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The Easier Way?

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 17, 1999

It is always easier to destroy than to create.

It is easier to steal than to earn.

It is easier to kill than to give birth.

It is easier to run away and sink into drugs and alcohol, than to face and deal with the reality and its problems and obstacles.

It is easier to break a relationship, to fight, curse and abuse, than to cherish people close to you, to love, to keep the ember still burning.

It is easier to ignore than to believe.

It is always the easier way to plunge into depression, into the blackness of melancholy, into self-pity, than to keep on striving, struggling, overcoming the moments of hopelessness and accepting the moments of joy.

It is easier to give up than to win.

Do you still want the easier way? I don't.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #19

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