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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #5

January 5, 1999

1. Opening words - Alexander Aldarow
2. Responses to the fourth edition: Yuri, Tiamat, Elijah - Today's Mail
3. Aldarow's dreams: December 22, 25, 1998 - Alexander Aldarow
4. Dream of Rami A.Q. - Rami A.Q.
5. News in the world of supernatural - Alexander Aldarow
6. Quote of the day
7. Newsletter distribution / Project Y updates - Alexander Aldarow

Opening words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

It seems that last time the fate was against us. It took me a week of failed attempts to send the 4th issue, and I'm not sure whether over a hundred and fifty of SpiritWeb members received it, since I'm also among them, and I didn't get the newsletter redistributed back to my arms. It seems as if hostile forces wished to cover some of the last messages. It all remains to be seen and proven, of course.
On much brighter tone, the 1999 is here! Project X wishes to our friends and readers an extraordinary New Year; we are on the brink of the next millennium, and the air is thick with expectations, hope and changes. The New Year opens with an establishment of our second site (the Second Coming!), made especially for You -- more on that to follow.
The openings became more frequent these days. 'Opening' is a term I've adopted just recently; it refers to those special dates when "door of dimensions opens", and we get a chance to glance to whatever awaits for us in the nearest future. Nothing is predestined, though, and the future is shapeshifting according to our present action and decision. Those among us, who are especially sensitive to the shifts, experience detailed and meaningful dreams, visions, or simply absorb it from the atmosphere. There were openings on December the 7th, the impact of which according to Tiamat we will sense in another twenty or so years; an astrological opening on December the 12th; on December the 22th -- see below; there might have been one even on December the 28th. This information couldn't have been obtained without the help of our spiritual colleagues -- we salute you again.
A mistake was made in the previous posting:
Ancient Teachings of the Masters ( is maintained by Ron Kurz. Nevertheless, we thank Nancy for providing the URL. Her home page is A material Nancy is soon to provide will  for sure leave you gasping.

Responses to the fourth edition: Yuri, Tiamat, Elijah    (view on a separate page)
Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)

We present to you messages of our most active cybermembers, Yuri and Tiamat.

From Yuri:
On the night of December 7th (before and after) I remember that I had strange dreams, in one of them I dreamt that I was having a OBE, in my agenda the first 'what to do' is to go to Mars (visit Cydonia), I was on my way to mars, but I got distracted by satellites, and then spaceships that
looked like "The Enterprise"... (I don't remember very well).
I dreamt that a Libyan terrorist group exploded a nuclear bomb at Israel...
Maybe it was just a dream, and I was influenced by that prophecies text you gave me...
Have you noticed any change in your energy field few days ago?

Editorial response: Yuri is referring to December the 22th opening.

From Tiamat:
First of all let me begin by re-iterating how much I loved the 4th newsletter of Project X. [snipped] Alex, your news reminded me of things strange and to be wary of...that either have happened or is about to.
[snipped, a reference to December the 28th] It was a three part reading, as I always do, of my Tarot (a past, present, future) indicated the past held luxury, rather the beginning of decay; the present indicated war, or the card nobody enjoys -- the tower -- hence destruction of the universe; the future, sorrow, womb of chaos leading to children of the chaos resulting as monstrosities (that could be, if genetic engineering is furthered, and I know it will be, the product of a supposed "perfected race" = not by color, but by humanity as a whole).
[snipped, personal readings]
The second important divination was focused on the question of "What of the coming darkness?"
The past represented gain (bringing back the balance of force in fulfillment); the present represented Ace of Swords (magical manifestation of wisdom to the mind), which could represent every single chosen one, we know who we are; and the future represented Ace of Wands (primordial energy of divine manifestation in matter), perhaps someone can help with
understanding that aspect.
Last night, I had gone out to a holiday party, not completely in the spirit to do so, and the strangest thing I had seen with my very eyes.  The was that of a snowy sky...without the snow.  That sky, which should have been black as night, as the night it was, the sky was pinkish...and purplish...and even dark purple. Although others claimed it was a mere cold front, with low lying overcast coverage, it was more than that.  On the way home that night, a great fog had rolled into certain areas.
Travel through such areas had sent a fear within me, reminding me of many things:
* the vision of the darkness across the open field
* watching the live coverage of the bombings in Baghdad
* something else, which I cannot explain... I don't know what it is, but it reminds me of one of my childhood dreams, walking within darkness (a recurring theme of my dreams ever since I was 10 years old).
Alex, Rinor, others...see what you make of this if you would be so kind.
 Sincerely, Tiamat.       Be well, all of you.

Editorial response: Here is a Tarot reading me (Aldarow), Rinor and Rami A.Q. did in the last hour of 1998 [Israeli time]. The question was: "What will become of Project X in 1999?", and here is our interpretation of the Golden Dawn spread we got: although the sacrifice of time and efforts {The Hanged Man} in behalf of our on-line activity will bring happiness {9 of Cups}, we mustn't be complacent and light-hearted, since the Sorrow {again!} rules the 1999, it is beyond our influence, and the Devil is at hand. Be careful!
The following is not a direct response to the last issue, but I just wanted everybody to be reminded what the Bible says. We thank Elijah for his words of wisdom:

This is the (dawn) " to come to a realization" of THE NEW millennium age. After the time of much troubles, the kingdom of heaven shall be established upon the earth. In THAT age sickness, disease, and yes even death will be NO MORE. More over, man's aggressive nature will cease to be. The love of God will be the dominant nature of ALL. And man will live in peace, "of mind" for a thousand years...
Rev. 22:14 -- "blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the TREE of LIFE, and may enter in through the gates into the city."
I AM NOT religious, NOT AT ALL, but like you I know there MUST be one common VOICE through which ALL will know THE TRUTH... The ELECT they shall know the truth and THE TRUTH will make them FREE. THAT IS THE MESSAGE...

Aldarow's dreams: December 22, 25, 1998    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

1) December the 22th:
It is a part of secret intelligence mission, I receive a brown envelope with documents, and later me and my group penetrate into another city/another world. It is mostly a city of monks; we wander there and finally come to its central square, where a round fountain/pond is. I declare that it is the SPRING OF YOUTH, I wash my face with its water, and a drop gets into my left eye. Immediately after that I look into a mirror only to watch with fright that my face is changing, shifting, becoming younger, puberty spots are reappearing; at some point my face is a face of girl -- I don't actually see it, it merely occurs to me as a thought, therefore I have to make up for the others, that I underwent a sex-changing surgery in the childhood. But more important than that are my eyes -- something appears in them next to the pupil, then my eyes become fiercely green. The final terror comes when I discover a third eye on my now deformed scalp, between the hairs. I touch it and feel a sticky surface. I do not have a vision with the new eye, but I see with my inner vision that it is sending its root, its nerve to connect with the brain. Horrified, I will the third eye to vanish, as it isn't uncommon is dream scenarios.
Note: some details could have come from the daylight life, for example, monks got to my dream from 'Cybermonk', someone I've met on the web. The mundane yellow-brownish envelopes are widely used in the military bases, and I am well familiar with them (nevertheless, see the additional dream). However, I ask myself, what if my fear has driven away my spiritual development -- the third eye?

2) December the 25th:
Something that once again has to do with secret service/conspiracy, an artillery gun is standing on the playground, a former Russian immense weapon, nowadays turned to children games' installation [like the swing or the sliding hill]. We search the gun, its cockpit, and finally I discover there an envelope with two-three printed pages -- less than I expected. On those pages Mason/New World Order/whoever describe the signs, the omens that will appear, mainly according to the Revelations book, when the Last Day will strike -- and they will be the ones to bring it. The mentioned numbers 6 is a mockery to the usual biblical 7, and 5 is a further mocking of 6. I only read two already fulfilled prophecies, although the first one was to take place at the beginning of the 21th century: "The 6th coming of Israel", which meant the establishment of the State of Israel [already happened in reality, fifty years ago]. The other one was "The establishment of Los-Angeles, the 6th city in the world named by the lost babes", 'babes' in archaic language means 'babies', as if Los-Angeles actually means 'lost angels/babies', and by that it joins the other 5 cities with the similar name.
The gun actually exists in reality, in our town, on a playground I've visited several years ago. I remember it when I slip into the next part of the dream. Now, the gun is placed exactly where it is supposed to be in reality, and I go visit it. I found there the same envelope, but its contents turn out to be irrelevant and not belonging to me, as the dream took more mundane detour.
Nevertheless, I continued the dream in the next day's reality, as I actually went there. I told myself that I'll probably find no messages for me there, since my dreams so rarely collaborate with the waking state. On the other hand, in the dream above I heard a song playing, Cher's recent hit -- "BELIEVE", and I tried to.
The gun was gone. Only a sand where, to my best memory, it stood. The other play installations were apparently renewed. I sat there on a bench and enjoyed few moments of tranquility. Something good came from this experience after all.

Dream of Rami A.Q.    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Rami A.Q.    (all articles by this author)

Escape and Return
On the night between the 25th-26th of December, a member of the Project X group, named Rami, had a symbolic dream, a dream which represents the Changes around us all the time, even now, as you read this.
He and his mother were standing on a rock for a while, a rock that was in a river, and there was no way out of there, there were gates all around them, and they were trapped as if inside a cage. Suddenly, three men appeared, each holding three different objects, each object opens a gate. The men departed, but left the objects they brought; Rami and his mother didn't know what to do, didn't know how to operate the objects and open the gates. A moment later an Indian showed up from a secret path, behind that path was another rock, a bigger one, and he told Rami it was a trap. The river started to dry down and Rami went to the gates and tried to climb on it, tried to get out of the rock to a safe ground, but he couldn't.
Suddenly he realized his Mother was standing on a different rock, far from him, on the other side of the river, he climbed again and got to the other side of the "cage", but then he noticed a snake, from there the dream became a bit lucid, as Rami thought to himself: "Maybe if I think positive thoughts, the snake will disappear."
The snake disappeared, but now Rami was standing on a ground, not a rock and no river nearby, he was on a safe ground, a sand, a desert. A moment later blackness stroke him and he saw nothing, when he did, he was on the other side of the desert, and when he wanted to get back to the river, the rock, he couldn't.
Notice the repeating biblical scenarios in our dreams. Three men bringing three objects resemble the three Magi bringing gifts to the Child (Rami's additional nickname), and this fact is empowered, since the dream took place on a night after Christmas. However, Rami says that he was completely unaware of the Bethlehem story.

News in the world of supernatural    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Again, excerpts from CAUS updates:
"CAUS now shares with you a special report from Kent Steadman tracing the progression of a mysterious signal detected on December 22nd and the discovery of an anomalous object on December 28th...both near the moon:

1. 12/22-23/1998 04:00 UTC to 16:00 UTC: Food for thought. The signal is centered around .9 hz The wavelength at that frequency is 206,946 miles. If a moving body in free space possesses a magnetic field would it generate a frequency that was in proportion to the distance from the moving body to earth? DATA AT:
2. 25 December 1998 00:01 UTC to 12:00 UTC : A very large magnetic shift was just returning to normal early Christmas morning which is indicated on the above graph with the out of range reading at 01:03 when the Cosmos gave us another surprise. Another  large fluctuation  was detected by the Ace spacecraft which was of unknown origin. This was recorded  beginning at
05:35 UTC time. DATA AT:
3.  98-12-26 17:05:18 EST: Is anybody out there?  Kent, after analysis of the time period of the unknown signal detected early Christmas morning, we discovered a very interesting implication.  There were two signals embedded in the frequency spectrum during this event. Phi (1.618) and PI (3.14159).  It is our opinion that it would be highly unlikely for this to occur naturally.  I guess the question is, from where and from whom?  Charlie Plyler, ELFRAD DATA AT:
4. 98-12-28 14:20:37 EST: We just sent out an alert to the Elfrad Group members concerning am detected unknown at 18:13 UTC, 12/28/98. This was a very strong burst of signal, which was centered at 2 hz. Any other info about this anomaly is invited. Charlie Plyler, ELFRAD DATA AT:
3. Date: 98-12-30 16:19:03 EST: The ULF signals monitored by the Elfrad Group during the past 24 hours continue to show an unusual anomaly. Starting on December 30 at 00:01 UTC there were 14 bursts of a signal whose frequency is very close to 1.618. These periods of transmission had an average duration of 14 minutes. As of this time the source is not known. Charlie Plyler ELFRAD DATA AT:
Sound of ongoing signal:
LUNAR IMAGE AT: Pic at:; email:
Looks like Scandinavia.
KENT STEADMAN Enhancement at:
Kent's interpretation.  On  12/22-23 Elfrad discovered a signal with a wavelength indicating possible source origin at 206,946 miles. On the 25th the signal intensified and was corroborated by the ACE spacecraft (unknown origin reported by solar observers). On the 28th-30th upon further monitoring of ongoing signal,  filters were applied by ELFRAD to determine relationships of both PI and PHI (golden ratio) in the warp and woof of signal. On the 30th a lunar image was discovered on the Internet by Steadman, depicting the moon with a nearby anomaly.

CAUS thanks Kent Steadman for his excellent report."

Quote of the day    (view on a separate page)

"May you be in Heaven half an hour before the Devil knows you're dead."
   Stephen King, "Needful Things" {presented by Rinor Zidran}

"Around them, the library was filled with lives that had been lived, with hopes that had been realized, with ambitions that had been achieved, with dreams for the taking."
   Dean Koontz, "Strange Highways" {presented by Alexander V. Aldarow}

Newsletter distribution / Project Y updates    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

I feel as if I'm running behind a schedule, since there were some problems with the server where I wished to establish "Project Y: the library for YOUR experiences". But do not worry, it will be on this month, and we encourage all off you, readers, to send us your stories or articles in order to have your own Section operative as soon as possible.
In addition, it seems that the SpiritWeb subscribers didn't receive the 4th addition after all. I sincerely hope that this problem will be overcome.
What I did achieve was opening a mailing list for "Project X newsletter" on eGroups, an easier way to maintain subscription. If you received an e-mail from eGroups asking your authorization, please reply affirmatively. DO NOT e-mail to, since your message will be lost. Notify me if anybody somehow managed to spam your mailboxes by using our mailing list, or if there were another problems with the mailing list, the eGroups or SpiritWeb.
A lot of work left to do, including starting a Webring of Project X. Therefore, I ask our dearest readers for help: I need someone to design for us a new Project Y banner, preferably animated (see the example of Project X banner on our website, at the bottom of each major page), that should read: "Project Y[frame 1] the library[frame 2] for YOUR experiences[frame 3]", or animated otherwise, but with the same slogan. We thank you all in advance, and will appreciate any form of of support from you.

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