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Rally To End Secrecy

Author: Remy Chevalier    (all articles by this author)
Published on: February 5, 1999

Rally To End Secrecy

  October 24, 1999   Noon

  Steps of the Capitol Building

  Washington DC

America is America because it's in a state of perpetual revolution. It has learned over the years to absorb every extreme into its mainstream culture. Individuality is praised while slogans like "dare to be different" are the kudos of its media campaigns. Our Constitution has allowed us such a luxury. But no massive paradigm shift takes place in this country until or unless its people assemble in sufficient numbers in Washington DC. That's liberty and true democracy in action. It was the case for the civil liberties movement, demanding an end to the Vietnam war, shutting down nukes, attention for AIDS, all these issues and causes mobilized millions of people on the Mall to tip the scales in favor of reason and common sense. But lately there hasn't been any great catalyst. The Million Man March and the Peacekeepers don't really count. They were more about style than substance.

We've all been too busy surfing the web and networking online to realize what we are doing is not working. It's just like being on the phone. So while we weren't paying close attention, the real world outside cyberspace just got worse. It's as if America has left the rest of the world behind in its cultural evolution, and now we're faced with an international order controlling our politicians and our corporations, wanting to bring America down because the secrets we keep scare them. And rightly so.

Strange things are flying in our skies. Rumors of extraordinary technologies, louder than X-Files fiction, can no longer be brushed off as wishful thinking. It's come to our realization that what we were fighting for back in the 60's, 70's & 80's was just the tip of the iceberg, that military secrets run deeper and darker than we dared possible. We couldn't or wouldn't admit the truth to ourselves; our government had run away from us, and created its own parallel universe to the tune of billions of tax payer dollars, quietly funneled into black budgets, building underground cities all over the world.

It wouldn't be quite so dramatic if by doing so, the Powers That Be and the Status Quo weren't perpetuating an oil-based economy damaging the very air we breathe at the expense of all life on earth. Ever since Earth Day 1970 the environmental movement has been up against a foe, an enemy, an obstacle, call it what you will, which we've never been able to identify. A resistance running deep as an undercurrent against change, which to all should have simply been self-evident. But there was more to it than met the eye. Not only did the financial temptation of keeping the old machinery oiled and running have the upper hand, but a quasi-religious attachment to post-industrial philosophy has prevented serious change at the root base of the problem. It's even visible in the lore of so-called "free energy" or "new energy" advocates who see in a turn-of-the-century hero like Nikola Tesla a future that never was instead of a possible one. They celebrate his forgotten inventions instead of following the money and paper trail that could lead to where they might be today.

Over 10,000 scientific documents are classified every day. It would come to no surprise for most of us to know that since all these technologies are kept under wraps for their destructiveness, along with them disappear their beneficial potential. It's not far fetched to wonder if a great part of our environmental, or medical problems, didn't already have their solutions built into those problems before they were so methodically suppressed. It is to that end that the entire National Security Act has come into scrutiny by some members of the House and Senate under the leadership of Senator Moynihan.

The Rally To End Secrecy was already in the works when his work came to light. The rally plans are an offshoot from the March For Peaceful Energy that was held last year on the steps of the Capitol Building on October 24th 1998. We want to bring national attention to the fact that secrecy has gotten out of hand and needs to be not only curtailed, but also completely reassessed. In the past, a timid attempt at a rally to end UFO secrecy held in DC was foiled by low turnout. The 50th anniversary celebration at Roswell degenerated into a carnival, thanks to spoilers from the intelligence community who wants to preserve the zany aspect of the UFO community intact. It is after all the perfect cover for testing experimental aircraft.

This is why we are asking you, in the alternative media community, who frequently address issues such as these, to promote, publicize and assist us in building momentum for this event, so that once and for all, those who have kept us in the dark can be made accountable for their motives.

  Remy Chevalier

  Rally To End Secrecy

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #8

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