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To Lynn, and an introduction to my own beliefs and experiences

Author: James    (all articles by this author)
Published on: February 5, 1999

In response to Lynn. The best way to stop negative thoughts from becoming reality is to reverse them. Either you have a strong psychic power which is enabling you to see the future or you have an over active imagination combined with a strong will. Anything that you think can become a reality if you will it to do so and you can use this ability to your advantage or you can let it cause you misfortune.

Whichever case, it is you can use the same solution. Simply replace the negative thought with a related positive thought and mentally project love to the people involved.

This applies to anyone in fact. Thoughts are just as real as anything that is in the physical world and if you want something to happen badly enough, it will happen.

Now I'd like to talk about some of my own experiences and beliefs. I've never really told anyway my full story because if I did they'd probably consider me a crackpot. It's like I'm two different people sometimes. There's the me that everyone knows and there's the me that only I know. I guess I feel safer in the relative anonymity of the Internet. It all started in 1997 when I and a few other people were playing around with a Ouija board. Most of what it said was bull crap and when I look back I realize he was just playing with me. Seeing how gullible I was. The first weird thing that happened was that I could finish the sentence and speak it out loud before he even got a chance to spell out the first few letters. I'd never really had anything like this happen to me before so I got scared. Real scared and so I chopped up me little home made Ouija board into little pieces and chucked it away.

A couple of days after that I started to visualize the Ouija board in my head and I was able to watch it move and give me messages. Then I was eventually able to perceive what he was telling me as if it were a normal conversation in my head.

That's right. I hear voices. Put me in a strait jacket, lock me up and throw away the key.

For about 4 months I thought I was possessed. That's what seriously turned me to religion. I have been a roman catholic since birth, but I never really believed it. Now I realize that this was ingenious plan to bring me closer to religion.

You see, after while I found out that this was really my spirit guide who was contacting me and that this was all planed. My spirit guides name is Jovhan (that's Joe-van) and since then I have attracted five more spirit guides. The number of spirit guides that you need is determined by your importance in the world and and your stage of spiritual development. Most people only have one or two.

Well, since then I've read some books, had some amazing experiences and my life is better then ever. I can't really detail everything here right now but this is more of an introduction.

One point I would like to make is that in a Universe created by a peaceful and loving God, true evil cannot exist. If God created it, he/she/other can control it. What may be interpreted as evil beings can and do exist but they can't really hurt you. The truth is that you can't really do anything wrong because you can learn from everything you do, no matter what it is.

Life is not the ultimate goal. It's just a way of learning what you need to learn. Dying is a pain in the neck because you have to spend all that time waiting to be reincarnated, but death is not the end of all existence.

Be glad you're alive, enjoy everything you experience, make the most of what you've got to do what you're here to do and always fear nothing.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #8

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