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The Last War: Chapter Twelve - Failure

Author: Night    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 6, 2000

Chapter 12 - Failure

I pulled into the town that was on the small piece of paper I kept in my pocket almost constantly. I feared if I removed it I would lose the feeling of hope I just discovered. So it stayed near me at all times. I was in Tucson, Arizona. Looking for the uncle I hadn't seen or heard from in eight years. Eight long years. I had changed so much, but of course he would have to. That thought made me feel a little bit better.

I was driving around looking for the street. I had been doing this for hours now. The thought of pulling over and asking someone had occurred o me, but I was to excited. I could not stop now. I was so close. So I drove on. After three hours of searching I had found it. the small green sign had said Lone drive. That has always struck me as ironic that he lived on a street that described the way I had felt for most of my life. Lone. I turned down the street and began looking for the house. Four small numbers was all that was left to find. Four little numbers. I found them. It was halfway down the street on the left. I pulled up and climbed out of my car.

I began that long walk up to the front door. What would he think of me? What if he didn't approve of me? All these thoughts ran through my mind. At last I reached the front door and rang the bell. I stood there and waited. Then the door finally began to open. Now the one thought that didn't cross my mind had come true. It wasn't him. It was an elderly woman. She had light grey hair, and just stood there looking at me. After a long moment of silence she asked me, "May I help you?".

"Does Michael Foster live here?", I asked. Now my new worst fear was confirmed. He did not live there anymore. The kind lady said he had moved out four years earlier and left no address.

I walked back to my car with my head held low. The search had turned up nothing. I had no clue where to turn now. I sat on the curb just thinking. What do i do now? How will I find him now? Then it struck me. The Internet. I could use a computer at a local library and try to find him.

I spent the next hour looking for the local library. I walked in and asked where I could find a computer to get online with. She pointed to a small terminal in the corner of the room. I walked over. It was turned on and waiting for me. The screen that was loaded was a search engine. In one of the list it said people find. So I hit it and entered all the information I could supply. After a few minutes of waiting a list of names appeared before me. All were named Michael Foster. Well it was a start. I had a little time left before the library closed so I decided to play a little. I went back to the search engine and entered two words. Chosen, Paranormal. One entry came up. I clicked it and the next two words I saw were. Project X...

(Next time William discovers more of Project X and continues the search for his uncle.)

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #36

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