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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #36

May 6, 2000

1. Opening Words: The Day after May 5, 2000 - Alexander Aldarow
2. Ascension... Another Point Of View - Lady Isis
3. No end in sight - Doug Lewis
4. Prophetic Dreams - Maya251002
5. Today's Mail: Darwin at Project X? - Bob Pingleton
6. Dreamland - Lady Isis
7. The Last War: Chapter Twelve - Failure - Night
8. Closing Words

Opening Words: The Day after May 5, 2000    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Along the week preceding May 5, 2000 I maintained what I called a "low profile". I haven't answered most of the e-mails, tried not to waste energy on side issues, and was mentally preparing for the ultimate battle on the upcoming Friday. I had dreams, long dreams, interesting ones, yet hardly related to the date of 5.5.2000. And the messages I have received, both by phone and the Internet, were alerting. It appeared that there was a vast number of groups all over the world, including the holy land of Israel (especially Israel) that intended opening as many gateways as possible, assisting the Old Ones to break free from their timeless prison, because those promised them power and such (corny, isn't it?) I contradicted it with the knowledge that there will be a global meditation and prayer, with a billion people taking part in it. I truly expected the old-fashion good vs evil pay-per-view match. And many of the Chosen Ones felt attacked and weak at those days. I, however, felt somewhat detached from a direct involvement. I tried, of course, to tell all my Chosen friends to meet me at the battlefield, I called them to arms. I wanted a fight, didn't wish to stay away or unaware of what is taking place. I imagined me and others in our spiritual forms rushing toward a hellish-looking rupture in the sky, slaying Cthulhu and his minions, fulfilling the destiny we have chosen for ourselves.
On Thursday, May the 4th, I parted my friends in the University, half-jokingly saying "Happy end of the world." But as I left, a horror gripped me - what if tomorrow IS the end of the world? How to react? How the humankind supposed to behave?
Today I can proclaim: I am happy that I was wrong.
No significant dreams came in the night between May 4 and May 5. I dreamt of talking vultures and penguins. And as the day itself passed uneventful, pretty much like the week prior to it, I went to Rinor's house where I sat in the Wiccan circle he created. He was managing the ritual, calling four corners, the four elements, igniting the candles for the Lord and the Lady, bringing their Union to our circle. We sat in the lotus positions, on opposite sides of our improvised altar. I closed my eyes.
At first I notice that I was trembling, a bit vibrating, if you will. My body was slightly paralyzed, and the mind was shifting (?). Thoughts and realizations came to me. I opened my eyes and there was the natural yet brighter light in the room, and I saw Rinor sitting there in the perfect and serene position, and I understood everything. People told me that, but I choose to ignore. Yet I knew it, but now I was certain. The word came to me, as I saw the light that filled the room, and Rinor sitting amidst it: continuation. I closed my eyes again, the concentration I reached was, for me, divine, the head was clear. After Rinor said his part, I waited for a few moments, and then spoke. My words were both prayer and message from above. I called the God, the Universe, the Cosmos, All in One, and One in All. I asked for this day not to prove to be a disastrous one for the humanity, but a turning point for a better future. I asked to show the people that there is always hope, that our existence is not pointless. I delivered the message of enlightenment. I prayed for people to reach the same realization I did. That we are free spiritual beings, sparks of the infinite light, and the entire Universe is our home. Blessed Be.
That ritual was really something me and Rinor needed. It empowered us. And I felt - not just balanced, but - COMPLETE, homogeneous even. I ended the state I was in with the thought running in my head: "This is mine to hold."
It was a lesson for me. For those who follow my newsletters for some time, you might say that I change opinions too often. I'm not, I am simply constantly developing, despite the delay and confusion I caused to myself last week. And although I have seen myself reaching the final station of my journey, I am going back now to pick some things I skipped, maybe developing a psychic ability or two. I realized something that I told myself before, but now I sensed the truth of it. If we concentrate on our struggle with evil, thinking all the time how we will confront all the ugly and seemingly strong demons that are supposed to invade us, then we become stained with that evil, and it begins to exist for us. So I say, let all the necromancers and satanists deal with it, the evil exists for them, it is their choice. It is not ours to hold, though. We are not here to fight all the time. We are of Light. People told me, when I asked them to join my troops at the astral battlefield, I ignored then, but I understand now. Love is all we need.
I am here not to be the Warrior, but to bring the message of hope and enlightenment. This is also yours to hold. This is our main course. The ritual was performed on the most perfect day of the new year, the day of Planetary Enlightenment, when the stars were right... but the stars were right for us, not them. They do not exist and do not belong to the world we create. Starting from this day I am no longer concerned with the Elder Gods. The Universe is filled with beauty.
The day of 5.5.2000 did end in a confrontation I had in my sleep. I dreamt of playing Pokemon cards with some kid (?!). I won, but gave him my and his cards back.
On with the spiritual newsletter.
{Oh, I forgot, there is a correction on "A Day with Darwin" from the last newsletter: the URL for Airport Inn's website is actually My apologies.}

Ascension... Another Point Of View    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)

First let me say, I do not ask you to believe this, just "think" about it. Let your inner self be your guide.
We know from all we have read, and heard that the SOURCE, the ONE CREATOR/GOD/GODDESS, or whatever name you want to use, is ALL THERE IS. We are ALL ONE... meaning everything, the Earth, the planets, the stars, the Universe, each and every life form on and within this planet, each and every Being on and within this planet. WE ARE ALL ONE! Right? Being separate from God/the SOURCE of ALL is an illusion.
Let us take explain just what the SOURCE/GOD/GODDESS/CREATOR is, it is a Matrix of Consciousness within EVERYTHING which manifests ITSELF.
We are fragments of this Matrix of consciousness, sent forth with free-will to experience the holographic illusion - meaning this third-dimensional material place in which we now reside, in order for the ONE to experience ITSELF. Now, with the free-will given to humanity mass consciousness has created this illusion. For all you Star Trek fans out there, think of it as one huge "holodeck" with adjoining holodecks where each creates their own "reality" or illusion to experience.
Today people are seeing that which looked solid a few seconds ago, like the walls, windows or sky, begin to take on a wavy look as if it is changing. They are feeling someone next to them that they can't see. They are feeling someone touch them, that isn't there. Out of their peripheral vision they may see something move. So my viewpoint on the 'ascension' is this, what is happening is the collapsing of the third-dimensional illusion as mass-consciousness awakens. So we are not going 'up' but going "within." Back to being conscious of the ONENESS with the SOURCE. No longer in the dream but fully awake!
So in actuality the 'ascension' is but the returning "home" - leaving the holodeck.

As I said in the beginning... Food for thought!
Visit my web sites at:
The Circle Of Light

No end in sight    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

..."Don't read the ending, it will ruin the entire story." So I was often told as a youngster.
Invariably I jumped with guilt as yet again I was caught leafing through the last few pages of any book I ever picked up. To this very day I am inclined to read newspapers and magazines from the back to the front. Conversely, I hardly ever stay to watch the ending of movies or episodes of sit-coms and other serialized entertainment.
Why? I was never sure, but I do know these quirks of self, drive others crazy.
From my viewpoint, I have never sacrificed any enjoyment due to these confessed quirky habits. In fact, I would be uncomfortable changing any of them. As to reasons for them, I expect a psychoanalyst would have a field day with them and me.
Birth, life, death. A beginning, a story and an end - right?
Not so fast.
If I were not human I would likely not know or comprehend this logical sequence of events. As any other form of life on this planet I would just know and comprehend "now". No notion of my birth, a hazy notion of my life to date and no concept whatsoever of my eventual death. No historical reference for before I existed, no hopes or fears for tomorrow and no possible inkling of what comes after my physical existence.
An animal's reality, literally comprised of the here and now. I know I have presumed non-human life is as I have described, but I think it is a fairly safe bet to be like that.
As a non-human entity I would have instinct and keenly developed senses. I would have reactive or passive means of survival and a keen sense for feeding hunger. More than these, I would have a deep determination to procreate - no justification needed. In short, life for the sake of life, existence just because. No ending asked for, none required.
Over time I have drawn a conclusion about endings, there is no "real" ending to anything.
The book stops because the author chose to. The article ends because the reporter stops reporting. The play ends because the playwright decided to conclude the work and so on and so forth. Endings as we know and think of them are purely discretional. Endings are put upon us for the sake of closure, a condition of convenience gauged to satisfy our tolerance for attention span and to bring us to an expected punch line.
This of course brings me to beginnings. Just as endings are arbitrary so then are beginnings. Take your life for instance, if I ask when did it begin you most probably will recite your birth date.
Not so fast.
How many countless individuals, couples, generations, events, decisions and circumstances led to that magic moment of YOUR conception? Where indeed did your existence begin? I suggest it was at the moment of genesis. Genesis began the process of YOU becoming.
If you did not feel particularly special until this moment I would understand. Now you have pondered the enormity of your making I hope and pray the realization of your absolute stature in the universe gives to you a proper sense of who and what you are.
Feel special, very, very special.
As with discretional endings, the author selected a point for beginning the work, the director decided a starting point for the movie the reporter selected an entry point into the article. Without authors, playwrights, movie directors, storytellers and reporters there would be no beginnings or endings - only continuations.
During the night I stepped on my cat on the staircase. I know the cat thinks I did this intentionally. After all, she could see me well enough and has no concept that my night vision is any different that hers. The eye of the beholder is often blinkered to accept their restricted reality. Heaven I understand is attainment of the highest level of enlightenment, perhaps one need not pass on to enter...
Have you ever read something before without a beginning or ending?
Yes, it is simple like all truths are.
Love Light and Laughter for your journey.

Respectfully submitted by Doug Lewis (a.k.a. WaveWarrior)
A World the way a World should be.

Prophetic Dreams    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Maya251002    (all articles by this author)

Hello, from the age of thirteen I have prophetic dreams that come true. I first dreamt the space shuttle Challenger blowing up. My last dream I dreamt? - I was in an airplane hanger in Botswana, Africa. I knew I was there, because there was going to be an airline disaster. On AOL news a month later for Botswana region they reported a pilot had taken a craft and was planning suicide. He originally was going to crash into the airport, but when he found it was full of people, he changed his mind and crashed into three other planes instead. In the dream I was with others I remarked to them I can't believe this is my first visit to Africa and all I get to see is the inside of the airport.
The person next to me said, "What about that 747 Boeing?"
The one next to him, "Ya, and there is fighting in India." In that order it was the Botswana disaster, then Egypt Air 767 Boeing, and then the hostage situation on the Pakistani flight.
Now tonight I have had another dream that resonated with the same clarity and truth as those did, it is as follows:
I dreamt I was in the ocean, I was right next to these three humpbacked whales, they were huge. Then several submarines arose from the water around the whales, they were opposing and hostile, the submarines, I got the feeling also they were experimenting with the whales. I looked to the shore and saw an elephant. I knew I was off the African coastline. I cannot make full sense of this dream until it occurs and unfolds. I am here to say I know that something will occur involving submarines off the African coast. My dreams happen about a month prior to the incident. My dreams are always slightly off, like in the Botswana dream I heard 747 Boeing and it was 767. But they are never wrong by much. In my space shuttle dream the Challenger lost ignition and fell from the sky and then blew up on the ground. All my dreams that come true have extreme vivid and lucid quality. Thank you for your forum. Whether you publish this or not is of no consequence to me. I just have the need to voice the dream, before it happens, to as many as I can. My belief is I am made aware of these occurrences prior to their happening so I can pray for the lives that will be lost, or the situation that arises. I do pray that we do not have an international crisis involving submarines, and no lives are lost.

Today's Mail: Darwin at Project X?    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Bob Pingleton    (all articles by this author)

1. From Project X's guestbook:
Darwin, E-Mail me if you have the time. Have thought about all our Eck travels and adventures many times and have been hoping that all is well with you and yours. I am all over the country doing video work and TV shows so have not had much time to try to reach you before. Ping...
Bob Pingleton

2. My reply by e-mail:
Dear Bob!
Interesting coincidence. I'm not, unfortunately, Darwin, not even an active member in Eck/ATOM, but one of my most overwhelming experiences involved Darwin. I have published material on Darwin and his struggle and perceptions. Please, tell me who have pointed you toward our site to find Darwin here :)
Darwin's official website, by the way, is

Dear Alexander:
It really is an interesting coincidence that we meet this way. Many years ago, in the early sixties, I was sitting in a crowd to hear Paul Twitchill give a talk to seekers. After Paul finished speaking and started down the isle with Darwin behind him, he reached the row that I was sitting in, STOPPED, backed up, looked at me for about 30 seconds to a minute while the whole room just waited to see what Paul was doing, then got this huge smile on his face and reached across and grabbed my hand.
Everyone got to whispering, "Who is that?" and even my wife spoke to me and said that I really did not know what had just happened to me. Well, to make a story short... I and my wife became to know Darwin and Paul very well. After Paul translated, my wife died a year later in December... and Paul walked into the Hospital room. I watched as Paul took her out of the body and they both walked back past me as she chatted to Paul; and then waved good-bye to me.
People thought I was crazy when I mentioned this, but I KNEW exactly where Paul took her. Over the next year or so, I would walk into a restaurant, gas station, or stop to look over the Ocean, and someone would walk up to me and ask if I was Bob Pingleton. When I said yes, they would tell me that they had something to tell me from my wife, and after I asked them how they knew that I would be some place at a certain time in my life (even I would not know that I was going to stop at this place for gas, etc...) I would let them give the message that had been passed on to them from THEIR guide. This same thing happened five times, and mostly when I was with companions.
Anyway, later on Darwin asked me to come to Las Vegas and be the General Manager at the ECK Office. I accepted and became the 4th GM. Later on I was appointed to be the one and only Exec. Dir. that Eckankar ever had.
As you have written about Darwin's hard times and struggles, then you must also know that there was a tremendous amount of behind the scenes back stabbing and jockeying for better positions with Darwin. As I could not go any higher, I was just happy to help Darwin in any way that I could... and a lot of this was to keep peace among the Higher Initiates. I always consulted with Darwin and never tried to overstep any of my authority, etc.
I also never hesitated to say my feelings to Darwin on anything that He asked me about and we got along better than anyone, because he always knew that I was honest with him and Gail... and ECK. I also did not always agree with some of the things that were being done in the field and did not hesitate to point these out if they were hurting people or Eckankar. Finally put a couple of these in writing (will never do that again) and was asked to resign.
This I did on the spot. I shook Darwin's hand, gave Gail a big hug and a kiss, turned to the lawyer that Darwin brought with him (a high Initiate that came up way too fast without the background training), told him more or less to kiss my behind, because he did not really understand what he had set in motion. From that day on to when Darwin turned the Rod over to Harold (who was hired while I was the GM) I watched the power struggles begin and all the confusion that resulted because almost none of it was controlled. I still hope that I had nothing to do with any of that stuff, even though I saw it coming and warned Darwin on my last day at the Office.
This is a long story and I did not mean to get into it. It is always easy for people to look back at something that has happened and say that they knew it would happen... but I did warn them at the time - before it began. I am also the one that hired Harold's Present Wife and introduced (?) her to her first husband at the office when I did not wish to get involved.
Enough. Your web site was passed on to me from a guy that I have not seen for years.
I own a Video Production Company that does TV shows (hunting/fishing), safety tapes and industrial tapes along with TV commercials, and just about anything that goes on video tape. He just happen to be going by and spotted the name and came in to see if it really was me. He mentioned, and gave me your web site, and thought it was Darwin. He knew that I was still interested in Darwin and that I always wished him well in his life. I knew Darwin WHEN he was just a working man... and probably would help him now with videos if he wished. I do not want to get involved with Darwin or any one else but would help them if I could. After I reached the 5th Initiate level, I pretty well just stopped all association with groups and do my own thing as I go about my daily work with people and the video work. I would like to correspond with Darwin once in a while and will try to reach him.
I thank you for returning my inquiry and am sure that you had no idea that you would end up reading all this garbage. Good luck to you and your group in the future, and I will try to learn more about it. Thanks also for Darwin's Website. I will check it out.
Love in light and sound...

Bob Pingleton...

Dreamland    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)

I would like to say, since I am new to these on-line lists and no one is familiar with me... always remember and this goes for anything that I submit - I ask not that you believe the messages sent forth, only that you read them with an open mind. I wish to also remind you that channeled messages received from ANYONE can become distorted as they pass through the various dimensions to be received by the receiver. ALWAYS go within for clarification. You and you alone are your best teacher and you need no other; follow your own inner guidance. All answers lie within yourself.
If something you read here, or on my web sites, does not ring true to you then by all means disregard it and go on to what does. What is given today can very well change tomorrow - in fact in the next instant - as ALL THINGS are in constant change. Every four-quadrillionth of a second the entire universe appears and disappears - changing.


The action of dreaming is a form of astral travel in the realm of consciousness. There are many who travel together in these dreams; whereby they commute from place to place with one another. Dreamland is not confined to a small place within the dreamers head, it moves outward from the body into the dark side of the universe, to that which is called the inner plane.
There is within each entity a black hole, it is through this black hole each entity's identification passes into the world of sleep. And when entering into the inner planes - that of the astral or that of the mental, or that of the spiritual levels, one passes through this hole within the consciousness.
There are many sub-planes and many different divisions of each of these planes, and within these are many rooms or areas. As it has been said; "In my Father's house are many mansions." The Father's house is the human body, and through that doorway known as the eye, waits many mansions.

The Last War: Chapter Twelve - Failure    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Night    (all articles by this author)

Chapter 12 - Failure

I pulled into the town that was on the small piece of paper I kept in my pocket almost constantly. I feared if I removed it I would lose the feeling of hope I just discovered. So it stayed near me at all times. I was in Tucson, Arizona. Looking for the uncle I hadn't seen or heard from in eight years. Eight long years. I had changed so much, but of course he would have to. That thought made me feel a little bit better.
I was driving around looking for the street. I had been doing this for hours now. The thought of pulling over and asking someone had occurred o me, but I was to excited. I could not stop now. I was so close. So I drove on. After three hours of searching I had found it. the small green sign had said Lone drive. That has always struck me as ironic that he lived on a street that described the way I had felt for most of my life. Lone. I turned down the street and began looking for the house. Four small numbers was all that was left to find. Four little numbers. I found them. It was halfway down the street on the left. I pulled up and climbed out of my car.
I began that long walk up to the front door. What would he think of me? What if he didn't approve of me? All these thoughts ran through my mind. At last I reached the front door and rang the bell. I stood there and waited. Then the door finally began to open. Now the one thought that didn't cross my mind had come true. It wasn't him. It was an elderly woman. She had light grey hair, and just stood there looking at me. After a long moment of silence she asked me, "May I help you?".
"Does Michael Foster live here?", I asked. Now my new worst fear was confirmed. He did not live there anymore. The kind lady said he had moved out four years earlier and left no address.
I walked back to my car with my head held low. The search had turned up nothing. I had no clue where to turn now. I sat on the curb just thinking. What do i do now? How will I find him now? Then it struck me. The Internet. I could use a computer at a local library and try to find him.
I spent the next hour looking for the local library. I walked in and asked where I could find a computer to get online with. She pointed to a small terminal in the corner of the room. I walked over. It was turned on and waiting for me. The screen that was loaded was a search engine. In one of the list it said people find. So I hit it and entered all the information I could supply. After a few minutes of waiting a list of names appeared before me. All were named Michael Foster. Well it was a start. I had a little time left before the library closed so I decided to play a little. I went back to the search engine and entered two words. Chosen, Paranormal. One entry came up. I clicked it and the next two words I saw were. Project X...

(Next time William discovers more of Project X and continues the search for his uncle.)

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

In the Light of the Night, I walk my Path -
Away from Everyone...

In the Dark of the Day, I've Found My Way -
And I'm not the Only One...

- Madrina Daeth

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