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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #59

July 14, 2001

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. Wisdom Concerning Dreams - Lady Tia
3. Fate-Changing Ritual - anonymous / author unknown
4. Getting Younger - Mark Andrews
5. Spooky Experience - Tween
6. Working In the Subtle Realm Of Thought - Asoka Selvarajah
7. RealmScape Poetry Corner - Lady Tia

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

"Make a newsletter and formulate all the past years' main topics."

This was said to me by a friend of mine you're familiar with, Rene. This was in the list of my priorities for several weeks now, and I kept postponing it - hence this delayed edition, and for that I apologize to all our readers.

But how one, exactly, sums up, let's say, the last 5 years? A lot has transpired, on personal, communal and global levels; things I've started with, are less valid now, and new revelations about the world and the soul arrive daily; the path, the sight of which seems to get lost on occasions, re-emerges, shining even more brightly.

The website itself, still, and always, attracts hundreds of people on a weekly basis; new friendships and partnerships are made, experiences shared, mutual trust established. Quickly, a modest webpage placed on Geocities, has transcended into becoming the home of vast spiritual on-line community.

There is no road, of course, that is traveled without bumps. We had our share of conflicts and quarrels in Project X, from attempts of takeover through a lawsuit threat to simple name-calling. Looking back to that, it all may appear laughable, but I, personally, have learnt a great deal from the conflicts. Eventually, I've realized, it's always for the best to openly approach one's "opponent" and ask, "OK, so, obviously, this situation only deteriorates; how can the TWO OF US solve it?"

The Gathering. The Gathering of The Chosen Ones. Many of our members have already met each other, on physical and astral planes, in dreams, visions and emotions. The connection is always there; it only might shift and expand as the time passes.

And what about me? My views have expanded, too. No longer do I see my job as forewarning people about the Judgment Day and Approaching Chaos; I understood that, once an individual grasps a hold of his reality, even the Doomsday can be prevented. Life is a flow of lessons, while death is illusionary, only a signpost of us changing the level of consciousness.

It's not quite a walk in a part for me. Seemingly, the path I've chosen for myself is the hardest, and it drives me beyond any possible horizon. Even such a gift as receiving the love of my life was prevented from me, because that could have been another trap (see Diary, Day Three - Oh, well, it only made me tougher, eventually. "I'm a survivor..."

I could go on forever about so many things that took place in the past several years: our struggle with The Old Ones, my astral flights, the amazing stories of others' lives; even every single thought counts and contributes to this never-ending story we're all parts of. But there are other writers awaiting to deliver their messages, so I'll finish with one of mine: this is YOUR life, and nobody else's. Don't live according to outside expectations, don't limit yourself, don't waste energy by soaking in misery and self-pity. Walk your unique path with your head raised and your eyes flashing with the essence of your immortal soul. Be kind to yourself, as well as to others. Be free.

Wisdom Concerning Dreams    (view on a separate page)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)

Late at night, when you close your eyes and close out the mortal realm from your perception, you fall within yourself and go places where your greatest fears and desires are manifest. Not necessarily all that you see are projections of your mind. Sometimes beyond Mr. Sandman's portal we find blueprints to the real-time events which do become reality in the perceptivity of each of us.

There is a place, in between dreamland and this land where we often begin to fall, and keep falling. This has been recent discussion among a few in #RealmScape, the StarChat channel for Project X and its side affiliates. Some people refer to this event as a "falling dream", where as others consider it a simple scenario that occurs between the two locations, almost as a means to approach REM sleep.

There is actual myth attached to this falling event. Some say that if you are in this situation and you hit bottom that you will die soon. However, there are many who go through falling events on a regular basis who, in fact, never hit bottom.

Granted, most articles probably provide you with a problem and solution or question and answer format. Unfortunately, I have only questions, but no answers to any of these. If anyone does, and would like to add to it, feel free to email Aldarow or myself. Also, you're welcomed to visit my Dreams Forum, Astral Interface, at

Fate-Changing Ritual    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: anonymous / author unknown    (all articles by this author)

{translated by Aldarow, source - "Encyclopedia of Magick and Sorcery", compiled by N. V. Belov, Minsk, 2000}

[Note from Aldarow: usually - well, actually, never - I don't publish spells and magickal rituals, since I, myself, am not that experienced in this wide area, while those who are, have not contributed too many related articles. The following ritual, however, caught my attention, since it reminded me so much of a spiritual, life-improving exercise. The following ritual also includes the Pentagram Ritual, which purpose is to cleanse of unwanted physical and non-physical distractions and influences; the Pentagram Ritual can be found anywhere on the Web, if you are interested.

The article I'm copying the Ritual is dealing with divination. Let's assume that the destiny you see for yourself does not fit your hopes and plans. Here is what you can do to correct it.]

"Perform the Pentagram Ritual. Take a few deep breaths, relax, close your eyes. Breathe slowly. Mediate on the results of your divination. Thank Fate, God, for the chance to change your destiny. Then think, what qualities of yours can bring you to the negative outcomes you've foreseen. If it's a personal drama, then, perhaps, it is because of a lack of attention to the person close to you. If it's financial problems, then, perhaps, they are a result of lack of organization, planning, lack of time to control the situation, excessive trust or suspiciousness.

Make a magickal map of your energy. Draw on a page of paper actions or people that take your time and power. Think, what part of your energy is spent on each item. On another paper, draw a map of energetic balance - how much energy is spent on one's self, on work and other people, on rest. On a third page, how much energy is invested into continuation of affairs of the past and correcting of old mistakes, how much is spent for sustaining your present, how much is for securing your future. Now think, are you pleased with such state of things, and if not, what can be changed. Take a red pencil and draw new magickal squares that reflect your fate they way you wish it to be.

Pick a quiet spot, preferably at the nature, but it also can be a close space. Burn your old magickal maps. Breathe deeply, and, while looking at the fire, pronounce the magickal phrase: "May the fire renew my fate. May the earth conceal my old fate and help me to live according to my new one."

Now you must change your destiny. Decorate your altar and prepare new magickal maps. Perform the Pentagram Ritual. Close your eyes. Take a few breaths. Turn to the results of your divination and your magickal maps. Thank Fate, God, for having the abilities you possess. Ask for patience in acceptance of your destiny. Wish goodness to all the living. Imagine a flow of bright light, descending on you and gradually filling your body, emotions, feelings. Find inside yourself those positive qualities that can help in changing your maps, your destiny. Try to determine in which parts of your body 'there are' those qualities. Fill them with the pure, divine energy of the light. Don't rush, try to recall as many positive qualities as possible. Take the maps and direct the energy of the light through them. Ask for permission to fill the maps of your fate with pure energy, so that the light will give you more wisdom, patience, inner calm. Try to imagine, in details, the way your life will be, according to the new maps. Imagine at least one detailed episode. Tell yourself, "I take a firm decision to change my fate. May the old offenses be cleared by the energy of the fire. Nothing will deter me from my new way." Direct the energy toward the fulfilling of this event. In conclusion, perform the Pentagram Ritual.

Now you must carry out the same thing you've imagined during the ritual. Try to maintain as much similar details as possible: dress the same way you've imagined during the ritual, etc. Don't forget to remind yourself the magickal phrase: "May the old offenses be cleared by the energy of the fire. Nothing will deter me from my new way." By this, you will direct the flow of your destiny into a new channel - a new karmic branch will be somewhere between the old one and the ideal one. Everything depends on the force of the old Karma and the energy, time and determination you've invested into changing it."

[Good luck :) ]

Getting Younger    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

May 18, 2001

Can you imagine that???

Yes... CAN you? Because if you CAN imagine that, then you are equip with the main tool that you need to reverse the effects of the commonly held (learned) illusions responsible for the non-process we know as "aging".
I would like to share some random thoughts from various sources on the subject, and then share with you the most basic exercise in the age- reversal (youthing) process.
The idea of "youthing" may sound like a joke at first. But its reverse - entropic deterioration - is a real tragedy !

First of all, I would like for you to give consideration to a few premises regarding the true nature of ourselves and our greater reality.

1. The passing of time is not responsible for the physiological break-down of the human body. The physical deterioration in the anti-process we know as "aging" is actually the result of ENTROPY - The tendency of the atomic and cellular structures of matter to weaken and to eventually dis-bond with each other due to the lack of sustained nurturing and reinforcement.

2. The human healing process is the natural and effortless restabilization of the body's most balanced state. This would also include counter acting the effects of entropy.

3. The human body is the perfect reflection of the mind, emotions, soul, and Spirit. Our bodies reflect our every thought, mental image, and self-concept. In order to change the body, we must first change our thoughts, images, and self concepts.

4. The approximately 50 trillion body cells that make up our physical structure are alive, conscious, and perfectly responsive to the individual's will, thoughts, and emotions.

5. All Time and Space are One. We exist now as much at any point in the Past / Future as we do in the conceived "here and now". We exist fully in "The Eternal NOW".

6. The act of experiencing a "memory" is not the retrieval of an engrafted image within the brain. We experience a memory by actually connecting with our consciousness at the moment of that experience. To experience a memory is to literally travel back in time TO that moment.

7. By merging more fully with our subconscious mind in the experience of memory, we can transmute energies and vibrational patterns into our bodies from any point in the past. In other words, we can transfuse the necessary energies across space / time to re-form those energy patterns within the cellular physiology of the body to restore the structures of our younger selves.
Instead of "aging" we can YOUTH.


As simply as possible:

The Cosmic Life Force (known as Prana) is the force that binds the atomic structures of the human body cells within themselves and to each other.
Prana is generated at the base of the spine, in what we call the "tail bone". The "blood red" Pranic life force rises from the base of the spine to coil its way to the top of the head. It flows upward and outward through the spot we know as the "Third Eye" between the eyebrows, and also through the "Crown Chakra" at the top of the forehead and at the crown of the head.
When the red pranic force is allowed to flow most fully, it permeates the central nervous system and flows into each and every body cell. The body cells respond to the signals given to them through the mental imagery of the individual and perfectly reproduce themselves in reflection of that image.
When we hold the mental image of ourselves as we wish to be (from a younger time in our lives  the cells reproduce themselves to re-create that physical form.
All we need do to cause the body cells to rejuvenate our bodies back to a more youthful state is to regularly - and with calm assurance - :


The rest is automatic. Besides, it's not like you have to create anything new. In the Eternal Now, you're already there!


1. Relax and release as much tension and discomfort as possible.

2. Make yourself as comfortable as you can without falling asleep.

3. Chose a target memory from a moment in your life that held the patterns of health and youthfulness that you wish to maintain throughout all of your life.

4. If possible, have music softly playing in the background that you enjoyed from the day you have chosen. Then allow (don't try to force) yourself to re-experience all of the sensations of that moment. Visualize it, feel it, hear it, touch it, absorb it.

5. Allow these truths:

"All time and space are here and now."

"I am again as I am in this time-travel experience. I see it, I feel it, I allow it, I live it.

"More and more my body is reflecting the experience of this moment. I am grateful."

Of course, there are also factors of diet, attitude, life-style habits, etc..
But you now have the most basic tool to restore your youthfulness and energy.

Relax and enjoy.

Happy Youthing!

Spooky Experience    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Tween    (all articles by this author)

I'll have to set the stage for this one. Keep in mind that none of the experiences I relate are dreams. When I first started meditation I saw a sight that was confusing and disturbing and I could not understand it in the least and I asked that I not see visions. Also, I believed this would be helpful in going straight for the "truth" rather than being distracted by the side affects, if you will. This is not the first "spooky" episode but the one I want to relate now.
My bedroom was set in a way that allowed me to view the entrance door and the three sliding door closet straight ahead of me. The walls were black the two window curtains on the road side had liners that blocked all light coming into the room. My quiet sleeping cave. :) When reading I used a lamp just over my head. One night I switched off the lamp ready to drift into peaceful dreams. As I snuggled into my pillow I heard a metal clinking sound. I tried but could not identify it. On the other end of the house my nephew and his wife were probably doing something I could not imagine. Wide awake now and knowing I would not sleep until I checked it out, I threw the cover back and turned toward the door to get out of bed. I froze. In the doorway as if back lit stood a man. I watched as he moved in front of the closet doors and vanished. I thought due to the lack of light there. This did not present as something paranormal. I was terrified. Then I calmed myself by saying this was something my nephew and his wife had cooked up and I would surprise him instead. Without taking my eyes from the spot the apparition had last appeared to be, I turned on the reading lamp over my head.
Nothing there, of course. I lay there figuring on this strange thing. Okay, somehow he had slipped into the closet, right? One of the doors was open about 6 inches. Should I call out for "the man of the house" to come armed? I picked up the phone on the nightstand and called my boyfriend, asked him to call back and I would let it ring long enough for my nephew to pick up on the other end of the house. He told him to go to my room.
They both came to see what was up. I asked if they were doing something to make a metal clinking sound. No, they were almost asleep, but the wife had heard the sound also. She said she had thought it was the dog's tag bumping against something as he scratched. They were standing in the middle of the room as I related what had happened. When they automatically turned to the closet she tried to speak but choked up in panic. As she finally got it out pointing to the dog strangely still asleep beside my bed and the collar with the tag hanging on the chair which was up against the closet door. This was enough for the resident redneck to slip to his room and get his gun. No nonsense for him. We checked the closet. No room for another pair of shoes, much less a 6'3" man. He wasn't there. We watched the street traffic go by and verified that it could not light up the doorway as I had seen it. We talked ourselves into a really scary state.
The room I was now occupying since they had married was the same room noises had been heard in from the beginning. Every previous investigation showed nothing out of place no matter how loud and long the noises went on. I was using the room for storage most of the time and it sounded as if someone was scrounging around and slamming boxes up against walls or slamming doors, whatever. Real sounds, nothing eerie. At least 6 people were witness to these sounds and subsequent investigations that showed nothing was or had been in the room. When I moved my bed into the room the sounds had stopped in there but an outside door would slam loudly even when locked. We all slept in the same bed that night. By morning this experience was no more strange than the unexplained noises. They wanted me to move out of the room and I refused.
About a week later, I woke without knowing by what. The room was pitch black as I liked it. I felt, not saw, a presence beside the bed. In my mind I said, "Go away. You are frightening me. I never want to see you or hear you or feel you again." I had to believe this would work for I had no answers for what was happening and could not live with this entity. To this day, I still do not believe in ghosts. I never heard from him again and still have no explanation for his presence in that house.

Working In the Subtle Realm Of Thought    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Asoka Selvarajah    (all articles by this author)

The spiritual realm is the world of Causes. The manifest material world, that is so familiar to us through our senses, is the world of Effects. Thought always precedes manifestation in the material world. All that is manifest in the material world, whether in nature or man-made, was first a thought; a grand design.

So, when the Higher Self overshadows your conscious mind, you become a master of manifesting because you work on the fluid spiritual level where creation first takes place. So, to truly take control of your life, you must learn to manifest the effects you seek in the material world by first becoming a master of your mind; one who is skilled in the spiritual realm of Causes.

Why do goal-setting and visualization work so well in helping you manifest what you really want? It is simply because they work at the level from which the entire universe manifests. By functioning at the level of Cause, they influence and control the basic substance and mechanism by which things eventually manifest in the everyday world.

Although this may seem like a profound concept, it is actually not a difficult one and is actually relatively commonplace. After all, everything in human society works in a similar fashion. Where do skyscrapers come from? They do not simply grow out of the ground! They are meticulously planned first in the mind of the chief architect. He draws upon years of his own experience, decades of experience by his forerunners, and crystallizes his vision through the use of accurate drawings.

In fact, all works of Art, all technological inventions, and even a child's sandcastle are all constructed through creating first in the world of Causes or Ideas, and then manifesting in the world of Effects.

Of course, these examples are analogies to help you realize that the realm in which all manifested reality is first created is actually non-material in nature. In truth, manifestation does not necessarily require paid labor, bulldozers and huge financing, as in the case of the skyscraper. It can happen directly. Once the Mind and Spirit are in perfect harmony, i.e. the Higher Self is in its rightful relationships with the rest of your psyche, then this is exactly what happens.

The esoteric tradition teaches that before the Creation described in the Book of Genesis ever took place, God created the whole universe, down to the last detail, in his mind first! It was all planned down to the very last details and only then was it brought into being in the "real" world.

Whether you choose to take this literally or as a parable on the principle of manifestation, the idea is very clear. In order to manifest anything in the world around you, it is essential that you hold it clearly and completely in your mind first. Once you can do this, and truly will it with emotion and drive, it must happen.

A modern day example, and exact comparison with the creation story in fact, is Nicola Tesla; the genius who brought us alternating electrical current, upon which our entire modern civilization is based. Tesla designed an entire electric motor, down to the last details, and then set it running for several months IN HIS MIND. He observed it and made appropriate corrections. Only when he was completely content with it did he actually build it in the physical world. It worked flawlessly the very first time!

Thought is everything and the power of the coherent mind that is fully under control and knows exactly what it wants is unstoppable. That is why the ancient scriptures tell us to be shepherds of our thoughts. In the ancient parables, what are sheep? Ask yourself, what do sheep do? They run all over the place if left to their own devices. They have no overall group coordination. However, a good shepherd can cause them to move as one coherent unit.

The sheep are our thoughts. You are the shepherd and your job is to bring your thoughts, will and desires under conscious control. Whilst it is no easy task, this is the first step on the road to true spiritual mastery. It is only achieved to perfection when the Higher Self is in its proper relationship to the rest of your being.

Once this is achieved, you can readily produce powerful effects through working directly in the world of Causes. This is the principle by which magic and miracles are done. This is how you manifest the chance meetings and "lucky" breaks you need to get where you really want to be. It is how millionaires became rich and how spiritual seekers gain Enlightenment; by having a clear unshakeable vision of what they want and holding it firmly and coherently in mind each day until it manifests, as it inevitably must.

So how do you go about doing this? The following steps are the way to begin the process:

(1) Gain a true perspective on Creation. Work actively to undermine the materialistic erroneous assumptions you have come to firmly believe. Read and ponder works that describe the spiritual realm, and teach you to manifest what you want.

(2) Learn to meditate. The clearest way to take control of your thoughts is first to observe them and see them for what they are.

(3) Keep active guard at the door of your mind. Be careful what you let in. Do you really need that rather violent home video rental? Question the sort of TV you watch.

(4) Actively seek to reduce and ultimately eliminate negative and unresourceful thinking in your life. Seek out and study the means to do this. Put them to work.

(5) Most important of all, develop a clear vision for what you want to manifest. Most people have no idea. See it, taste it, touch it and smell it in your imagination. Get excited about it. Expect it with all your being and you must eventually attain it. It is the infallible law of creation.

Copyright 2001. Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.
Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is an active writer/researcher on personal development and esoteric spirituality. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and find joy in their true soul's purpose.

Subscribe to his FREE ezine, Aspire To Wisdom, and receive his brand new E-Book "Inner Light Outer Wealth" for FREE at:
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RealmScape Poetry Corner    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)

As you may know by now, our new channel is #RealmScape on the StarChat server. We don't do regular poetry readings in there, but it would be nice.  Its understood that we all write poetry, and I am proposing that we post more poems in this newsletter.  I suppose I shall start.  :)

Hearing, Not Listening

How now, that fatal afterglow
whose shimmer fades with the fall of certainty.
Noble grace in fear of camaraderie lost
fearful of what it doesn't understand; fearful of itself
Shining beacon
O solemn sanctuary
and in whatever the noble grace dost believe
Believe hope lies over the Moors
It's where we stand, awaiting your decision.
I can not scream at you,
because I have truly lost my voice.
As long as you realize what is to be reaped
from the struggle taken upon these pillars
Then I shall see you, next fight.

Lady Tia

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