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Wisdom Concerning Dreams

Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 14, 2001

Late at night, when you close your eyes and close out the mortal realm from your perception, you fall within yourself and go places where your greatest fears and desires are manifest. Not necessarily all that you see are projections of your mind. Sometimes beyond Mr. Sandman's portal we find blueprints to the real-time events which do become reality in the perceptivity of each of us.

There is a place, in between dreamland and this land where we often begin to fall, and keep falling. This has been recent discussion among a few in #RealmScape, the StarChat channel for Project X and its side affiliates. Some people refer to this event as a "falling dream", where as others consider it a simple scenario that occurs between the two locations, almost as a means to approach REM sleep.

There is actual myth attached to this falling event. Some say that if you are in this situation and you hit bottom that you will die soon. However, there are many who go through falling events on a regular basis who, in fact, never hit bottom.

Granted, most articles probably provide you with a problem and solution or question and answer format. Unfortunately, I have only questions, but no answers to any of these. If anyone does, and would like to add to it, feel free to email Aldarow or myself. Also, you're welcomed to visit my Dreams Forum, Astral Interface, at

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #59

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