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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #16

June 5, 1999

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. Mysteries in the Dune: Different Dune - Rinor Zidran
3. The Connection Night - Alexander Aldarow
4. E-mailed by ??? - anonymous / author unknown
5. Jerusalem - Alexander Aldarow
6. Messages from Merci, James Wolff - Today's Mail
7. Again, the Sun Eclipse - anonymous / author unknown
8. Paranormal on the Web - Alexander Aldarow
9. Closing Words

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Writers and observers of the world, here is your chance to get a permanent column in our newsletter! We are looking for a big article on one of the following subjects (although others won't be rejected): past lives/reincarnation, healing, spiritualistic seances. A person who composes one, based on her/his observations, experiences and conclusions, will be acknowledged as our constant 'field reporter', which means she/he can post an article in every following issue, unconditionally. The article will also enter a prize-winning competition - but we'll tell more on that later.
Our Friday chat is still on: IRCnet, #aa2012projectx. Our postcards have been renewed, there are more awesome graphics you can use while sending your greetings to your beloved ones.
There seemed to be some numeric confusion in the previous issue. It was the 15th, not 14th, as stated in the header. We apologize for the mistake.
We also apologize to those of you who have e-mailed us, but remained unanswered. It all being taken care of right now.
P.S. As it is strongly hinted in the newsletter, you probably already know who that mysterious watcher is, and who is the person he talks about...

Mysteries in the Dune: Different Dune    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)


Last Saturday the Dune was different... it always is, but this time was not like any other times. The air was not hot at all, and the whole feeling was of a peaceful, calm place. Again, the crows were whenever we have looked. The Eastern part of the sky was slightly darkening, but the Western part held the most incredible sight we have ever observed in the Dune. The thick clouds on the high dome of heavens formed a gigantic round shape, and in the center of that shape was an opening, through which immense strobes of sun light poured. It was the Supreme Entity shedding its life force to our town. It strongly reminded of the scene from "Independence Day", with a hostile mothership firing down its lethal weapon, only this one was not a destroying, but a reviving power.
Oh, and if you wondered... those notes in the yellow plastic bag were nowhere around the crooked tree, where they were once found and returned.

The Connection Night    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

The chat room was open on Friday night (May 28)... and every 'who is who' of Project X has attended it: Tiamat, Aldarow, Rinor, Robert, Wildman, Brent (the order of appearance). We had tons of stuff to share with each other, to consult, to update, to ponder. Eventually, Brent, Wildman, Tiamat and Aldarow have tried a mind connection, concentrating on each other's image and location (USA - Israel - Australia - New Zealand). They did it immediately after leaving the chat and turning off the computers, in order to fully achieve as much as possible from The Connection Night. Aldarow reported strange feelings/vibrations he physically felt; also a symbol rose in his mind, as if drawn by a child, a sort of double-crossed cross ( ? ) in a prolonged rounded frame (like an Egyptian seal). Here is what Tiamat wrote:

-In regards to the connection:

I got into it at first, but after a while, I was losing it. As I was losing it, I gave it another attempt, and went further than before. All through it, I was listening to my CD of Celtic songs. At first attempt, the energy I felt made me feel as though I was a flame, gracefully swaying from side to side, within myself. The energy was emanating from the middle of my back, or so it felt. A little later on, I felt a force slightly moving my earrings (the force was surrounding me). Soon, my arms became heavy, and that was when I was starting to lose it. On my second attempt, I felt a force touching the left side of my face, right below my left eye. A while later, I began to see things, this is as I was singing aloud the songs on my Celtic CD. I saw a tree with red blossoms. I then saw what looked like the outskirts of a vivid forest, and felt as if I were soaring through the forest, until I came to the inner part of it. There I saw an inner layer of vivid flowers, where some fairies were interacting, playfully. I could feel the power in the music... very peaceful and lovely, yet powerful. After I ended the concentration, I stepped outside and walked around. I noticed everything had an orange haze-like appearance to it (pretty, subtle, and serene). I stepped in the sight of the sun as it was going down, and it was so amazing (staring at the sun is what caused me to need glasses, but this time it was orange, and its rays were calming and harmonious). Then, it began to rain a cold rain. It was very lovely out.

Be well, and hope to see you next week. We really ought to do this more often.
Merry part, and blessed be,

We will, Katie, we will. I promise.

E-mailed by ???    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: anonymous / author unknown    (all articles by this author)

Yesterday, at around 6 EST I began to pick up on thoughts that were not mine. Now, it is not unusual for me to talk to people that are not embodied shall we say, so I didn't find it unusual. What was a unusual was the force and clarity of 'those' speaking. (I felt it was more than one entity though it really didn't feel like an entity per say.)

Here is a transcript of what was said:

'I am with you always not because I follow you everywhere but because I AM YOU ALWAYS in all ways. Grasp that, and you have the secret of the universe, if there ever was/is/will ever be one.'

Then a few minutes later...

'Your answers to you so called secrets of the universe, are in those things your scientists hold as facts. They hold an entire life force in many answers and yet they only look at a single spark. Your answers to your secrets of the universe are all around you but you do not think it could be so simple, so you look for what you think are more 'complex answers' and therefore more 'right' answers. You do not understand that that/those answers are variations on one. You think simple is unsophisticated but there are worlds of life in a mustard seed. Sit with what you have and you will find out where you are. The universe seems to be "out there" only because that's where you choose to see it.'

Then I was beginning to think I was losing it and began to question the communication... then...

'Do not doubt or worry about this communication. It is time for us to come through a person of different color. Not because those things matter to us but because it would do your world good. You can not keep this to yourself as you have done before. You must dispel the fear that caused you to do that. It is time for this, and a way will be shown to you to distribute these words. This should be no surprise to you. You know of the plans that take place before coming. You knew about this. Have faith in you. There will be many like you, soon. You are not alone here as you have felt. We commend you on your rater of development, but there is more wonders to behold and a far stronger love between man and woman that can exist than you have ever imagined. You are the Initiator, among other things. Have faith. Be faith. We are always here and have always been near. Your work begins now. This is a beginning. There will be many more."

Jerusalem    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Last Tuesday I went to visit one of the most sacred sites on the face of Earth ? Jerusalem, "The Whole City". Immediately as I entered its area I noticed that the air, the atmosphere was different. Throughout the history, every civilization known to the Western world had left its stamp upon the ancient stones of the city, Romans and Greeks, Moslems and Crusaders, thus creating layers upon layers of multi-colored legacy, of sometimes contradictory cultures and ? above all ? religions. Therefore, the air was thick with intersecting energies, with the richness of different worships, and, despite the obvious conflicts, spiritual serenity.
Our group has entered the Old City. Everybody was here ? merchants, cops, children, tourists, the West meeting the East, and the entire world's awe centered mostly around the magnificent Wailing Wall, a remnant of the western wall that surrounded 2,000 years ago the Second Temple. Representatives of all nations hurried to place small notes in the cracks of the Wall, notes that carry a pleading to the Mighty One. I had a note written from ahead, but it was not placed in that publicly acknowledged place.
Understand that all the previous times I've came to the capital of three major monotheistic religions, I as still a Satanist, looking with detesting on all the architectural proclamations of God's existence. Three years ago, when a dreadful wave of terrorist acts swept through Israel, I was situated in Jerusalem to guard the bus stops. Waking up early in the morning and walking through the Old City, while the muezzin at the mosque wails, "Allah hu Akbar" was the least pleasant experience I could have.
Today, however, the evil is forgotten, and I came to Jerusalem with a bowed head, ready to absorb.
We have entered the underground tunnels, to learn more about the mountain Moriyah and the Temple on its top, which surroundings were perfected by Herod. We've seen another forgotten parts of the Western Wall, a sealed entry in it, that once lead to the Temple, and many more passages, which merely several years ago were concealed by dust and dirt, but cleaned again to allow the humanity touch its own past.
There was a specific point of our underground journey, that I considered being the most significant. It was a small place that millennia ago was the closest one to the original Temple. That place was a stone, or rather, The Stone: the Foundation Stone ("Even Ha-Shtiyah"), the first stone, according to the Bible, that was ever created, under which the Maker built the rest of our world. I touched it with the right palm; there was some water on it. I did not hear a buzzing in my head, neither images of the ancestors walking the same streets have flashed before my eyes, but I conceived the IMPORTANCE of this short experience.
In the crack of this primal matter I have placed my small note, with a few words in English on it, concerning Project X and all of you. As I did this, another note, a blue one, fell from the crack, as if freeing a space for mine. That was symbolic, I guess.
Later we went to museums, saw replications of artifacts that served the great Cohens (Priests), such as the incense and the harp, I even noticed a small golden model of the Ark, we beheld a broad view of dozens of churches and mosques, passed a place were Jesus was once imprisoned, and the street known as Via Dolorosa. It was the ultimate spiritual experience, as I eventually called this 'field trip'.
Who knows, maybe some day I will restore the Temple, or plan a new, futuristic one, not as a tribute to the fading glory of the monopolistic religions, but as a sign to the most Divine love, a human's unconditioned love toward God.

Messages from Merci, James Wolff    (view on a separate page)
Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)


Here is another vision I saw, it kind of startled me. I found myself walking down a stairs to a basement ( the kind I would see on an American film), the decor was that of a hippie style. As I walked through the basement I found myself looking at a teenage girl with long hair lying on a bed, facing the wall; she seemed to be crying, as I got nearer she turned around and looked straight at me. I was startled and I think she was too. I thought it was me she was looking at but then I sensed a man was in the room. The fright I felt brought me back.

Another time I was in some kind of war, in kind of trenches and there was gun fire all around, and I could see people getting hurt.

Do you know what these mean, am I imagining these visions.
I don't think they were dreams as such, because I was not asleep. I was just relaxing and clearing my mind at the time.
What really startled me was the fact that I could feel the girls' fear.

Look forward to hearing from you.


-James Wolff-

There are two dead people here that should have gone to the Light when they died. They are a blonde and a brunette female. They want to contact the Ashtar Command Fleet in the Solar System. They want their space uniforms and rooms on one of the ships. I don't know how to contact the Ashtar Command Solar Fleet Astrally/Etherically. Can someone contact the Fleet Astrally/Etherically so the two dead females (negs.) can get their uniforms, etc.?

The two females (negs.) prefer the Lizard ships in the Solar fleet. The two females want to be contacted Astrally/Etherically since they don't have a physical body and a mouth to speak with. The negs. here are pretty good with water and making sounds. They have tried to contact the Lizards telepathically and have not been able to. Perhaps some of the Lizards can contact the two negs. here. The two negs. sent their best regards and hope for Lizard contact as soon as possible.

More knowledge:
According to Bob Dratch at the Godbox ver. 6.xx acts as a radio to contact astral/etheric entities like the Angelic realm, etc. According to some there are about 352 different astral/etheric realms.

Currently, there is the search for E.T.(s) using software that may act as a radio to allow entities like the Lizards and other negs. to get in the lives of people to control them. Why is there a search for E.T.(s)? UFO(s) have been on this Earth for thousands of years. Why aren't the UFO(s) and the peoples flying them dealing with the peoples of the Earth in public.
Go to Raven, Flash, Orbit's sites, etc.

I have been writing to people that start having experiences with bad dreaming and negs. like the Lizards, etc. I don't have access to groups of people to ask them about their dreaming, etc. Negs. use the practice of lucid dreaming, etc. to have people dream up things, etc. to help the Lizards, negs., etc. to control and kill them and cover up their deaths. The covered up deaths usually involve those doing their best to get the truth to the public.

The big thing about the Godbox is to be a Beta tester. This means you get a free download of the Godbox ver 6.xx in exchange for sending in settings of the Godbox. I asked Bob Dratch to contact the Dolphin and Whale peoples to get help in getting the negs. out of my life, because according to Bob Dratch's site Bob Dratch got his knowledge from the Dolphin peoples.

It's not hard to imagine communication with the Dolphin peoples if you use TELEPATHY.

Please tell your friends in the press. The more publicity... the better!

Some interesting websites in my signature!

Have a good week.
James W.
Remote Viewing Report, RE-AN. Female negs. here. Movie: Matrix. (sick people / bad weather,,,,, etc.).
Psionics: Neg.(s), (multiple personalities) detection, anti-neg. devices by ANKA: (307-635-0649): protect yourself while asleep or awake, so negs can't control you! 615-773-7652 (Critter Clear CD?). Tell your TV/newspaper sources
Best, James W. 316-235-1345, 316-232-2400

Again, the Sun Eclipse    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: anonymous / author unknown    (all articles by this author)

{Note: this info was actually provided by a spam letter I received, but it is of very interesting nature}

For decades astrologers have been looking at the time frame surrounding August 11, 1999. The reason for this attention is the Solar Eclipse that will occur on that date. Solar Eclipses happen every year, and if you have an astrological mind-set you have noticed that the events around that time are much more dramatic with long-standing repercussions.
In olden days, an eclipse was something greatly feared -- the sun became dark and it was feared that the world would end. Today's astrologers usually feel the same impending apprehensions when an eclipse is looming. However, this particular one has attracted more attention than any other. Why?
It has to do with the location of other planets. Saturn, Mars, and Uranus are all part of this upcoming cosmic party. These three planets do not fool around with trivial, mundane things. They pack a punch when they transit around a sensitive spot. And if you put them all in the same room together, as in this case, they can create quite a "cosmic" explosion.
Saturn governs things like authority, responsibility, and structure. Mars demonstrates pure physical energy that is manifested through anger, aggression, and action. Uranus, is the joker in deck that wants to disrupt the routine by throwing in a few unexpected surprises.
One only needs to look at the headlines to get a sense of where we're heading... Kosovo, Colorado, tornadoes, Y2K, etc. On a higher level, what we are moving towards is a redistribution of values through structural changes in our systems. It is time for human values to take precedence.
Locations sensitive to this eclipse are Washington D.C., New York City, the British Isles, central Europe, the Iraq-Iran border, Pakistan and India.
If your Sun is in Leo, Scorpio, Taurus or Aquarius, and you were born between the 1st and the 15th of the month, this eclipse will be sending some powerful energy into your personal life. Consult a professional astrologer for information regarding how to make the most of this opportunity.

Paranormal on the Web    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Today we give you several websites owned/suggested by our readers and visitors of Project X:
1) Psychic Eye Talk ( - a web show on paranormal matters.
2) Naiad's Page O' Paranormal ( - magick, monsters, vampires, and more.
3) Camp Hero ( - Air Force's secret experiments with alien technology, and many more.
4) Japanese Personality Test ( - a truly great one, give at a try, and prepare yourself for the biggest surprise of the week.
5) And, of course, check the websites mentioned in James Wolff's letter.
6) Download of the month - SETI@home software (, now available for PCs and Macs as well. This program downloads some 250 Kb of radio signals from outer space, analyzes them on your computer and returns the data to SETI. If you computer is the one that detects any extraterrestrial calls - you will be remembered by the humanity for eternity.

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

"The search for knowledge implies also a duty; one must never hide what one has found to be the truth." (Albert Einstein)

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