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Responses to the fourth edition: Yuri, Tiamat, Elijah

Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 5, 1999

We present to you messages of our most active cybermembers, Yuri and Tiamat.

From Yuri:


On the night of December 7th (before and after) I remember that I had strange dreams, in one of them I dreamt that I was having a OBE, in my agenda the first 'what to do' is to go to Mars (visit Cydonia), I was on my way to mars, but I got distracted by satellites, and then spaceships that

looked like "The Enterprise"... (I don't remember very well).

I dreamt that a Libyan terrorist group exploded a nuclear bomb at Israel...

Maybe it was just a dream, and I was influenced by that prophecies text you gave me...

Have you noticed any change in your energy field few days ago?

Editorial response: Yuri is referring to December the 22th opening.


From Tiamat:

First of all let me begin by re-iterating how much I loved the 4th newsletter of Project X. [snipped] Alex, your news reminded me of things strange and to be wary of...that either have happened or is about to.

[snipped, a reference to December the 28th] It was a three part reading, as I always do, of my Tarot (a past, present, future) indicated the past held luxury, rather the beginning of decay; the present indicated war, or the card nobody enjoys -- the tower -- hence destruction of the universe; the future, sorrow, womb of chaos leading to children of the chaos resulting as monstrosities (that could be, if genetic engineering is furthered, and I know it will be, the product of a supposed "perfected race" = not by color, but by humanity as a whole).

[snipped, personal readings]

The second important divination was focused on the question of "What of the coming darkness?"

The past represented gain (bringing back the balance of force in fulfillment); the present represented Ace of Swords (magical manifestation of wisdom to the mind), which could represent every single chosen one, we know who we are; and the future represented Ace of Wands (primordial energy of divine manifestation in matter), perhaps someone can help with

understanding that aspect.


Last night, I had gone out to a holiday party, not completely in the spirit to do so, and the strangest thing I had seen with my very eyes.  The was that of a snowy sky...without the snow.  That sky, which should have been black as night, as the night it was, the sky was pinkish...and purplish...and even dark purple. Although others claimed it was a mere cold front, with low lying overcast coverage, it was more than that.  On the way home that night, a great fog had rolled into certain areas.

Travel through such areas had sent a fear within me, reminding me of many things:

* the vision of the darkness across the open field

* watching the live coverage of the bombings in Baghdad

* something else, which I cannot explain... I don't know what it is, but it reminds me of one of my childhood dreams, walking within darkness (a recurring theme of my dreams ever since I was 10 years old).

Alex, Rinor, others...see what you make of this if you would be so kind.

 Sincerely, Tiamat.       Be well, all of you.

Editorial response: Here is a Tarot reading me (Aldarow), Rinor and Rami A.Q. did in the last hour of 1998 [Israeli time]. The question was: "What will become of Project X in 1999?", and here is our interpretation of the Golden Dawn spread we got: although the sacrifice of time and efforts {The Hanged Man} in behalf of our on-line activity will bring happiness {9 of Cups}, we mustn't be complacent and light-hearted, since the Sorrow {again!} rules the 1999, it is beyond our influence, and the Devil is at hand. Be careful!


The following is not a direct response to the last issue, but I just wanted everybody to be reminded what the Bible says. We thank Elijah for his words of wisdom:

This is the (dawn) " to come to a realization" of THE NEW millennium age. After the time of much troubles, the kingdom of heaven shall be established upon the earth. In THAT age sickness, disease, and yes even death will be NO MORE. More over, man's aggressive nature will cease to be. The love of God will be the dominant nature of ALL. And man will live in peace, "of mind" for a thousand years...

Rev. 22:14 -- "blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the TREE of LIFE, and may enter in through the gates into the city."

I AM NOT religious, NOT AT ALL, but like you I know there MUST be one common VOICE through which ALL will know THE TRUTH... The ELECT they shall know the truth and THE TRUTH will make them FREE. THAT IS THE MESSAGE...

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #5

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