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Today's Mail: Jennetta, Tiamat

Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 17, 1999

Today we continue the feature, presented in the previous edition, "Today's Mail", with readers' responses to the topic "Spiritual Use of Drugs?"


I believe your response to the user of ecstasy could have been more complete. There are many out there with the same questions regarding drugs. To compound the confusion, drugs have been historically used to facilitate spiritual awakenings. What is almost impossible for the novice to realize, without guidance, is the fact that drugs are, at best, a limited tool and are a limiting tool when used improperly.

Very controlled and limited use of certain drugs can aid in the breakdown of the reality structure, allowing for the development of a new paradigm of reality. Continued use will actually muddy the aura to a dull greenish cast and impede the energy flow.

Personally, I would advise anyone who has experienced the "Oh, wow!" to go no further with the drug use, but to use that gift of momentary 'sight' as a reference point in their meditations.

The only way to achieve lasting ability to access that plane of consciousness is through the use of their own natural energy fields. To remember and invoke that 'feeling' and to come to believe in their own ability to get there without the artificial 'boost' is the only way to actually cross the threshold into the fully realized spiritual realm. Drugs can only provide, if you are lucky, a fleeting glimpse. If you are not so lucky, you can become trapped in a delusion of third dimensional creation and prevent further growth without even knowing you are trapped.

The word dependency carries the load of the "drug war" rhetoric and can alienate those who are unable to see the results of their use in the aura. Dependency, in the spiritual sense, is a lack of belief in one's own power and ability to use that power. You are certainly right to caution against the use of drugs, but to offer a full explanation as to why will prevent misunderstandings and the perception of judgement.




To Andrew, in reply about the curiosity of the use of drugs... I do agree with Aldarow that it is not a good habit to have, but I must admit, I used to use drugs, not for an enhancement affect, but merely for the effect itself. And with it, I used to feel and see things. My former drug was Marijuana. It is a rarity that I do it these days. I try not to do it at all anymore, since it not exactly favored by my Goddess. I have also found that I usually receive greater experiences without it.

Blessed be to you, and to all!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #19

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