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The Phobic Age

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 2, 2003

Ever wonder what is really going on with humanity?

The Phobic Age (1945 - ????)

We are all familiar with the various "ages" used to describe so called milestones of human condition or development, stone age, bronze age, iron age, information age, and so on.

In most cases the "age" expression indicates an element deemed to be key in human development. For instance the Bronze Age heralded human use of bronze as a chief technology of the time. In all cases the milestone indicates a shift or a turn taken in the road of human development. Each turn on the road of progress has inevitably taken humankind down a path of preference, commerce or perceived societal advantage.

In 1945 a brash young nation unleashed upon the global community an event triggering a massive turn upon the path of human development which by and large has gone unnoticed, at least for the significance of its impact upon the human psyche and the subsequent impacts.

The practical demonstration of weapons of mass destruction as used on two Japanese communities in 1945 very definitely demarked the beginning of a new age - the age of chronic phobia. In 1945 it was proven that global simultaneous psychological trauma was possible and the new age world was born.

In 2003, there are over 600 words used to describe the epidemic proportion of phobias undoubtedly precipitated by the mass global fear event of 1945. (These are listed at the end of this article. In essence a phobia is a fear of something.)

If one takes a 10,000 foot view of today's human condition it is reasonable to say the modern human being has been conditioned to fear everything - and for very good purpose.

There are many fanciful theories advocating or touting sinister mass mind control agents and agencies driven by their need to control the world. Control of wealth, power and the minds of the global citizenry seem to be the common objective no matter the strategy employed. Most people know of these alleged conspiracy approaches, so I will not address them here. Suffice it to say these are smokescreen for the actual controls being applied.

The fact of the matter is that amassing great wealth and therefore global power and control is achieved innocuously through selling "cures" for induced fears or phobias.

If there are over 600 words used to identify individual fear types, there are 600 markets for cure. Cure does not mean medicine as in the form of drugs necessarily, but often means a salve or option product that supposedly allays a particular fear. As an example, purchasing a particular automobile may allay a social phobia, a fear of being perceived negatively within your social sphere.

So rampant has fear inducement become it would be fair to say that the whole scientific and medical community has since been engaged to proliferate fears and companion "cures a.k.a. products", even if it means perpetrating the condition requiring a future cure or playing off other ill-conceived yet implemented plan or product.

As even a casual observer since 1945 may deduce, almost all progressive individual innovation and inspirational contributions ceased as corporate sponsorship shifted from encouraging breakthrough research to a mode of refining old strategies, technologies and approaches. We entered a veritable wasteland of scientific apathy acknowledging instead the wonderful wealth gathering potential of fixing or refining last year's dangerous product or even developing antidotes for last year's ill-advised science. We have been in a phobic economic cycle for over 50 years now. Some might say blatant suppression of innovation has been achieved preventing any threat to the "magic" of phobic economics. Look at the world in 2003. It is glaringly obvious is it not? Funding is all fear based on every possible conceivable front.

My question is, "What long term impact has continual fear upon a specie, particularly a sentient specie such as the human being?"

Humankind has not had a single day off from global fear in over 50 years.

Global media communication, the other required element ensured that.

Some mistakenly call this age the "information age." It is not; global mass communication is but the enabling tool of the age -

"The Phobic age."


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #83

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