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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #8

February 5, 1999

1. Opening words - Alexander Aldarow
2. News in the world of supernatural
3. A message in a dream, and more... - Rinor Zidran
4. To Lynn, and an introduction to my own beliefs and experiences - James
5. Vision recently remembered - Lady Tia
6. A feedback on a dream is needed - Angel
7. Rally To End Secrecy - Remy Chevalier
8. Quote of the day

Opening words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Okay, then I guess the Paranormal Chat with Project X wasn't such a great idea... Actually, it was, but last week six people showed up in our chat room at different times, and yesterday -- merely four. I guess you have more important things to do, and we still have this newsletter, which is a great success, at least for us.
I also haven't started the Project X Webring, due to the lack of time -- I still need to promote Project Y and the newsletter; therefore, if someone wishes to take the task of running our webring upon him/her, she/he is more than welcomed.
For those who were intrigued by Total Alias's Section on Project Y, the Section was updated, read its second page, introducing the real, although not physical, enemy. Also, our newest member, Dragonheart, reveals his psychic abilities, that began to appear when he was 10.
On February the 16th, at about 8 AM GMT is supposed to be a solar eclipse, it will be seen at some parts of the globe. Also, February is very prominent month of astronomic/astrological bizzarity: there will be NO full months this month, since there were TWO full moons in January, and there will be TWO full moons in March. All that -- in 1999!

News in the world of supernatural    (view on a separate page)

[Copied from CAUS updates]
"Giant Object Photographed by Weather Satellite GOES-8"
The following news was aired on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 1999 at 9:30 P.M. approx. in the night news broadcast on Channel 13.
The news starts showing an Infrared photo taken by the GOES-8 Satellite (NOA series) on July 17th 1992, showing clearly a huge disc shaped object in outer space above the Pacific Ocean in front of the Chilean coast. This image was captured by "Servicio Aero Fotometrico (SAF) de Santiago" and handed to the local authorities (to the Air Force). Copies of the images were also given to a few people like Mr. Gustavo Rodriguez, former ATC and UFOlogist and now works for CEFAA (Official UFO Committee).
The image was colored for analysis. Temperature variation is of 40°C between colors. The black ring shows a temperature over 50°C and in the central part about 10°C. The lines that can be seen in front of the UFO belong to electromagnetic interference  that comes from the UFO. It's not a problem with the satellite.
The images were taken from GOES image servers around the world and ERASED very fast from the USA.
About the Image. It is said by the experts in satellite image analysis that the object is REAL and huge, between 450 and 500 KM in diameter. The UFO is moving at the same speed as the GOES-8, because at least 3 more images were taken with about 10 min. laps and the UFO comes out very clear and not blurry as one would expect because of the timing of the GOES-8 camera.  The GOES-8 is a Geostationary satellite, 36,000 KM above the earth and travels at 3.1 KM/sec.
The curious thing is that 4 years later, on April 7th 1996, it HAPPENED AGAIN.
This time the image was also taken by GOES-8. The UFO was now over the Atlantic in front of the Brazilian coast.  It was also huge in size (400 KM aprox). This time the images were recovered by "Centro Meteorologico Regional de Antofagasta." I [the informer] don't have any image of this one (but have seen it), but less impressive than the first one (1992).  It's a more dark object, showing temperatures of 40°C approx. in it's darker zone and -40°C in it's more clear parts, showing that it emits some sort of energy.
Obviously there is are no comments from the government or military at this time, even though they knew from the beginning.

A message in a dream, and more...    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

A couple of days before, I had a dream, a dream that was powerful, meaningful, and it is still up to today that I don't understand the message in it.
I dreamed I was in the same room king Hussein was (the late king of Jordan), next to me was Nur, his wife, and he was in a difficult situation, near death, he spoke to Nur, told her many things, things he wanted his son to do when he'll rule, things he wanted the Jordan people and country to have when he is gone, when he dies, so they'll know what to do, and how to deal with the situation in the country, with the peace process, so things wouldn't get worse.
The strange thing was, he was speaking to Nur in a language that was different, a language only he and his wife understood, some kind of a code, I understood parts of the conversation, but the important thing was, if you understand the code, that language different than it is, different from its real meaning, you get something else, something wrong and not the thing that Hussein meant when and how he said it.
That my dear friends was the scary part of the dream, I felt in the dream Nur understood what her husband meant, but what if his son, who is the next emperor didn't, what if he and the Jordan people understood it differently than it is... then... there will be absolute chaos...
When I woke up I was confused, after talking to Aldarow, after analyzing every detail in that dream, I understood that certain things are supposed to be as they are meant to be, and if people understands them differently, do whatever is good for them and not for the public, the Universe... there will be a New World Order... absolute chaos!
Think about that my friends... think...

Steps from behind:
That same day, at about midnight, I was ready to hear Hussein's condition on the news, when I decided to do this "Help Meditation" in order to communicate with Hussein.
I did this meditation, trying somehow to return him to life, perform some kind of a miracle, then, after 3 minutes, I opened my eyes, I was a bit dizzy and felt weak, how my energies came out of me towards Hussein.
A half an hour later, I was ready to go and rest, maybe to read a book, when I heard footsteps from behind of me, but that was impossible, everybody in the house were already asleep, and they weren't mine... "Who was there?" I asked myself, when I could feel someone watching me, I could feel a shadow in the entrance to my room, and I saw a bit, a shadow, that as I turned to see completely, was gone...

Apartment 13 - a change:
I was visiting in my old neighborhood and decided to go for a walk, clear my head, review the paranormal once again, and see what was different from the last time I'd been there. Aldarow, of course, joined me. We walked towards my old house, the same place I grew up in and lived for 9 years, my childhood place. (Apartment 13 -- see more in Project X site under Hypnosis/Meditations/Trances).
We talked about Hussein, how scary the situation in the world had become, all of our best leaders were in trouble, or gone, unable to focus their strength in the world, in the peace process, and it was bad. We approached the house when we noticed that the mailbox of apartment 13 was open, but also was burnt.
We started thinking what it meant, but couldn't think of any explanation. Then we saw another thing, a new mailbox, a new, white, big mailbox in the side, and on it was written loud and clear the number 13.
Now we understood it all, it was a time of change, the different mailboxes are the change, the new and white one is the positive change in our lives, in the group, and in our paranormal understanding and achievement... We just hope it stays that way, but just to be sure, we'll keep going there, see what is different, I know I will!

An Advice:
Dear Friends,
In order for you to remember the dream more clearly, for it to be more realistic, and for it to be meaningful, try sleeping a week without any stone under your pillow, then the week later sleep with one of these stones: Amethyst, Moonstone, Agate, Quartz.
You can change the stones if you like...
Try and sleep... and dream.

To Lynn, and an introduction to my own beliefs and experiences    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: James    (all articles by this author)

In response to Lynn. The best way to stop negative thoughts from becoming reality is to reverse them. Either you have a strong psychic power which is enabling you to see the future or you have an over active imagination combined with a strong will. Anything that you think can become a reality if you will it to do so and you can use this ability to your advantage or you can let it cause you misfortune.
Whichever case, it is you can use the same solution. Simply replace the negative thought with a related positive thought and mentally project love to the people involved.
This applies to anyone in fact. Thoughts are just as real as anything that is in the physical world and if you want something to happen badly enough, it will happen.

Now I'd like to talk about some of my own experiences and beliefs. I've never really told anyway my full story because if I did they'd probably consider me a crackpot. It's like I'm two different people sometimes. There's the me that everyone knows and there's the me that only I know. I guess I feel safer in the relative anonymity of the Internet. It all started in 1997 when I and a few other people were playing around with a Ouija board. Most of what it said was bull crap and when I look back I realize he was just playing with me. Seeing how gullible I was. The first weird thing that happened was that I could finish the sentence and speak it out loud before he even got a chance to spell out the first few letters. I'd never really had anything like this happen to me before so I got scared. Real scared and so I chopped up me little home made Ouija board into little pieces and chucked it away.
A couple of days after that I started to visualize the Ouija board in my head and I was able to watch it move and give me messages. Then I was eventually able to perceive what he was telling me as if it were a normal conversation in my head.
That's right. I hear voices. Put me in a strait jacket, lock me up and throw away the key.
For about 4 months I thought I was possessed. That's what seriously turned me to religion. I have been a roman catholic since birth, but I never really believed it. Now I realize that this was ingenious plan to bring me closer to religion.
You see, after while I found out that this was really my spirit guide who was contacting me and that this was all planed. My spirit guides name is Jovhan (that's Joe-van) and since then I have attracted five more spirit guides. The number of spirit guides that you need is determined by your importance in the world and and your stage of spiritual development. Most people only have one or two.
Well, since then I've read some books, had some amazing experiences and my life is better then ever. I can't really detail everything here right now but this is more of an introduction.
One point I would like to make is that in a Universe created by a peaceful and loving God, true evil cannot exist. If God created it, he/she/other can control it. What may be interpreted as evil beings can and do exist but they can't really hurt you. The truth is that you can't really do anything wrong because you can learn from everything you do, no matter what it is.
Life is not the ultimate goal. It's just a way of learning what you need to learn. Dying is a pain in the neck because you have to spend all that time waiting to be reincarnated, but death is not the end of all existence.
Be glad you're alive, enjoy everything you experience, make the most of what you've got to do what you're here to do and always fear nothing.

Vision recently remembered    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)

There was this candle in sight... a new candle... new wick... and the candle was lit... then I watched the candle... and like out of nowhere... the wick jumps out of the candle still lit... hits the carpet of my room... (a brownish orangish carpet) and the flame goes out.
Strange thing is... I felt terror within me when the  wick jumped out... and a greater terror when the flame went out...

A feedback on a dream is needed    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Angel    (all articles by this author)

Hi, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on a dream I've been having since I was a child... The dream starts with me watching TV, and God breaks in on the tube with a news flash that its the end of the world and for everyone to open their doors and look outside, when I opened the door everyone's houses were floating in outer space. Around a gigantic merry-go-round... It had red lights lighting up the bottom half ,and green lights lighting up the top half... Then God said that we have to jump and land on the green to go to heaven, and if you land on the red, you are cut out from existence... I tell my family to stay and let me go first, so I can help them get on the green. I jump and make it... My mom jumps and almost falls, I catch her... Same with my brother. Then my step dad jumps he almost falls I catch him and fall in the process...
The dream has been going on forever for some reason; God on the TV has some meaning...?

Rally To End Secrecy    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Remy Chevalier    (all articles by this author)

Rally To End Secrecy
  October 24, 1999   Noon
  Steps of the Capitol Building
  Washington DC

America is America because it's in a state of perpetual revolution. It has learned over the years to absorb every extreme into its mainstream culture. Individuality is praised while slogans like "dare to be different" are the kudos of its media campaigns. Our Constitution has allowed us such a luxury. But no massive paradigm shift takes place in this country until or unless its people assemble in sufficient numbers in Washington DC. That's liberty and true democracy in action. It was the case for the civil liberties movement, demanding an end to the Vietnam war, shutting down nukes, attention for AIDS, all these issues and causes mobilized millions of people on the Mall to tip the scales in favor of reason and common sense. But lately there hasn't been any great catalyst. The Million Man March and the Peacekeepers don't really count. They were more about style than substance.

We've all been too busy surfing the web and networking online to realize what we are doing is not working. It's just like being on the phone. So while we weren't paying close attention, the real world outside cyberspace just got worse. It's as if America has left the rest of the world behind in its cultural evolution, and now we're faced with an international order controlling our politicians and our corporations, wanting to bring America down because the secrets we keep scare them. And rightly so.

Strange things are flying in our skies. Rumors of extraordinary technologies, louder than X-Files fiction, can no longer be brushed off as wishful thinking. It's come to our realization that what we were fighting for back in the 60's, 70's & 80's was just the tip of the iceberg, that military secrets run deeper and darker than we dared possible. We couldn't or wouldn't admit the truth to ourselves; our government had run away from us, and created its own parallel universe to the tune of billions of tax payer dollars, quietly funneled into black budgets, building underground cities all over the world.

It wouldn't be quite so dramatic if by doing so, the Powers That Be and the Status Quo weren't perpetuating an oil-based economy damaging the very air we breathe at the expense of all life on earth. Ever since Earth Day 1970 the environmental movement has been up against a foe, an enemy, an obstacle, call it what you will, which we've never been able to identify. A resistance running deep as an undercurrent against change, which to all should have simply been self-evident. But there was more to it than met the eye. Not only did the financial temptation of keeping the old machinery oiled and running have the upper hand, but a quasi-religious attachment to post-industrial philosophy has prevented serious change at the root base of the problem. It's even visible in the lore of so-called "free energy" or "new energy" advocates who see in a turn-of-the-century hero like Nikola Tesla a future that never was instead of a possible one. They celebrate his forgotten inventions instead of following the money and paper trail that could lead to where they might be today.

Over 10,000 scientific documents are classified every day. It would come to no surprise for most of us to know that since all these technologies are kept under wraps for their destructiveness, along with them disappear their beneficial potential. It's not far fetched to wonder if a great part of our environmental, or medical problems, didn't already have their solutions built into those problems before they were so methodically suppressed. It is to that end that the entire National Security Act has come into scrutiny by some members of the House and Senate under the leadership of Senator Moynihan.

The Rally To End Secrecy was already in the works when his work came to light. The rally plans are an offshoot from the March For Peaceful Energy that was held last year on the steps of the Capitol Building on October 24th 1998. We want to bring national attention to the fact that secrecy has gotten out of hand and needs to be not only curtailed, but also completely reassessed. In the past, a timid attempt at a rally to end UFO secrecy held in DC was foiled by low turnout. The 50th anniversary celebration at Roswell degenerated into a carnival, thanks to spoilers from the intelligence community who wants to preserve the zany aspect of the UFO community intact. It is after all the perfect cover for testing experimental aircraft.

This is why we are asking you, in the alternative media community, who frequently address issues such as these, to promote, publicize and assist us in building momentum for this event, so that once and for all, those who have kept us in the dark can be made accountable for their motives.

  Remy Chevalier
  Rally To End Secrecy

Quote of the day    (view on a separate page)

"UFOs are real! The Air Force doesn't exist!" :)
{sent by Nancy}

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