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The Experience

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 25, 1999

On January the 17th, 1999, I received an envelope from Nancy (see her comments below) with material on ATOMs and hostile takeover of the ECKANKAR movement. The full coverage on that you can read in Nancy's section on Project Y. However, to briefly understand what took place, bear in mind that DARWIN is the spiritual master, who was thrown from the movement, but survived the attacks nevertheless, while HAROLD KLEMP is the negative one, driven by the evil forces, who misled, twisted and exploited the basic ideas of Ancient Teachings of the Masters (ATOM). Also, remember this: I, personally, until that unforgettable night, had no personal relation to the takeover conspiracy, and by no means felt connected with persons directly involved in it. Until that night...

What happened later, when I went to bed, cannot be classified as a dream. It was something enormously long, something that took several days in THAT reality, and hours in this one, therefore, when I'll say 'night', 'day', 'dream', be aware that I am referring to something INSIDE The Experience, e.g., 'dream' = 'dream inside The Dream, The Experience'. And just to give you first impression of its impact: when I returned, woke up, if you will, overwhelmed, heart pounding, mouth dry, I then turned on the light, it was 2:30 AM, took my dreams journal, and, at the middle of the night, during almost two hours, I wrote down what I've seen and lived through. Here is the description, as shortened as possible.


Night #1 (night 1 in the Experience, not in our every day's reality): I am thrown out of my bed to the ceiling, I feel its surface and touch the nearby lamp, I'm totally scared, then I fall back; later I notice, that though I was supposedly thrown up, then back, my blanket wasn't messed up, I couldn't go through it, therefore -- I was taken out from my body.

Night #2 and #3: I dream that I am in a cinema theater, on the immense screen -- something about the X-files, I recognize it as a dream , so the dream becomes LUCID and I walk forward, to the screen, where I see a road, it has some connection with me, I let this overwhelming picture to embrace, to completely cover my vision's field. The same, although lesser, returns at night #3.

Daytime: I'm in my room, when my mother declare that... Nancy (!!!) came to visit. She enters my room, I somehow manage to speak with her in English, I try to tell her how I 'fell on the ceiling', when... there is a noise from my PC speakers. I disconnect them, cable by cable, and finally I disconnect the power supply cable, but the noise continues, and changes. At first, we hear something like an argument/an interview between Darwin and Harold (!!!!), something as if documented, but it turn to be a mockery by Satan/Devil/Kempo or Kenda (this name is derived from Klemp, although in the Experience I thought of him as Kemp). I think to myself, "This is the first real supernatural experience", but the evil voice continues. There is a reference to my OBE -- the evil forces give me a strong paranormal experience (as happened before in reality), only to scare me away from further development of it, and I must agree -- my fears blocked me from further exploration. There is more said by the evil one, references to other things, to something previous, but I am not quite able to put them into words. Something unusual, supernatural takes place, evil ones' involvement. My attention shifts back to Nancy, she's brought me a gift, and I felt embarrassed, since I haven't bought her anything, so I suggest her to pick a painting of nature from those hanging on my wall (not in reality). Also I give her many little coins, that are no longer in use, so that she can add them to her coins, to balance the evil presence among them.

What happens next is more like a movie, in which I change the roles of the viewer/the participant, the movie later becomes something like kids' adventure book. On the streets of a small town next to mine... Darwin is persecuted!!! I see him being chased; there is a white van that loses parts as it speeds and collides; Darwin runs to a house to seek for a shelter, but the house owner turns Darwin to police, to the arms of law, and asks the authorities for compensation, since, according to his words, he was compelled to hide Darwin in his house for 2-8 days; the same is stated by his red-haired neighbor. I do not understand why this moment of Darwin's is supposed to be gleeful, isn't Darwin a 'good guy'? But Darwin immediately returns to the same house, he escaped from the police station, with him -- a black crow (raven), which, at the sound of ATOM music, starts dancing on the wall and become a kind of butterfly.

(The adventure book part) Me and my female partner hide in a room, I disguise as an arm-chair, when two agents of the hostile, evil organization enter the room, we jump on them, capture them, the one I catch is an old lady, I make her spread her legs, telling the agents, "Eat the floor", but I am advised (by whom? Who is the 'narrator', the guiding voice behind the screen?) that the expression is redundant.

Now both of us have a gun, I keep mine in 'unsafe' position, always tempted to fire a round; our operation is now tremendously expanded: we have many hostages, we took over a besieged building (my own take-over! But do not mistake, we are the good ones here, the rebels, taking back what is rightfully ours, against the powers surrounding the building). I see many familiar faces among the hostages, some are unhappy, one is completely drunks, many are silent, there is two dining halls connected via kitchen, and a special food, which I preserve for special guests (who?) I don't see my partner, who is in the other building's wing, the more deserted one, so I decide to take a quick dash to that side, to check on everything, without my absence to be noticed by my 'prisoners'.

And here is an ancient scenery of my dreams comes to life: there are multiple corridors, stairways, I go down to the ground floor, I decide to return by taking random stairways, but some people working there say that this entrance is now closed. I am obliged to go outside the building, where I encounter, soldiers, troopers, enemies! I flee, they are after me, and then I see Leslie Nielsen (the comic actor) in a jeep, together we escape the enemies, as we roll down the hill, the soldiers are with grenades, but I'm the one throwing a dynamite at them. Finally we somehow manage to make it back, not so far from the main entrance to the building, when suddenly the jeep again starts rolling down the hill, and I certainly don't want it, I try to stop it by the power of my will, since it is a dream, maybe this barrier will stop the vehicle, when...

It is all gone. The final scene, the final confrontation. I am sitting on a bed, while opposite to me is... the Devil, Satan, Kempo! A smirk on his face, he mocks, he's in charge (he reminds me of the being from the 5th dimension in an episode of "Louis and Clark" series, kind of preternatural wiseguy). There are references to what took place earlier, I try to reason with him, telling that I tried to combine evil and good inside me (which was true), but his answer wasn't positive to that; nevertheless, his central statement/threat is that he will destroy me now. He awaits, and I await, too, he tries to outsmart me, he says, "Now I can't destroy you", and it's 2:40 PM, then he says, "Now I can", and it's 3:04 PM, and then I understand, that this was the period of time when I stopped my thoughts, that his actions and reactions are the OUTCOME of MY thoughts and decisions, that he is, as I briefly thought before, and as the corny saying/movie title goes, "the enemy within"!!! I understand that know; I shout at him, since we are in LUCID dream, and I can project my thinking onto this reality; by my angry words and shouts I am starting to defeat him, to beat him (in his own game?), he starts to wither, to shrink, to age, I yell that I don't want to see his thinning, lessening hair, his geriatricly spotted skin, he attempts to yell something similar to me, but that had no weight now, no importance, I am finally winning, he is merely a stick of flesh now, his eyes close, open again, I tell him in Satanic novels' manner, "Good-bye, father", his eyes open again, again close, I am banishing him, I have the upper hand!

Is he completely gone?

At the morning, when I awake, there is a call from Nancy. I recall that there were a couple more phone calls from her during the entire experience. She tells me to rub the base chakra (she was told by ATOM/Darwin), since it is where he (the Devil) left me from. I see orange and yellow pieces, which imply to the chakras' colors.

The end... and the New Beginning!


I did just that, as Nancy has told me at the closing moments. As I woke up, I felt a heat somewhere near 2nd (orange) or 3rd (yellow) chakra, and I rubbed both that place and the place of the base chakra, the 1st chakra of, actually, red color.

I pray that you had the patience to read the whole event. There are many lessons for me from the Experience. I admit that initially I let the evil powers into my soul, but I stood tall during that night's long battle for my soul, my life. The mere fact that Nancy has sent me the ATOM package triggered in me this incredible, awesome, unbelievable multi-layered dream-like experience... although that was not a dream. I will do my best on banishing the remnants of that filthy 'Harold Klemp' from my soul. From now and on, I am of Light.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #7

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