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Messages from Merci, James Wolff

Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)
Published on: June 5, 1999


Here is another vision I saw, it kind of startled me. I found myself walking down a stairs to a basement ( the kind I would see on an American film), the decor was that of a hippie style. As I walked through the basement I found myself looking at a teenage girl with long hair lying on a bed, facing the wall; she seemed to be crying, as I got nearer she turned around and looked straight at me. I was startled and I think she was too. I thought it was me she was looking at but then I sensed a man was in the room. The fright I felt brought me back.

Another time I was in some kind of war, in kind of trenches and there was gun fire all around, and I could see people getting hurt.

Do you know what these mean, am I imagining these visions.


I don't think they were dreams as such, because I was not asleep. I was just relaxing and clearing my mind at the time.

What really startled me was the fact that I could feel the girls' fear.

Look forward to hearing from you.


-James Wolff-

There are two dead people here that should have gone to the Light when they died. They are a blonde and a brunette female. They want to contact the Ashtar Command Fleet in the Solar System. They want their space uniforms and rooms on one of the ships. I don't know how to contact the Ashtar Command Solar Fleet Astrally/Etherically. Can someone contact the Fleet Astrally/Etherically so the two dead females (negs.) can get their uniforms, etc.?

The two females (negs.) prefer the Lizard ships in the Solar fleet. The two females want to be contacted Astrally/Etherically since they don't have a physical body and a mouth to speak with. The negs. here are pretty good with water and making sounds. They have tried to contact the Lizards telepathically and have not been able to. Perhaps some of the Lizards can contact the two negs. here. The two negs. sent their best regards and hope for Lizard contact as soon as possible.

More knowledge:

According to Bob Dratch at the Godbox ver. 6.xx acts as a radio to contact astral/etheric entities like the Angelic realm, etc. According to some there are about 352 different astral/etheric realms.

Currently, there is the search for E.T.(s) using software that may act as a radio to allow entities like the Lizards and other negs. to get in the lives of people to control them. Why is there a search for E.T.(s)? UFO(s) have been on this Earth for thousands of years. Why aren't the UFO(s) and the peoples flying them dealing with the peoples of the Earth in public.

Go to Raven, Flash, Orbit's sites, etc.

I have been writing to people that start having experiences with bad dreaming and negs. like the Lizards, etc. I don't have access to groups of people to ask them about their dreaming, etc. Negs. use the practice of lucid dreaming, etc. to have people dream up things, etc. to help the Lizards, negs., etc. to control and kill them and cover up their deaths. The covered up deaths usually involve those doing their best to get the truth to the public.

The big thing about the Godbox is to be a Beta tester. This means you get a free download of the Godbox ver 6.xx in exchange for sending in settings of the Godbox. I asked Bob Dratch to contact the Dolphin and Whale peoples to get help in getting the negs. out of my life, because according to Bob Dratch's site Bob Dratch got his knowledge from the Dolphin peoples.

It's not hard to imagine communication with the Dolphin peoples if you use TELEPATHY.

Please tell your friends in the press. The more publicity... the better!

Some interesting websites in my signature!

Have a good week.


James W.


Remote Viewing Report, RE-AN. Female negs. here. Movie: Matrix. (sick people / bad weather,,,,, etc.).

Psionics: Neg.(s), (multiple personalities) detection, anti-neg. devices by ANKA: (307-635-0649): protect yourself while asleep or awake, so negs can't control you! 615-773-7652 (Critter Clear CD?). Tell your TV/newspaper sources

Best, James W. 316-235-1345, 316-232-2400

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #16

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