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Three Dreams, From Childhood to Conspiracy

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 25, 1999

I'll make the description as short as possible. The dreams followed in three consecutive nights, under my pillow was Moonstone, which gave me a deep sleep... and the following revelations:

1) I am going into a ravine near the town of my childhood, with a few friends, a ravine where I used to go on many occasions, to run away to the Nature. We finally reach the small river at the bottom of the ravine, I sit near it, relaxing and preparing myself for a meditation - a meditation in a dream! I regarded this dream as highly positive: a return to the past with a touch of today - the meditation. It's been for a while since I had such a wonderful dream.

2) The night after, I'm also headed towards ravine, only from another side of the town, with a friend of mine, but then we look up and behold a huge black cloud. I recall the experiments of weather control both in USA and Israel, the hazardous contrails, and then the cloud takes a shape of an alien spacecraft of war. The dream scenery shifts, we are in the presence of a woman and two 'men', she controls their minds and deeds, they are a deadly threat to us. I am attempting to turn one of the men on the other. Finally we rebel against the mind-controllers and kill them - I am with a blade on the woman. However, once the humans are freed, they adopt the unholy art of mind-control to themselves. All the people around me are now divided into social casts according to the color of their clothes (green, white, etc.), and those of the dark-blue color are the elite that continues with the mind-control. The people with silver clothes are developing blue colors on them to achieve the elite membership as well. Unhappy, to put it mildly, with this situation, I start to shoot the dark-blue ones, and their soldiers are coming from escalators in a gigantic mall to chase after me.

3) I approach a factory and use a shabby cage elevator to get down. Then I am on a second floor, but I want to reach the first or the ground floor, so I step into a big elevator. This one is designed like a waiting room, with a television set and people sitting on couches. But the lift suddenly starts to fall, and I clutch the nearby arm-chair back, since I understand that the elevator's rope tore and we are falling. The fall abruptly stops at the -7 (minus seventh) floor, which I conclude being the lowest. Again, I change the lifts, the new one has at least four medical beds with patients on them, like the service lifts in a hospital. To my amazement, we proceed down to -19 (minus nineteenth!) floor. One of the patients next to me tells me to crouch on the floor and close my eyes, for I "mustn't see". The elevator is dark now, but there is some hostile light from the outside. How do I finally manage to find my way from this UNDERGROUND FACILITY? There was a subway train that took me up and away. But on that clandestine floor I also sensed a presence of giant extraterrestrial organisms.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #11

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