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Open Letter to the Fear-mongering and Doomsday crowd

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 17, 1999

(July 3 - 1999)

In today's uncertain times when it seems the world is on the brink of disaster - it is good to look for balance and context. Bad news travels fast, bad news sells, misery loves company. Good news does not get a fair shake. I have been told it takes eight positive reinforcements to cancel out one negative one.

Who will assist with leveling the playing field?

I dedicate this open letter to the removal of the American Bald Eagle (July 1, 1999) from the endangered species list rather than our planet earth. Mitigation of our poor use of the planet is still required and we should not let down our defenses, however, hope springs eternal for our enhanced enlightenment for these things.

To Fear-mongers and Doomsayers:

Respectfully, I disagree with you - the fact that the majority of humanity abides by a common community standard of behaviors signifies a strong, existing collective conscious working in unison towards a better world. Without it, we would be in Hitler's, Sadam's or Milosevic's worlds - permanently. As noble as anyone's individual cause may be to them - integrity, truth and right are the ingredients for lasting success.

Ironically, the crazed are their own worst enemy!

Notice applied sickness (insanity) never prevails for long and has not for at least 2000 years. Anarchy and chaos would reign supreme without the invisible but prevalent influence of the common will for betterment and rejection of insane approaches. I submit - the collective conscience is alive and well.

We may not yet approach these matters ideally - it is the fact we respond against that is significant. We will learn better ways of moderating as we go along. If the deal is a good one - the people will want it. As it turns out, the actions of the sick (insane) aid in the mass awaking from complacency and the strengthening of resolve for the well (enlightened).

Enacted and legislated law and order cannot be attributed as the main stay of "civilization" - it is tenuous at best and would be defeated easily if the preponderance of humanity would turn on it. Therefore the collective, positive will of the masses must be the underlying factor for our slow but unstoppable positive intellectual growth and spiritual development. The righting of wrongs will prevail.

"We" the "well" must proclaim loudly and accept responsibility for steadily advancing improvements to the common lot. Why not? Are we embarrassed of what we are? The fact you and I want to and are able to discuss such matters across man made boundaries is a testament to this advancement and improvement.

The more insanity "turns it on" the faster sanity mobilizes against it. Look forward to massive POSITIVE changes very quickly in the near future. I invite you to visit my site and review the "mechanism for world change" I expect a significant positive change to become readily apparent between 2008, peaking in 2012.

I believe this emphatically and squeeze my mind hard to "will" 6 billion others to do the same. 6 billion wills are an awesome force.

If 6 billion hamburgers can be served - surely 6 billion positive thoughts can be too *S*

I choose to believe in this POSITIVE improvement for our world because the alternative is unacceptable to my children and me AND I refuse to capitulate to fear -- for I am Warrior the protector! *S*

I spit in the face of fear and the fear-mongers for I am educated now and can reason based on facts - I will not be shackled mentally as my deprived and beaten ancestors were. Truth, right and integrity are my spear, shield and mace.

One Mind, One Heart, One Soul, One Will - take up the cry and it becomes true enough - mind these words well.

Also - if the insane can mobilize a significant following, I expect the sane can too. The sick have better marketing skills and media coverage -- that's all.

If you are not on the part of a solution -- then is it possible you are the problem?

Respectfully submitted by Doug Lewis

@ the site for sore eyes

A World the way a World should be accomplished by many doing a little good a lot.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #19

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