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Aldarow's dreams: December 22, 25, 1998

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 5, 1999

1) December the 22th:

It is a part of secret intelligence mission, I receive a brown envelope with documents, and later me and my group penetrate into another city/another world. It is mostly a city of monks; we wander there and finally come to its central square, where a round fountain/pond is. I declare that it is the SPRING OF YOUTH, I wash my face with its water, and a drop gets into my left eye. Immediately after that I look into a mirror only to watch with fright that my face is changing, shifting, becoming younger, puberty spots are reappearing; at some point my face is a face of girl -- I don't actually see it, it merely occurs to me as a thought, therefore I have to make up for the others, that I underwent a sex-changing surgery in the childhood. But more important than that are my eyes -- something appears in them next to the pupil, then my eyes become fiercely green. The final terror comes when I discover a third eye on my now deformed scalp, between the hairs. I touch it and feel a sticky surface. I do not have a vision with the new eye, but I see with my inner vision that it is sending its root, its nerve to connect with the brain. Horrified, I will the third eye to vanish, as it isn't uncommon is dream scenarios.

Note: some details could have come from the daylight life, for example, monks got to my dream from 'Cybermonk', someone I've met on the web. The mundane yellow-brownish envelopes are widely used in the military bases, and I am well familiar with them (nevertheless, see the additional dream). However, I ask myself, what if my fear has driven away my spiritual development -- the third eye?

2) December the 25th:

Something that once again has to do with secret service/conspiracy, an artillery gun is standing on the playground, a former Russian immense weapon, nowadays turned to children games' installation [like the swing or the sliding hill]. We search the gun, its cockpit, and finally I discover there an envelope with two-three printed pages -- less than I expected. On those pages Mason/New World Order/whoever describe the signs, the omens that will appear, mainly according to the Revelations book, when the Last Day will strike -- and they will be the ones to bring it. The mentioned numbers 6 is a mockery to the usual biblical 7, and 5 is a further mocking of 6. I only read two already fulfilled prophecies, although the first one was to take place at the beginning of the 21th century: "The 6th coming of Israel", which meant the establishment of the State of Israel [already happened in reality, fifty years ago]. The other one was "The establishment of Los-Angeles, the 6th city in the world named by the lost babes", 'babes' in archaic language means 'babies', as if Los-Angeles actually means 'lost angels/babies', and by that it joins the other 5 cities with the similar name.

The gun actually exists in reality, in our town, on a playground I've visited several years ago. I remember it when I slip into the next part of the dream. Now, the gun is placed exactly where it is supposed to be in reality, and I go visit it. I found there the same envelope, but its contents turn out to be irrelevant and not belonging to me, as the dream took more mundane detour.


Nevertheless, I continued the dream in the next day's reality, as I actually went there. I told myself that I'll probably find no messages for me there, since my dreams so rarely collaborate with the waking state. On the other hand, in the dream above I heard a song playing, Cher's recent hit -- "BELIEVE", and I tried to.

The gun was gone. Only a sand where, to my best memory, it stood. The other play installations were apparently renewed. I sat there on a bench and enjoyed few moments of tranquility. Something good came from this experience after all.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #5

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