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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #11

March 25, 1999

1. Opening words - Alexander Aldarow
2. Three Dreams, From Childhood to Conspiracy - Alexander Aldarow
3. What is my true way? - Rinor Zidran
4. More on Darwin - Nancy Krinkey
5. The Terrible Catastrophe - Not - Doug Lewis
6. Death - Alice Snow
7. Help... - Wildman
8. Paranormal on Web: New Age Freebies - Alexander Aldarow
9. Quote of the day

Opening words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

First of all, let me welcome those who subscribed to this newsletter after reading our autoresponder ( message. There are already 10 issues behind us, and the number of readers have grown since then from 30 to 600! I would like to thank the Academy... I mean, SpiritWeb ( for contributing to it as well.
I owe an apology to Nancy, she wants to make it clear that she has no connection to Michael Turner, whose article on Sri Darwin Gross was published in the last issue, since Turner is not aware of the Truth on Paul or Darji. So Nancy's name is now retracted from any connection to that article. In today's edition we will publish a message from a friend of hers, who finally beheld the Truth behind the ATOM vs ECKANKAR situation.
It is really spirit-lifting to receive messages from new people, like this one:
"I am so happy I found this place. I have had dreams that come true, can contact the spirit world, and have died fighting in War World Two... as a man.
Now I can be with the ones that understand me."
The person who wrote it added that since signing our guestbook with the same message, many people have contacted her on the similar matter.
In addition, I'm starting a global Web-campaign "Link for a Link". If you wish that your website will be listed on our Links page, e-mail to me, but place a link to our websites as well.
Third Eye Newsletter got their own domain - congratulations on that! The new updated URL is?
On much grimmer note: Nostradamus's prophecies do come true, if not in Iraq, then on the wounded land of Yugoslavia, as Russia and China are allying against NATO and US. World War Three might be at hand.
Anyway, happy new solar Mayan year (starting March 21th equinox) to everybody, and pray that the Light will purify our world from al the Evil that lurks ahead.

Three Dreams, From Childhood to Conspiracy    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

I'll make the description as short as possible. The dreams followed in three consecutive nights, under my pillow was Moonstone, which gave me a deep sleep... and the following revelations:
1) I am going into a ravine near the town of my childhood, with a few friends, a ravine where I used to go on many occasions, to run away to the Nature. We finally reach the small river at the bottom of the ravine, I sit near it, relaxing and preparing myself for a meditation - a meditation in a dream! I regarded this dream as highly positive: a return to the past with a touch of today - the meditation. It's been for a while since I had such a wonderful dream.
2) The night after, I'm also headed towards ravine, only from another side of the town, with a friend of mine, but then we look up and behold a huge black cloud. I recall the experiments of weather control both in USA and Israel, the hazardous contrails, and then the cloud takes a shape of an alien spacecraft of war. The dream scenery shifts, we are in the presence of a woman and two 'men', she controls their minds and deeds, they are a deadly threat to us. I am attempting to turn one of the men on the other. Finally we rebel against the mind-controllers and kill them - I am with a blade on the woman. However, once the humans are freed, they adopt the unholy art of mind-control to themselves. All the people around me are now divided into social casts according to the color of their clothes (green, white, etc.), and those of the dark-blue color are the elite that continues with the mind-control. The people with silver clothes are developing blue colors on them to achieve the elite membership as well. Unhappy, to put it mildly, with this situation, I start to shoot the dark-blue ones, and their soldiers are coming from escalators in a gigantic mall to chase after me.
3) I approach a factory and use a shabby cage elevator to get down. Then I am on a second floor, but I want to reach the first or the ground floor, so I step into a big elevator. This one is designed like a waiting room, with a television set and people sitting on couches. But the lift suddenly starts to fall, and I clutch the nearby arm-chair back, since I understand that the elevator's rope tore and we are falling. The fall abruptly stops at the -7 (minus seventh) floor, which I conclude being the lowest. Again, I change the lifts, the new one has at least four medical beds with patients on them, like the service lifts in a hospital. To my amazement, we proceed down to -19 (minus nineteenth!) floor. One of the patients next to me tells me to crouch on the floor and close my eyes, for I "mustn't see". The elevator is dark now, but there is some hostile light from the outside. How do I finally manage to find my way from this UNDERGROUND FACILITY? There was a subway train that took me up and away. But on that clandestine floor I also sensed a presence of giant extraterrestrial organisms.

What is my true way?    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

It's a week that I'm in my dilemma, a problem, a question I can't answer... no one can... but I can.
Maybe I don't want to answer this question, maybe I'm glad with this situation as it is, but maybe I don't.
Last week I felt I need to do my meditation, in Aldarow's place with him.
It's Saturday (3/20/99), afternoon, and we both entered to the meditation state...
It was not clear, but it didn't surprise me, lately none of my meditations are clear and the same thing was back now, many pictures, sounds, images, the sounds of the birds from outside of Aldarow's house helped me to be peaceful and relaxed, but I knew it was now, present, and not the meditation.
I tried to go deeper with it, tried to talk to my Inspector maybe, but at the same time couldn't talk to him, it was funny because I couldn't find him, I was out of control and it wasn't me in that meditation who controlled everything, I could snap out of it into Aldarow's living room, but I would have felt that I haven't accomplished a thing... so I stayed in the meditation and was looking for something to hold, to concentrate, just something that I could think of in order not to get out of that state... and there it was... my Inspector, was standing there... somewhere... anywhere, and he said nothing, I was afraid, I thought something went wrong, nothing like this had ever occurred to me... it was different... and it kept being there... that something that was controlling my meditation...
The Inspector smiled at me, a smile that said: ?I know something you don't?, and now I was real afraid, he looked evil too, half evil, half trying to help... and he said nothing, maybe evil won this time... or maybe he was evil all the time...
The next thing I recall was the thought that after the meditation I understood was a cosmic message that was true and came from my meditation state and was not a false thought... it was the thought that there is something big, strong, different, something among us we don't see, or something we prefer not to see, but what we don't understand is that this... thing... is pure evil... and he is the worst thing ever to be in this planet... among our innocent souls!
At that moment I didn't know what to do, what to think, it was different to me, no help, no Inspector, and I didn't want to come out of the meditation, I wanted to know all the situations there are with this thing, I wanted to know what is this thing, what evil power? Where is he? How do we kill it, or sent it away from us? I wanted the answers and now!
There was no one to give me what I wanted, not there and not at that same moment, the scariest thought that was cosmic and true as well was that we are getting our strength and energy from the universe and then it is back to the universe and in that circle we stay powerful and together... but this thing among us is taking the energies away from us to himself, and in this way the energy we took from the universe is not back to it, it is going from us to the ?thing?, and in this way... sooner or later, there will come a day the pure energy of the universe will ran out and disappear, and with that, so are we!
Twenty-five minutes later, I was out of the meditation and staring at Aldarow's TV, my hands on my face and my head hurt.
I told Aldarow everything I've seen, heard, experienced... but he was relaxed, sure it didn't happen to him as to me but he should be amazed, no? With his jaw on the floor...
NO! He knew what had happened, he knew what I was going through, he experienced it in his own way... in dreams (The dream Aldarow encountered the Devil), and now it was my turn, in my own way, meditations.
Aldarow solved his dilemma, the dilemma between the two sides of this planet, good and evil, he chose good, he has his reasons, his experiences, his way... and I have mine, it seems it is my time to choose, not because he did it and now I should, but because after all these meditations, and especially this one, I understood I need to choose, good or evil...
It's not that simple as you all might think, I never thought I would face this decision, I always thought I could communicate and face both sides when and how I want to, never occurred to me there will come a day that I would have to decide.
Maybe there is something among us, among our innocent souls, maybe he is evil, but as far as I see it for me... this something is inside of me, no one can tell me which way I should choose, Aldarow knows that nothing of what he says will help, he knows I like evil, evil power, evil strength, he knows there are times I'm afraid of evil and wish only for the best, the good, but this is me, this is the true nature of Rinor Zidran, and no one can make this decision except me... I only know now, that everything I do, feel, see or hear, I will think about it differently, deeply, and how it is to me and to my situation... I know also that it may be long, the answer may come in a few days, a couple of months, or even longer than that, I know I'll go back to my roots, the old house I lived in, the pure and innocent time of my life, the time I felt everything is good, and nothing can hurt me... I'll go to the sea, to the Dune, to Aldarow, all the places I feel safe... in order to get away, think, and maybe in one of those days I'll have the answer to my question, maybe in one of days I'll see, hear, feel, discover the truth behind my experiences and messages.
I wish you all luck and all the best... I thank you for your support from the bottom of my heart, and my innocent soul...

Sincerely yours
Rinor Zidran

More on Darwin    (view on a separate page)
Author: Nancy Krinkey    (all articles by this author)

"I dropped out in disgust when Harold and the evil greedy ECK corp staged their coup. By the way, a friend of mine was working at the Rochester NY ECK center not long after the coup, when they suddenly gathered up and removed all the free copies of Darwin's "YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW" book, but also all the original hard cover copies of Paul's "LETTERS TO GAIL" series, which, as you know, were published by Gail and written by Paul, and not one word was written by Darwin in these original editions, yet they removed them all from all ECK Centers to be destroyed. Of course, a new highly modified edition soon appeared with details of how to do Black Magic against your enemies."
To read Darwin's letter to Harold Klemp (NOT the current Living Spiritual Master)? and other important documents go to:

The Terrible Catastrophe - Not    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Sorry I missed the chat. I am most interested in the notion and fighting technocracy to open the way there (hi). In the meantime I offer my moral support and enjoy being connected via the newsletter, would like to contribute something, so I am enclosing a chapter from the "Brain Wave Diary" my collection of 50+ years of channeling.

Excepts and explanation can be found at our web site (Universal Order of Interventionists - A World the way a World should be.)

The passage I am sending deals with the mechanism for world transformation - currently in process and scheduled to complete in 2012. I hope it proves insightful to the chosen *S*

Warrior is me (WaveWarrior)
Wave is my channel source

The Terrible Catastrophe - Not
The Brain Wave Diary: (Reference: 1985)

Wave, you refer to a Higher Intervention designed to correct the world for us. An undesirable method but unavoidable if we do not correct ourselves. How will correction occur if managed by higher intervention. Will it be terrible?

Warrior, in a manner of speaking the correction will take place under the hand of the inhabitants themselves. Fittingly it will be man made. Signs will be provided signaling the process has begun. The signs will be frightening but not overly catastrophic. The signs will be ever increasing natural disasters, floods, fires, earthquakes, mudslides, winds and drought.
Also, there will be surprising events. Governments and economies will collapse without warning. These events in themselves are no more than warning signs and are not the method of correction. The method of correction will be much subtler.

It will be noticed that the ratio of human females to males born will widen and females will dominate in numbers. The ratio of males able to reproduce will lessen through gender confusion and disease of the male reproductive systems. All this will result in an overwhelming female influence in the way the world is run. This signals the mother earth is healing herself. The age of violence, fire, smoke and iron will come to an end. The age of tenderness, reason and sense will begin.

The mechanism of this new gender bias will happen as a result of toxic substances in the atmosphere, land and water. The effect on human embryonic development will be catastrophic for the male gender.

Power for the female influence will happen at the ballot boxes of the world. The female influence is to provide the correction on the use of the planet. This is nature's way. For eight generations the female influence will reign supreme - gender balance will return with the healing of the planet.
* * * *
For more extracts from the Brain Wave Diary contact

Hope this passage is of interest.

Best regards, Doug Lewis (aka) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends *VBS*

Death    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Alice Snow    (all articles by this author)

I would like to know what happened to me the last few days. On Thursday my father-in-law died at his home next door to me. On Thursday night and Friday all day and night I would see a gray cloud-like thing in my kitchen between my sink and stove, late Friday I said, "Talk to me". Later I went to sleep and my father-in-law came to me, and said he was OK, and he was in no pain and at peace. He said tell the family to make sure they were ready and there hearts were right, because time was very short. There was green grass and clover behind it, and then a wheat field behind it. There was one Indian black hair waiting for him to walk up a path. You see, almost 29 years he was in a bad wreak and could hardly get around good and had the mind off a child. But in this dream he spoke very plain and walked like he never had a problem. After he came to me in the dream I have not seen the gray cloud in the kitchen. Can you explain what was happening to me?
Any comments on your part, dear reader, are welcomed.

Help...    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Wildman    (all articles by this author)

Alex, I need you help.
Since you seem to know many psychics, I thought that you might be able to help me find a certain one.
First of all, I only know that 'she' is a rather unusually powerful psychic, she has been able to enter one of my visions (as opposed to normal dreams), unfortunately, my vision was so strong that it seemed to drag her into the flow of it, and communication was impossible.
Secondly, I have dreamt about her many times, and through certain visions, I have been able to figure out that she wears an emerald-coloured disk type necklace.
This is all I know. Please help me find her, I believe that she can answer to many questions that I, and maybe even you, seek.
I hope you can help me.
Thanking you for all you help...

Paranormal on Web: New Age Freebies    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

As the saying goes, whatever you've got for free is worth exactly what you've paid for it... The survey says, "Wrong!" The Internet is overloaded with free stuff, and the New Age area was not missed in that 'no money' hysteria.
1) Free Psychic Reading ( - post a question and enter a contest, where you can easily win a reading from a professional psychic.
2) Free Gift from HopeNet ( - fill a form to receive by snail-mail a book titled "Secrets of Peace".
3) Cheops Transformer ( - see your name in Egyptian hieroglyphs, and also download the software.
4) Free Paranormal Sections for Everyone ( - OK, so I am plugging it again :)
5) For more free New Age Stuff (herbs, catalogues, services, etc.) - go to this Psychic Choice's page:
Have fun!

Quote of the day    (view on a separate page)

"...Are you going to drop the bomb or not?
Let us die young or live forever
We don't have the power
But we never say never
Sitting in a sandpit,
Life is a short trip
The music's for the sad men
Can you imagine when this race is won?
Turn our golden faces into the sun
Praising our leaders,
We've getting in tune
The music's played by the madmen..."
?????? Alphaville, "Forever Young"

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