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Published on: February 5, 1999

[Copied from CAUS updates]

"Giant Object Photographed by Weather Satellite GOES-8"

The following news was aired on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 1999 at 9:30 P.M. approx. in the night news broadcast on Channel 13.

The news starts showing an Infrared photo taken by the GOES-8 Satellite (NOA series) on July 17th 1992, showing clearly a huge disc shaped object in outer space above the Pacific Ocean in front of the Chilean coast. This image was captured by "Servicio Aero Fotometrico (SAF) de Santiago" and handed to the local authorities (to the Air Force). Copies of the images were also given to a few people like Mr. Gustavo Rodriguez, former ATC and UFOlogist and now works for CEFAA (Official UFO Committee).

The image was colored for analysis. Temperature variation is of 40°C between colors. The black ring shows a temperature over 50°C and in the central part about 10°C. The lines that can be seen in front of the UFO belong to electromagnetic interference  that comes from the UFO. It's not a problem with the satellite.

The images were taken from GOES image servers around the world and ERASED very fast from the USA.

About the Image. It is said by the experts in satellite image analysis that the object is REAL and huge, between 450 and 500 KM in diameter. The UFO is moving at the same speed as the GOES-8, because at least 3 more images were taken with about 10 min. laps and the UFO comes out very clear and not blurry as one would expect because of the timing of the GOES-8 camera.  The GOES-8 is a Geostationary satellite, 36,000 KM above the earth and travels at 3.1 KM/sec.

The curious thing is that 4 years later, on April 7th 1996, it HAPPENED AGAIN.

This time the image was also taken by GOES-8. The UFO was now over the Atlantic in front of the Brazilian coast.  It was also huge in size (400 KM aprox). This time the images were recovered by "Centro Meteorologico Regional de Antofagasta." I [the informer] don't have any image of this one (but have seen it), but less impressive than the first one (1992).  It's a more dark object, showing temperatures of 40°C approx. in it's darker zone and -40°C in it's more clear parts, showing that it emits some sort of energy.

Obviously there is are no comments from the government or military at this time, even though they knew from the beginning.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #8

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