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The Connection Night

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: June 5, 1999

The chat room was open on Friday night (May 28)... and every 'who is who' of Project X has attended it: Tiamat, Aldarow, Rinor, Robert, Wildman, Brent (the order of appearance). We had tons of stuff to share with each other, to consult, to update, to ponder. Eventually, Brent, Wildman, Tiamat and Aldarow have tried a mind connection, concentrating on each other's image and location (USA - Israel - Australia - New Zealand). They did it immediately after leaving the chat and turning off the computers, in order to fully achieve as much as possible from The Connection Night. Aldarow reported strange feelings/vibrations he physically felt; also a symbol rose in his mind, as if drawn by a child, a sort of double-crossed cross ( ? ) in a prolonged rounded frame (like an Egyptian seal). Here is what Tiamat wrote:

-In regards to the connection:

I got into it at first, but after a while, I was losing it. As I was losing it, I gave it another attempt, and went further than before. All through it, I was listening to my CD of Celtic songs. At first attempt, the energy I felt made me feel as though I was a flame, gracefully swaying from side to side, within myself. The energy was emanating from the middle of my back, or so it felt. A little later on, I felt a force slightly moving my earrings (the force was surrounding me). Soon, my arms became heavy, and that was when I was starting to lose it. On my second attempt, I felt a force touching the left side of my face, right below my left eye. A while later, I began to see things, this is as I was singing aloud the songs on my Celtic CD. I saw a tree with red blossoms. I then saw what looked like the outskirts of a vivid forest, and felt as if I were soaring through the forest, until I came to the inner part of it. There I saw an inner layer of vivid flowers, where some fairies were interacting, playfully. I could feel the power in the music... very peaceful and lovely, yet powerful. After I ended the concentration, I stepped outside and walked around. I noticed everything had an orange haze-like appearance to it (pretty, subtle, and serene). I stepped in the sight of the sun as it was going down, and it was so amazing (staring at the sun is what caused me to need glasses, but this time it was orange, and its rays were calming and harmonious). Then, it began to rain a cold rain. It was very lovely out.

Be well, and hope to see you next week. We really ought to do this more often.

Merry part, and blessed be,


We will, Katie, we will. I promise.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #16

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