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Getting Younger

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 14, 2001

May 18, 2001

Can you imagine that???

Yes... CAN you? Because if you CAN imagine that, then you are equip with the main tool that you need to reverse the effects of the commonly held (learned) illusions responsible for the non-process we know as "aging".

I would like to share some random thoughts from various sources on the subject, and then share with you the most basic exercise in the age- reversal (youthing) process.

The idea of "youthing" may sound like a joke at first. But its reverse - entropic deterioration - is a real tragedy !

First of all, I would like for you to give consideration to a few premises regarding the true nature of ourselves and our greater reality.

1. The passing of time is not responsible for the physiological break-down of the human body. The physical deterioration in the anti-process we know as "aging" is actually the result of ENTROPY - The tendency of the atomic and cellular structures of matter to weaken and to eventually dis-bond with each other due to the lack of sustained nurturing and reinforcement.

2. The human healing process is the natural and effortless restabilization of the body's most balanced state. This would also include counter acting the effects of entropy.

3. The human body is the perfect reflection of the mind, emotions, soul, and Spirit. Our bodies reflect our every thought, mental image, and self-concept. In order to change the body, we must first change our thoughts, images, and self concepts.

4. The approximately 50 trillion body cells that make up our physical structure are alive, conscious, and perfectly responsive to the individual's will, thoughts, and emotions.

5. All Time and Space are One. We exist now as much at any point in the Past / Future as we do in the conceived "here and now". We exist fully in "The Eternal NOW".

6. The act of experiencing a "memory" is not the retrieval of an engrafted image within the brain. We experience a memory by actually connecting with our consciousness at the moment of that experience. To experience a memory is to literally travel back in time TO that moment.

7. By merging more fully with our subconscious mind in the experience of memory, we can transmute energies and vibrational patterns into our bodies from any point in the past. In other words, we can transfuse the necessary energies across space / time to re-form those energy patterns within the cellular physiology of the body to restore the structures of our younger selves.

Instead of "aging" we can YOUTH.


As simply as possible:

The Cosmic Life Force (known as Prana) is the force that binds the atomic structures of the human body cells within themselves and to each other.

Prana is generated at the base of the spine, in what we call the "tail bone". The "blood red" Pranic life force rises from the base of the spine to coil its way to the top of the head. It flows upward and outward through the spot we know as the "Third Eye" between the eyebrows, and also through the "Crown Chakra" at the top of the forehead and at the crown of the head.

When the red pranic force is allowed to flow most fully, it permeates the central nervous system and flows into each and every body cell. The body cells respond to the signals given to them through the mental imagery of the individual and perfectly reproduce themselves in reflection of that image.

When we hold the mental image of ourselves as we wish to be (from a younger time in our livesĀ  the cells reproduce themselves to re-create that physical form.

All we need do to cause the body cells to rejuvenate our bodies back to a more youthful state is to regularly - and with calm assurance - :






The rest is automatic. Besides, it's not like you have to create anything new. In the Eternal Now, you're already there!


1. Relax and release as much tension and discomfort as possible.

2. Make yourself as comfortable as you can without falling asleep.

3. Chose a target memory from a moment in your life that held the patterns of health and youthfulness that you wish to maintain throughout all of your life.

4. If possible, have music softly playing in the background that you enjoyed from the day you have chosen. Then allow (don't try to force) yourself to re-experience all of the sensations of that moment. Visualize it, feel it, hear it, touch it, absorb it.

5. Allow these truths:

"All time and space are here and now."

"I am again as I am in this time-travel experience. I see it, I feel it, I allow it, I live it.

"More and more my body is reflecting the experience of this moment. I am grateful."

Of course, there are also factors of diet, attitude, life-style habits, etc..

But you now have the most basic tool to restore your youthfulness and energy.

Relax and enjoy.

Happy Youthing!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #59

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