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Author: anonymous / author unknown    (all articles by this author)
Published on: June 5, 1999

Yesterday, at around 6 EST I began to pick up on thoughts that were not mine. Now, it is not unusual for me to talk to people that are not embodied shall we say, so I didn't find it unusual. What was a unusual was the force and clarity of 'those' speaking. (I felt it was more than one entity though it really didn't feel like an entity per say.)

Here is a transcript of what was said:

'I am with you always not because I follow you everywhere but because I AM YOU ALWAYS in all ways. Grasp that, and you have the secret of the universe, if there ever was/is/will ever be one.'

Then a few minutes later...

'Your answers to you so called secrets of the universe, are in those things your scientists hold as facts. They hold an entire life force in many answers and yet they only look at a single spark. Your answers to your secrets of the universe are all around you but you do not think it could be so simple, so you look for what you think are more 'complex answers' and therefore more 'right' answers. You do not understand that that/those answers are variations on one. You think simple is unsophisticated but there are worlds of life in a mustard seed. Sit with what you have and you will find out where you are. The universe seems to be "out there" only because that's where you choose to see it.'

Then I was beginning to think I was losing it and began to question the communication... then...

'Do not doubt or worry about this communication. It is time for us to come through a person of different color. Not because those things matter to us but because it would do your world good. You can not keep this to yourself as you have done before. You must dispel the fear that caused you to do that. It is time for this, and a way will be shown to you to distribute these words. This should be no surprise to you. You know of the plans that take place before coming. You knew about this. Have faith in you. There will be many like you, soon. You are not alone here as you have felt. We commend you on your rater of development, but there is more wonders to behold and a far stronger love between man and woman that can exist than you have ever imagined. You are the Initiator, among other things. Have faith. Be faith. We are always here and have always been near. Your work begins now. This is a beginning. There will be many more."

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #16

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