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Fate-Changing Ritual

Author: anonymous / author unknown    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 14, 2001

{translated by Aldarow, source - "Encyclopedia of Magick and Sorcery", compiled by N. V. Belov, Minsk, 2000}

[Note from Aldarow: usually - well, actually, never - I don't publish spells and magickal rituals, since I, myself, am not that experienced in this wide area, while those who are, have not contributed too many related articles. The following ritual, however, caught my attention, since it reminded me so much of a spiritual, life-improving exercise. The following ritual also includes the Pentagram Ritual, which purpose is to cleanse of unwanted physical and non-physical distractions and influences; the Pentagram Ritual can be found anywhere on the Web, if you are interested.

The article I'm copying the Ritual is dealing with divination. Let's assume that the destiny you see for yourself does not fit your hopes and plans. Here is what you can do to correct it.]

"Perform the Pentagram Ritual. Take a few deep breaths, relax, close your eyes. Breathe slowly. Mediate on the results of your divination. Thank Fate, God, for the chance to change your destiny. Then think, what qualities of yours can bring you to the negative outcomes you've foreseen. If it's a personal drama, then, perhaps, it is because of a lack of attention to the person close to you. If it's financial problems, then, perhaps, they are a result of lack of organization, planning, lack of time to control the situation, excessive trust or suspiciousness.

Make a magickal map of your energy. Draw on a page of paper actions or people that take your time and power. Think, what part of your energy is spent on each item. On another paper, draw a map of energetic balance - how much energy is spent on one's self, on work and other people, on rest. On a third page, how much energy is invested into continuation of affairs of the past and correcting of old mistakes, how much is spent for sustaining your present, how much is for securing your future. Now think, are you pleased with such state of things, and if not, what can be changed. Take a red pencil and draw new magickal squares that reflect your fate they way you wish it to be.

Pick a quiet spot, preferably at the nature, but it also can be a close space. Burn your old magickal maps. Breathe deeply, and, while looking at the fire, pronounce the magickal phrase: "May the fire renew my fate. May the earth conceal my old fate and help me to live according to my new one."

Now you must change your destiny. Decorate your altar and prepare new magickal maps. Perform the Pentagram Ritual. Close your eyes. Take a few breaths. Turn to the results of your divination and your magickal maps. Thank Fate, God, for having the abilities you possess. Ask for patience in acceptance of your destiny. Wish goodness to all the living. Imagine a flow of bright light, descending on you and gradually filling your body, emotions, feelings. Find inside yourself those positive qualities that can help in changing your maps, your destiny. Try to determine in which parts of your body 'there are' those qualities. Fill them with the pure, divine energy of the light. Don't rush, try to recall as many positive qualities as possible. Take the maps and direct the energy of the light through them. Ask for permission to fill the maps of your fate with pure energy, so that the light will give you more wisdom, patience, inner calm. Try to imagine, in details, the way your life will be, according to the new maps. Imagine at least one detailed episode. Tell yourself, "I take a firm decision to change my fate. May the old offenses be cleared by the energy of the fire. Nothing will deter me from my new way." Direct the energy toward the fulfilling of this event. In conclusion, perform the Pentagram Ritual.

Now you must carry out the same thing you've imagined during the ritual. Try to maintain as much similar details as possible: dress the same way you've imagined during the ritual, etc. Don't forget to remind yourself the magickal phrase: "May the old offenses be cleared by the energy of the fire. Nothing will deter me from my new way." By this, you will direct the flow of your destiny into a new channel - a new karmic branch will be somewhere between the old one and the ideal one. Everything depends on the force of the old Karma and the energy, time and determination you've invested into changing it."

[Good luck :) ]

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #59

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