through the use of their own natural energy fields. To remember and invoke that 'feeling' and to come to believe in their own ability to get there without the artificial 'boost' is the only way to actually cross the threshold into the fully realized spiritual realm. Drugs can only provide, if you are lucky, a fleeting glimpse. If you are not so lucky, you can become trapped in a delusion of third dimensional creation and prevent further growth without even knowing you are trapped.
The word dependency carries the load of the "drug war" rhetoric and can alienate those who are unable to see the results of their use in the aura. Dependency, in the spiritual sense, is a lack of belief in one's own power and ability to use that power. You are certainly right to caution against the use of drugs, but to offer a full explanation as to why will prevent misunderstandings and the perception of judgement.


To Andrew, in reply about the curiosity of the use of drugs... I do agree with Aldarow that it is not a good habit to have, but I must admit, I used to use drugs, not for an enhancement affect, but merely for the effect itself. And with it, I used to feel and see things. My former drug was Marijuana. It is a rarity that I do it these days. I try not to do it at all anymore, since it not exactly favored by my Goddess. I have also found that I usually receive greater experiences without it.
Blessed be to you, and to all!

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

"Learning without thinking is destructive; but thinking without learning is destructive no less."
"Of any three men that walk together, one can be found that I can learn from him."
"The young ones must be respected."
- Confucius

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