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Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: June 5, 1999

Last Tuesday I went to visit one of the most sacred sites on the face of Earth ? Jerusalem, "The Whole City". Immediately as I entered its area I noticed that the air, the atmosphere was different. Throughout the history, every civilization known to the Western world had left its stamp upon the ancient stones of the city, Romans and Greeks, Moslems and Crusaders, thus creating layers upon layers of multi-colored legacy, of sometimes contradictory cultures and ? above all ? religions. Therefore, the air was thick with intersecting energies, with the richness of different worships, and, despite the obvious conflicts, spiritual serenity.

Our group has entered the Old City. Everybody was here ? merchants, cops, children, tourists, the West meeting the East, and the entire world's awe centered mostly around the magnificent Wailing Wall, a remnant of the western wall that surrounded 2,000 years ago the Second Temple. Representatives of all nations hurried to place small notes in the cracks of the Wall, notes that carry a pleading to the Mighty One. I had a note written from ahead, but it was not placed in that publicly acknowledged place.

Understand that all the previous times I've came to the capital of three major monotheistic religions, I as still a Satanist, looking with detesting on all the architectural proclamations of God's existence. Three years ago, when a dreadful wave of terrorist acts swept through Israel, I was situated in Jerusalem to guard the bus stops. Waking up early in the morning and walking through the Old City, while the muezzin at the mosque wails, "Allah hu Akbar" was the least pleasant experience I could have.

Today, however, the evil is forgotten, and I came to Jerusalem with a bowed head, ready to absorb.

We have entered the underground tunnels, to learn more about the mountain Moriyah and the Temple on its top, which surroundings were perfected by Herod. We've seen another forgotten parts of the Western Wall, a sealed entry in it, that once lead to the Temple, and many more passages, which merely several years ago were concealed by dust and dirt, but cleaned again to allow the humanity touch its own past.

There was a specific point of our underground journey, that I considered being the most significant. It was a small place that millennia ago was the closest one to the original Temple. That place was a stone, or rather, The Stone: the Foundation Stone ("Even Ha-Shtiyah"), the first stone, according to the Bible, that was ever created, under which the Maker built the rest of our world. I touched it with the right palm; there was some water on it. I did not hear a buzzing in my head, neither images of the ancestors walking the same streets have flashed before my eyes, but I conceived the IMPORTANCE of this short experience.

In the crack of this primal matter I have placed my small note, with a few words in English on it, concerning Project X and all of you. As I did this, another note, a blue one, fell from the crack, as if freeing a space for mine. That was symbolic, I guess.

Later we went to museums, saw replications of artifacts that served the great Cohens (Priests), such as the incense and the harp, I even noticed a small golden model of the Ark, we beheld a broad view of dozens of churches and mosques, passed a place were Jesus was once imprisoned, and the street known as Via Dolorosa. It was the ultimate spiritual experience, as I eventually called this 'field trip'.

Who knows, maybe some day I will restore the Temple, or plan a new, futuristic one, not as a tribute to the fading glory of the monopolistic religions, but as a sign to the most Divine love, a human's unconditioned love toward God.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #16

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