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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #83

May 2, 2003

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. The Twilight of Szijg - Nova
3. Gods Of Time - Star Princess
4. The Phobic Age - Doug Lewis
5. Loads Of Goals But No Place To Go - Asoka Selvarajah
6. Affirmations, The Power of Words and Your Reality - Alishaya
7. Many Are Called - Elijah

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Hello again, my dear friends.

As always, I begin with an apology for another delayed newsletter. I hope that the excellent articles we've compiled for today's edition will prove to be an appropriate compensation for your waiting. I also hope that by the time the next newsletter arrives, I will have a huge announcement for all of you.

Before we continue - a personal invitation to you from an old friend of mine, Cosmic Lydia:

Cosmic greetings to you all! I just wanted to let you all know that we've created an MSN group for STAR-SEEDS, or any of our brothers and sisters. It is meant to be a support group, where we come together, share, communicate, and help one another. Especially with the current political and social climate, it is vital for us to come together, and live out our spiritual missions.
Please come join us, you can post as little or as much as you like. The link is
Light love and angels,

The Twilight of Szijg    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Nova    (all articles by this author)

(pronounced zee)

     The three universes are created of the elements, but their outer atmosphere is created of electronic pulses controlled by Szijg. That is where the story begins.

     Long ago a being called Szijg created the three universes one at a time through three ages using only one fluid, constant, never breaking thought that ran on and on past human comprehension. The first age was the Ythandogr age (pronounced thandor). That universe was composed of absolute emptiness, an endless void. The second age was the Rqohendak age (pronounced rohenda). This universe was made up of vast land and empty nature. The third age was called the Bvodwa age (pronounced vodwa). This universe was made up of infinite lifeforms.

     Then, after the three ages, Szijg said, "Well, now what?"

     Szijg, his mind buzzing with ideas, shortly thought of an idea. He did not mean for it to happen but it happened anyway. Szijg had thought what would happen if all of his work was destroyed. Out of this thought came Avet (pronounced a-vet). Szijg stared at his absolute evil creation, and with a snap of Avet's fingers, destroyed Szijg and sent his spirit to the empty universe. But as Szijg was vanishing he made his last physical thoughts. He clashed the land and the lifeform universe together to make the universe we live in now. And he also made a book of twilight, key of twilight (to open the book), and a sword of twilight that was to come out of the book when Szijg saw fit. He dropped the book out into our universe and vanished. Shortly after, Avet plunged herself into the empty universe to battle Szijg.

     Szijg's spirit battled with Avet for 1,000,000,000,000,000 earth years with Avet overpowering Szijg significantly, but he hung on until one day . . .

     On that day long ago, a 12 year old boy named Nova was playing an old game with his father. It involved a process sort of like tag. After a few rounds, his father went into the house to get a refreshment which was stored in the basement. Just as he did so, Nova yelled, "I'll get it!" . His father beamed. Nova hurried down the stairs to the storage box. But since he was running so fast he tripped. He looked down to see what he tripped on. there was a deep crack in the ground and a brilliant white light was protruding from it. Nova got to his knees and glared at the light, squinting his eyes. The crack then widened so wide that he fell through. Nova was dazed for a minute as he looked at his surroundings. He felt as if he had fell to the center of the planet Rhowvan. It was a slick room as if it was laminated. In the center there was a podium with a closed book on it. Slowly, Nova approached the podium. He suddenly felt something heavy drop into his pocket. As he reached inside and pulled it out he realized that it was a key and that it must go to the book. Nova hesitantly unlocked and opened the book, It began : "To Nova, this book can teach you a great deal. These powers, you must not to steal."

Nova read the words and then read on:


Nova thought for a second, then repeated, Szijg Szijg Szijg. A bright light came from the book and Nova's forehead where the sign of Szijg showed bright. Nova saw a silver tip protruding from the book. He carefully pulled it out with enormous newfound strength. It was the sword of Szijg, with his sign engraved on the pommel. Nova then saw a white light around him and he was sent to the empty universe right behind Avet. Avet then gasped and swung around. Szijg said. "Wield the sword lad, defeat Avet! Nova didn't understand, but he did as he was told and with a swing of his mighty sword, vanquished the evil beast Avet. Szijg embraced Nova then started creating another peaceful universe for him and Nova to live free from evil.

  And how you may ask do I know about all of this? Well, it is simple, I am Nova.....

Gods Of Time    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Star Princess    (all articles by this author)

I am sending a message I received on the same vein as Portraits (see previous Project X Newsletter, #82).

"Gods that you are long enshrouded by your own creation, arise to walk outside your world. Long ages have prevailed  in experience, termed "time". Now shake off the time for the experience is full. Gods must arise to walk the higher plateaus of Being, their horizons far flung to all galaxies. Awareness has opened. Dreams are reality. Experience is full.

A god asks himself as he stands yet uncertain. Am I truly free at last? May I stretch my abilities to loosen my earthiness? Dare I remember all my beginnings when the earth was ripe with peace and beauty? May I look out of God eyes even as the long age ends? May I move my mountains and shift them to my choosing? What are the limits of my Godness?

Beyond time you walked as I AM, fertile and high minded in your God Being. Now it is I AM and, in your Knowingness you Awake.  Indeed!  So it is!

The Phobic Age    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Ever wonder what is really going on with humanity?

The Phobic Age (1945 - ????)

We are all familiar with the various "ages" used to describe so called milestones of human condition or development, stone age, bronze age, iron age, information age, and so on.

In most cases the "age" expression indicates an element deemed to be key in human development. For instance the Bronze Age heralded human use of bronze as a chief technology of the time. In all cases the milestone indicates a shift or a turn taken in the road of human development. Each turn on the road of progress has inevitably taken humankind down a path of preference, commerce or perceived societal advantage.

In 1945 a brash young nation unleashed upon the global community an event triggering a massive turn upon the path of human development which by and large has gone unnoticed, at least for the significance of its impact upon the human psyche and the subsequent impacts.

The practical demonstration of weapons of mass destruction as used on two Japanese communities in 1945 very definitely demarked the beginning of a new age - the age of chronic phobia. In 1945 it was proven that global simultaneous psychological trauma was possible and the new age world was born.

In 2003, there are over 600 words used to describe the epidemic proportion of phobias undoubtedly precipitated by the mass global fear event of 1945. (These are listed at the end of this article. In essence a phobia is a fear of something.)

If one takes a 10,000 foot view of today's human condition it is reasonable to say the modern human being has been conditioned to fear everything - and for very good purpose.

There are many fanciful theories advocating or touting sinister mass mind control agents and agencies driven by their need to control the world. Control of wealth, power and the minds of the global citizenry seem to be the common objective no matter the strategy employed. Most people know of these alleged conspiracy approaches, so I will not address them here. Suffice it to say these are smokescreen for the actual controls being applied.

The fact of the matter is that amassing great wealth and therefore global power and control is achieved innocuously through selling "cures" for induced fears or phobias.

If there are over 600 words used to identify individual fear types, there are 600 markets for cure. Cure does not mean medicine as in the form of drugs necessarily, but often means a salve or option product that supposedly allays a particular fear. As an example, purchasing a particular automobile may allay a social phobia, a fear of being perceived negatively within your social sphere.

So rampant has fear inducement become it would be fair to say that the whole scientific and medical community has since been engaged to proliferate fears and companion "cures a.k.a. products", even if it means perpetrating the condition requiring a future cure or playing off other ill-conceived yet implemented plan or product.

As even a casual observer since 1945 may deduce, almost all progressive individual innovation and inspirational contributions ceased as corporate sponsorship shifted from encouraging breakthrough research to a mode of refining old strategies, technologies and approaches. We entered a veritable wasteland of scientific apathy acknowledging instead the wonderful wealth gathering potential of fixing or refining last year's dangerous product or even developing antidotes for last year's ill-advised science. We have been in a phobic economic cycle for over 50 years now. Some might say blatant suppression of innovation has been achieved preventing any threat to the "magic" of phobic economics. Look at the world in 2003. It is glaringly obvious is it not? Funding is all fear based on every possible conceivable front.

My question is, "What long term impact has continual fear upon a specie, particularly a sentient specie such as the human being?"

Humankind has not had a single day off from global fear in over 50 years.

Global media communication, the other required element ensured that.

Some mistakenly call this age the "information age." It is not; global mass communication is but the enabling tool of the age -

"The Phobic age."


Loads Of Goals But No Place To Go    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

All the personal growth literature tells us we should have goals to work on, affirmations to repeat, and that we should be constantly visualizing our future each day. All well and good. So...

If that's true, then why are most people in exactly the same place after all this personal growth stuff as they were before they started?

The reason comes down to an overall lack of life vision. In other words, there is no master plan for life. What is the point of setting goals, or working on affirmations, if you have no idea where the thrust of your life is headed in the first place? In other words, what are you here on this Earth to do? WHY are you working towards these goals (if you have any)?

Most people do not have any answers to these basic questions. Ask a small child, and you're quite likely to get an answer to the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?". However, if you ask an adult a similar question, such as, "Where would you like to be in 10 years time, and what would you like to be doing?", you are likely to be greeted by silence...

Aren't you?!...

So, how can we have given up on our dreams to this extent? Part of the answer lies in childhood. Whether at school or at home, the need to be "realistic" and "stop daydreaming" was hammered into each of us again and again. So effective was this mental conditioning that most of us can no longer figure out WHY we have no idea what our dreams are! We have been so conditioned from the outside, and have compromised so often on the inside, that there is no dreaming power left. That which is nurtured grows. That which is neglected withers and dies.

Instead, we find ourselves in a place we never planned to be in. Most of us simply drifted there, without plan or design. Then, from that position, we try to create goals and dreams that the critical mind regards as "appropriate" or "possible". However, because these goals are not true to our hearts, they do not motivate us, or fill us with any passion to achieve them.

Goals, and all the rest of it, do no good if you have nowhere specific you are heading to. You really need to get your head above day-to-day concerns to determine what the whole point of your goals is.

Michael Gerber, author of "The E-Myth" describes a similar situation in the world of business. It seems that a lot of people become business entrepreneurs, mainly from a desire to escape the slavery of the 9 to 5 routine, and be free of the boss. The only problem is that, whilst these people may be good "technicians", this does not necessarily guarantee success in their own business. Instead, many find themselves "trapped" in their dream, to the point where they finally hate it, and realize that this was not what they really wanted anyhow.

Look at it another way. Hollywood typically spends over $100 million on a blockbuster movie. With these figures at stake, directors cannot afford to mentally drift. Films made these days are storyboarded first; drawings (or even animations), are created for every single shot in every single scene. Everything is visualized with crystal clarity before filming even begins. By contrast, imagine the sort of movies we would be watching if directors went about their craft the way we do our lives!

Without a clear vision of where we are heading, we can be terribly active achieving goals that take us nowhere specific. Indeed, all this activity can serve as a good excuse for not raising our heads high enough to see where we are actually going. Or NOT going!

So, what can you do? The answer is, develop a vision, as clearly as possible, for what your life is about, and where you are heading. What is your "major definite purpose", as Napoleon Hill termed it? What are you here to do?

If you do not know the answer to this question, this is the first goal you should set; to find out. You must develop a mental image of your desired future, and develop it so clearly that you can see it, smell it, taste it and touch it. Then, keep that vision before you often each day, and use it to fuel your goal creation.

Take time to ponder your dreams. Give yourself a regular period of time each day to do this, especially if you have no clear vision of them at present. This process may take time and cannot be hurried, because you are reactivating faculties that have been long dormant. Without this clear vision, any other goals and affirmations you develop are virtually as good as useless. Yes, they may take you forward a bit. But in which direction, and for what purpose? Without an overall life vision, you really have no idea.

You should ask yourself questions about all aspects of your life. Where do you want to be financially, spiritually, in relationships, healthwise, and so on? Gradually let the vision develop as you relax and take time to elicit it from deep within you. You may wish to write it down as it emerges.

Try not to judge or censor. That will only shut down the creative process. Let it be okay to think of the ridiculous, because nothing is as ridiculous as it may seem. People have taken up mountaineering at the age of sixty five. There was a time when Van Gogh had to learn to draw, and he was already an adult at the time!

Hence, be gentle with yourself, but retain the belief that much is possible if you have faith. It may takes days, weeks or even months. However, if you make developing a life vision your primary goal, then all others will fall into place, and you will find the infinite inner energy with which to accomplish them.

Copyright 2003. Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.
Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is the author of "The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self" course. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose. He offers you a FREE 14-Day LifeBreakthrough e-mail course at:

Affirmations, The Power of Words and Your Reality    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Alishaya    (all articles by this author)

What you perceive is the reality in which you live. If you are surrounded by the negative aspects of society, poverty, high crime rate, physical or material danger, your outlook could be tainted by what you are observing. If I were to tell you that your thoughts and words are enforcing what your outlook is, you would probably answer, "duh." Your next question would be if the reality I live is bleak, what can I do to change it? Besides, winning the lottery? This brings up another interesting observation. Have you ever noticed that the winners of the lottery are either living "comfortable" lives or they are very optimistic? Perhaps there is an interrelation between them? What you identify with and what you are living. If this is the case, it is within your ability and power, to change it.

By now, you have heard the word "Affirmation" enough to know what it is. However, just in case, affirm means to state in a very decisive manner something. Therefore, affirmations are a powerful statement. However, you might have a conception of the power of affirmations, which is not realistic. Human beings have within their minds three areas. There is your conscious mind, the one that we take to work, perform our "duties," know which route will take us home. Than there is the subconscious mind. The one that keeps you in check. I will explain. You say, "I am wealthy." You repeat the affirmation five hundred times a day for 365 days. At the end, you are still in a financial bind. "I am in a loving and caring, relationship." Again, you repeat the affirmation and you are still living with a person that abuses you physically and/or emotionally. What happened? Your subconscious says to you, "Buddy, I don't know what dream your living but I see a turn off notice on your kitchen table. Or, supportive partner? Where have you been? The only support you are getting is from the wall, which holds you up, while you are getting beat up." In other words, your subconscious, knows that you are lying to yourself and wants no part of it.

Therefore, trying to fool your mind into believing what is not in your scope of real is useless. It is self-defeating. However, affirmations do work, unfortunately, sometimes the delivery backfires. What words you affirm have to have bases in your reality.

So, what are you to do? First, affirm. It does work. An example would be, "There is a limitless amount of wealth in the world." That is something that we can all agree with. We know that there is money "out-there." We can believe and accept that. So if you affirm a statement like that, your subconscious will not spit it out. It can digest that and incorporate it. You next statement could be, "I am open to the abundance of the world/universe." Can't argue with that one. You certainly, would like a piece of the pie. See the difference between the two affirmations? "I am wealthy," not a great affirmation, unless you are or believe yourself to be. "There is a limitless supply of abundance in the world. I tap into the abundance and claim it for my own." In the same token saying "I am in a loving and supportive relationship," will not work if you aren't. Saying, "There are perfect relationships in the world, I choose to be in one, now," is something that your subconscious will accept. You are not making up a realty, which you are not experiencing now.

Affirmations work hand in hand with the words that you use, every day in your life.
If you are sick and say, "I have a life threatening disease," you will have. If you are not healthy at the moment and say "I have a life-affirming challenge," it will alter the way you think. Thoughts, lead to words, leads to action, leads to reality.

What one must do first is to change the way that one communicates with others and ourselves. One must become aware of the words that we employ. A new phase is being used often by younger adults "mad love." Think of that, what pictures you see in your mind when you say or think the word "mad." Now say or think the word "love"
What are the mental images that flash before you? Now please put them together. Conflicting? I realize that when young adults are saying the term within their circles, the persons know what it means. This brings us to the third part of your mental tools, the unconscious mind. Now while the subconscious may at some level make itself known, the unconscious does not readily give up its secrets. You can peel at the layers of your thoughts and emotions and the subconscious will explain itself to you. The unconscious very often works independently of you. Many times, we put ourselves on autopilot and the unconsciousness steps right in. We loose our awareness, thereby relinquishing our power, when we operate on an unconsciousness level. Therefore, while the person may know what the term "mad love" means on a conscious level, the subconscious may view the term differently and the unconscious will definably write its own interpretation.

Words play a very important role in the world and the reality that you live in. When you say one thing with your mouth, think another thing in you consciousness, subconscious and unconscious minds, you create chaos for yourself. You fail to materialize your dreams because they are so conflicting that instead of creating with your power, something positive and good, you are creating more negativity around you. So, affirmations must always be accompanied with a more deliberate and alert method of talking. You must think of the words that you are saying, while you go about your day. Saying, "That kills me" may just succeed. Oh, probably not right way, but in the long term. The thoughts and words become imbedded in your consciousness mind, than your subconscious and than your unconscious mind. (Or vice a versa). What affects the mind will affect the outer world in which you live and the inner (your body). After repeating the words countless of time it becomes part of your unconsciousness, very much like the concept of walking. It becomes ingrained in your cells and the molecules of your body. The DNA in your body thinks that you desire to die or be killed and it will comply with your wish.

A good exercise to do is to make a conscious effort to be aware of the words you use most often during the course of your day. I will give you an example. A friend of mine repeats the word "exactly" while talking on the phone, countless times. Another friend is always saying, "I'll hit you,"another favorite is "I am starving," "I am so angry, I could hit you," and I am sure you have all heard the phrase "Life is a bitch and then you die."
So in conjunction with affirmations, a greater awareness of the words that you utilize is important. Saying, "I am broke," or "I have no money," "He/she gets more abusive every day," "He/she treats me like dirt," is counterproductive to your affirmations. You might want to say, "I am working and resolving my financial resources at the moment," or "I am felling better and better every day," "I deserve and need someone that is supportive." In this manner, you are reinforcing your affirmations with the words you use on a daily basis.

Another valuable tool to use when practicing affirmations and the power of words is to make a conscious effort to examine the feelings you are experiencing while using affirmations and using language as an aid in their manifestations. We are body, mind, and spirit. Each part is indispensable to the whole. Our bodies communicate with different sensations within our bodies. If you do not acknowledge what your body is trying to communicate by the sensations, you will continue to alienate what you want to be in your world and what it is that you have. Therefore, a total awareness of your self, your thoughts, your feelings, your words, and your body is essential in creating a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

In summation, in order to begin to change your reality you must:
*Make a list of things that you would like to make real in your life.

*Number them by order of importance to you. The ones that offer you a greater feeling of peace and harmony get the highest rating of worth.

*Write a few affirmations on the areas of your life that you would like to see changed or to manifest based on your original list. Keep them simple and to the point. Write something that will flow easily from your mouth and not a tongue twister.

*Say the affirmations aloud, while you shower, while you comb your hair, say them to your self through out the day, every time you remember.

*Make a list of the words that you use most often. Start eliminating those that will not support a positive lifestyle.

*Substitute with words that make you feel happy, content, healthy, peaceful, and grateful.

*Become more aware of where your mind set is at. If you angry, upset, frustrated, examine the obvious reason and than the underlying reasons.

*Make a conscious effort to go back to the originating point that the feelings you are experiencing began. Example, "No, you can't do that," If every time you hear that you get angry, examine the first time you recall hearing it. Who said it? Why? It is alright if you do not remember right away. You will, if you persevere. Remember your subconscious will share its secrets with you, if it knows that you really want to know.

The road to self-awareness, conscious living, self-knowing, is perhaps not the most pleasant of roads; there will be times that you want to turn off the gears and just sit in idle. And you will. And that is OK. For a time. However, if you really want to change your world, you first have to know what the world consist of and than take the steps to do it. The power to create change, originates with you. You can either complain or do something to start making constructive changes for your self. Join and The Breast Cancer Fund's Climb to End Breast Cancer!

Live to serve and serve to live,
Love Beams,
Walk in Light, She/He will always guide,
Walk in Light and there will be Peace,
Soul Name: Alishaya
Native American Name: Knukquni (Sheep Girl)
Reverend Edith Bello Church of the Creator (COTC)
I remain in a state of Divine Right Order ®
Dwell for a moment in a single blade of grass.
Discover the secret of snowflakes.
In these patterns lie harmony, my child.
In harmony, the universe.
~Nancy Wood

Many Are Called    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Elijah    (all articles by this author)

You have indeed heard this, that many are called, but FEW are Chosen. That IS absolutely true. For some see the word  "Chosen", and in the back of their mind they can connect with that. But there has been little "conscious" connection.
  But at times THAT connection bleeds through to the conscious mind. You have, as yet, to allow that term, The Chosen, to BECOME conscious. Do you see what I AM saying here? You HAVE heard this for some time now. And it IS OK to allow that "thought" to BECOME real, to BECOME, to become YOUR reality, to become manifested in the flesh, as it were. And so it IS, but you KNOW that you have paid the price, or the price has been paid  for you, as some think of it. Remember! You ARE what think you are. That is the law of ''this" reality. As you believe so shall it be.
  Do NOT let that law to be used against you, nor "allow" fear to rob you. For it CAN, but ONLY if you allow it.
   Simply, do NOT allow it! Fear NOT. Simple? Yes! Yes, it IS.
  Now that you KNOW that, it CANNOT be used against you, EVEN FOREVER. That, TOO, is the law of your reality.
   Another law, as a wise man once said, out of the abundance of the heart/mind, the mouth speaks. That IS the ultimate creative force of THIS world. How long have you heard that? I judge, for some time now.
  It is NOT just a common saying! Well it is, but few have embraced it. The few that DO, would do well to heed that Spirit. Try, the Spirits!
  The concept I have proposed here is indeed NEW, but NOT foreign to some, more of a confirmation.
  You have heard the term, you know all you need to know, and so it is, but NOW it MUST become on a conscious level.
  For if you know IT, it only needs to become "conscious", therein lies your strength.
   I will use a saying from the book of books, if you don't mind? That is out of the abundance of the heart/mind, the mouth speaks, therefore, keep thy heart/mind with ALL diligence, for out of IT, the heart/mind, flows the forces or the ISSUES of LIFE.
   Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  Peace, peace (of mind) to you.
The peace that passeth ALL understanding
  All reference to the Bible from KJV

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