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A message in a dream, and more...

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)
Published on: February 5, 1999

A couple of days before, I had a dream, a dream that was powerful, meaningful, and it is still up to today that I don't understand the message in it.

I dreamed I was in the same room king Hussein was (the late king of Jordan), next to me was Nur, his wife, and he was in a difficult situation, near death, he spoke to Nur, told her many things, things he wanted his son to do when he'll rule, things he wanted the Jordan people and country to have when he is gone, when he dies, so they'll know what to do, and how to deal with the situation in the country, with the peace process, so things wouldn't get worse.

The strange thing was, he was speaking to Nur in a language that was different, a language only he and his wife understood, some kind of a code, I understood parts of the conversation, but the important thing was, if you understand the code, that language different than it is, different from its real meaning, you get something else, something wrong and not the thing that Hussein meant when and how he said it.

That my dear friends was the scary part of the dream, I felt in the dream Nur understood what her husband meant, but what if his son, who is the next emperor didn't, what if he and the Jordan people understood it differently than it is... then... there will be absolute chaos...

When I woke up I was confused, after talking to Aldarow, after analyzing every detail in that dream, I understood that certain things are supposed to be as they are meant to be, and if people understands them differently, do whatever is good for them and not for the public, the Universe... there will be a New World Order... absolute chaos!

Think about that my friends... think...

Steps from behind:

That same day, at about midnight, I was ready to hear Hussein's condition on the news, when I decided to do this "Help Meditation" in order to communicate with Hussein.

I did this meditation, trying somehow to return him to life, perform some kind of a miracle, then, after 3 minutes, I opened my eyes, I was a bit dizzy and felt weak, how my energies came out of me towards Hussein.

A half an hour later, I was ready to go and rest, maybe to read a book, when I heard footsteps from behind of me, but that was impossible, everybody in the house were already asleep, and they weren't mine... "Who was there?" I asked myself, when I could feel someone watching me, I could feel a shadow in the entrance to my room, and I saw a bit, a shadow, that as I turned to see completely, was gone...

Apartment 13 - a change:

I was visiting in my old neighborhood and decided to go for a walk, clear my head, review the paranormal once again, and see what was different from the last time I'd been there. Aldarow, of course, joined me. We walked towards my old house, the same place I grew up in and lived for 9 years, my childhood place. (Apartment 13 -- see more in Project X site under Hypnosis/Meditations/Trances).

We talked about Hussein, how scary the situation in the world had become, all of our best leaders were in trouble, or gone, unable to focus their strength in the world, in the peace process, and it was bad. We approached the house when we noticed that the mailbox of apartment 13 was open, but also was burnt.

We started thinking what it meant, but couldn't think of any explanation. Then we saw another thing, a new mailbox, a new, white, big mailbox in the side, and on it was written loud and clear the number 13.

Now we understood it all, it was a time of change, the different mailboxes are the change, the new and white one is the positive change in our lives, in the group, and in our paranormal understanding and achievement... We just hope it stays that way, but just to be sure, we'll keep going there, see what is different, I know I will!

An Advice:

Dear Friends,

In order for you to remember the dream more clearly, for it to be more realistic, and for it to be meaningful, try sleeping a week without any stone under your pillow, then the week later sleep with one of these stones: Amethyst, Moonstone, Agate, Quartz.

You can change the stones if you like...

Try and sleep... and dream.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #8

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