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Dream of Rami A.Q.

Author: Rami A.Q.    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 5, 1999

Escape and Return

On the night between the 25th-26th of December, a member of the Project X group, named Rami, had a symbolic dream, a dream which represents the Changes around us all the time, even now, as you read this.

He and his mother were standing on a rock for a while, a rock that was in a river, and there was no way out of there, there were gates all around them, and they were trapped as if inside a cage. Suddenly, three men appeared, each holding three different objects, each object opens a gate. The men departed, but left the objects they brought; Rami and his mother didn't know what to do, didn't know how to operate the objects and open the gates. A moment later an Indian showed up from a secret path, behind that path was another rock, a bigger one, and he told Rami it was a trap. The river started to dry down and Rami went to the gates and tried to climb on it, tried to get out of the rock to a safe ground, but he couldn't.

Suddenly he realized his Mother was standing on a different rock, far from him, on the other side of the river, he climbed again and got to the other side of the "cage", but then he noticed a snake, from there the dream became a bit lucid, as Rami thought to himself: "Maybe if I think positive thoughts, the snake will disappear."

The snake disappeared, but now Rami was standing on a ground, not a rock and no river nearby, he was on a safe ground, a sand, a desert. A moment later blackness stroke him and he saw nothing, when he did, he was on the other side of the desert, and when he wanted to get back to the river, the rock, he couldn't.


Notice the repeating biblical scenarios in our dreams. Three men bringing three objects resemble the three Magi bringing gifts to the Child (Rami's additional nickname), and this fact is empowered, since the dream took place on a night after Christmas. However, Rami says that he was completely unaware of the Bethlehem story.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #5

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