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The Twilight of Szijg

Author: Nova    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 2, 2003

(pronounced zee)

     The three universes are created of the elements, but their outer atmosphere is created of electronic pulses controlled by Szijg. That is where the story begins.

     Long ago a being called Szijg created the three universes one at a time through three ages using only one fluid, constant, never breaking thought that ran on and on past human comprehension. The first age was the Ythandogr age (pronounced thandor). That universe was composed of absolute emptiness, an endless void. The second age was the Rqohendak age (pronounced rohenda). This universe was made up of vast land and empty nature. The third age was called the Bvodwa age (pronounced vodwa). This universe was made up of infinite lifeforms.

     Then, after the three ages, Szijg said, "Well, now what?"

     Szijg, his mind buzzing with ideas, shortly thought of an idea. He did not mean for it to happen but it happened anyway. Szijg had thought what would happen if all of his work was destroyed. Out of this thought came Avet (pronounced a-vet). Szijg stared at his absolute evil creation, and with a snap of Avet's fingers, destroyed Szijg and sent his spirit to the empty universe. But as Szijg was vanishing he made his last physical thoughts. He clashed the land and the lifeform universe together to make the universe we live in now. And he also made a book of twilight, key of twilight (to open the book), and a sword of twilight that was to come out of the book when Szijg saw fit. He dropped the book out into our universe and vanished. Shortly after, Avet plunged herself into the empty universe to battle Szijg.

     Szijg's spirit battled with Avet for 1,000,000,000,000,000 earth years with Avet overpowering Szijg significantly, but he hung on until one day . . .

     On that day long ago, a 12 year old boy named Nova was playing an old game with his father. It involved a process sort of like tag. After a few rounds, his father went into the house to get a refreshment which was stored in the basement. Just as he did so, Nova yelled, "I'll get it!" . His father beamed. Nova hurried down the stairs to the storage box. But since he was running so fast he tripped. He looked down to see what he tripped on. there was a deep crack in the ground and a brilliant white light was protruding from it. Nova got to his knees and glared at the light, squinting his eyes. The crack then widened so wide that he fell through. Nova was dazed for a minute as he looked at his surroundings. He felt as if he had fell to the center of the planet Rhowvan. It was a slick room as if it was laminated. In the center there was a podium with a closed book on it. Slowly, Nova approached the podium. He suddenly felt something heavy drop into his pocket. As he reached inside and pulled it out he realized that it was a key and that it must go to the book. Nova hesitantly unlocked and opened the book, It began : "To Nova, this book can teach you a great deal. These powers, you must not to steal."

Nova read the words and then read on:


Nova thought for a second, then repeated, Szijg Szijg Szijg. A bright light came from the book and Nova's forehead where the sign of Szijg showed bright. Nova saw a silver tip protruding from the book. He carefully pulled it out with enormous newfound strength. It was the sword of Szijg, with his sign engraved on the pommel. Nova then saw a white light around him and he was sent to the empty universe right behind Avet. Avet then gasped and swung around. Szijg said. "Wield the sword lad, defeat Avet! Nova didn't understand, but he did as he was told and with a swing of his mighty sword, vanquished the evil beast Avet. Szijg embraced Nova then started creating another peaceful universe for him and Nova to live free from evil.

  And how you may ask do I know about all of this? Well, it is simple, I am Nova.....

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #83

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