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The Terrible Catastrophe - Not

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 25, 1999

Sorry I missed the chat. I am most interested in the notion and fighting technocracy to open the way there (hi). In the meantime I offer my moral support and enjoy being connected via the newsletter, would like to contribute something, so I am enclosing a chapter from the "Brain Wave Diary" my collection of 50+ years of channeling.

Excepts and explanation can be found at our web site (Universal Order of Interventionists - A World the way a World should be.)

The passage I am sending deals with the mechanism for world transformation - currently in process and scheduled to complete in 2012. I hope it proves insightful to the chosen *S*

Warrior is me (WaveWarrior)

Wave is my channel source

The Terrible Catastrophe - Not

The Brain Wave Diary: (Reference: 1985)

Wave, you refer to a Higher Intervention designed to correct the world for us. An undesirable method but unavoidable if we do not correct ourselves. How will correction occur if managed by higher intervention. Will it be terrible?

Warrior, in a manner of speaking the correction will take place under the hand of the inhabitants themselves. Fittingly it will be man made. Signs will be provided signaling the process has begun. The signs will be frightening but not overly catastrophic. The signs will be ever increasing natural disasters, floods, fires, earthquakes, mudslides, winds and drought.

Also, there will be surprising events. Governments and economies will collapse without warning. These events in themselves are no more than warning signs and are not the method of correction. The method of correction will be much subtler.

It will be noticed that the ratio of human females to males born will widen and females will dominate in numbers. The ratio of males able to reproduce will lessen through gender confusion and disease of the male reproductive systems. All this will result in an overwhelming female influence in the way the world is run. This signals the mother earth is healing herself. The age of violence, fire, smoke and iron will come to an end. The age of tenderness, reason and sense will begin.

The mechanism of this new gender bias will happen as a result of toxic substances in the atmosphere, land and water. The effect on human embryonic development will be catastrophic for the male gender.

Power for the female influence will happen at the ballot boxes of the world. The female influence is to provide the correction on the use of the planet. This is nature's way. For eight generations the female influence will reign supreme - gender balance will return with the healing of the planet.

* * * *

For more extracts from the Brain Wave Diary contact

Hope this passage is of interest.

Best regards, Doug Lewis (aka) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends *VBS*

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #11

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