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Mysteries in the Dune: Different Dune

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)
Published on: June 5, 1999


Last Saturday the Dune was different... it always is, but this time was not like any other times. The air was not hot at all, and the whole feeling was of a peaceful, calm place. Again, the crows were whenever we have looked. The Eastern part of the sky was slightly darkening, but the Western part held the most incredible sight we have ever observed in the Dune. The thick clouds on the high dome of heavens formed a gigantic round shape, and in the center of that shape was an opening, through which immense strobes of sun light poured. It was the Supreme Entity shedding its life force to our town. It strongly reminded of the scene from "Independence Day", with a hostile mothership firing down its lethal weapon, only this one was not a destroying, but a reviving power.

Oh, and if you wondered... those notes in the yellow plastic bag were nowhere around the crooked tree, where they were once found and returned.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #16

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