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Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 5, 1999

Again, excerpts from CAUS updates:

"CAUS now shares with you a special report from Kent Steadman tracing the progression of a mysterious signal detected on December 22nd and the discovery of an anomalous object on December 28th...both near the moon:

1. 12/22-23/1998 04:00 UTC to 16:00 UTC: Food for thought. The signal is centered around .9 hz The wavelength at that frequency is 206,946 miles. If a moving body in free space possesses a magnetic field would it generate a frequency that was in proportion to the distance from the moving body to earth? DATA AT:

2. 25 December 1998 00:01 UTC to 12:00 UTC : A very large magnetic shift was just returning to normal early Christmas morning which is indicated on the above graph with the out of range reading at 01:03 when the Cosmos gave us another surprise. Another  large fluctuation  was detected by the Ace spacecraft which was of unknown origin. This was recorded  beginning at

05:35 UTC time. DATA AT:

3.  98-12-26 17:05:18 EST: Is anybody out there?  Kent, after analysis of the time period of the unknown signal detected early Christmas morning, we discovered a very interesting implication.  There were two signals embedded in the frequency spectrum during this event. Phi (1.618) and PI (3.14159).  It is our opinion that it would be highly unlikely for this to occur naturally.  I guess the question is, from where and from whom?  Charlie Plyler, ELFRAD DATA AT:

4. 98-12-28 14:20:37 EST: We just sent out an alert to the Elfrad Group members concerning am detected unknown at 18:13 UTC, 12/28/98. This was a very strong burst of signal, which was centered at 2 hz. Any other info about this anomaly is invited. Charlie Plyler, ELFRAD DATA AT:

3. Date: 98-12-30 16:19:03 EST: The ULF signals monitored by the Elfrad Group during the past 24 hours continue to show an unusual anomaly. Starting on December 30 at 00:01 UTC there were 14 bursts of a signal whose frequency is very close to 1.618. These periods of transmission had an average duration of 14 minutes. As of this time the source is not known. Charlie Plyler ELFRAD DATA AT:

Sound of ongoing signal:

LUNAR IMAGE AT: Pic at:; email:

Looks like Scandinavia.

KENT STEADMAN Enhancement at:

Kent's interpretation.  On  12/22-23 Elfrad discovered a signal with a wavelength indicating possible source origin at 206,946 miles. On the 25th the signal intensified and was corroborated by the ACE spacecraft (unknown origin reported by solar observers). On the 28th-30th upon further monitoring of ongoing signal,  filters were applied by ELFRAD to determine relationships of both PI and PHI (golden ratio) in the warp and woof of signal. On the 30th a lunar image was discovered on the Internet by Steadman, depicting the moon with a nearby anomaly.

CAUS thanks Kent Steadman for his excellent report."

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #5

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