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Ascension... Another Point Of View

Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 6, 2000

First let me say, I do not ask you to believe this, just "think" about it. Let your inner self be your guide.

We know from all we have read, and heard that the SOURCE, the ONE CREATOR/GOD/GODDESS, or whatever name you want to use, is ALL THERE IS. We are ALL ONE... meaning everything, the Earth, the planets, the stars, the Universe, each and every life form on and within this planet, each and every Being on and within this planet. WE ARE ALL ONE! Right? Being separate from God/the SOURCE of ALL is an illusion.

Let us take explain just what the SOURCE/GOD/GODDESS/CREATOR is, it is a Matrix of Consciousness within EVERYTHING which manifests ITSELF.

We are fragments of this Matrix of consciousness, sent forth with free-will to experience the holographic illusion - meaning this third-dimensional material place in which we now reside, in order for the ONE to experience ITSELF. Now, with the free-will given to humanity mass consciousness has created this illusion. For all you Star Trek fans out there, think of it as one huge "holodeck" with adjoining holodecks where each creates their own "reality" or illusion to experience.

Today people are seeing that which looked solid a few seconds ago, like the walls, windows or sky, begin to take on a wavy look as if it is changing. They are feeling someone next to them that they can't see. They are feeling someone touch them, that isn't there. Out of their peripheral vision they may see something move. So my viewpoint on the 'ascension' is this, what is happening is the collapsing of the third-dimensional illusion as mass-consciousness awakens. So we are not going 'up' but going "within." Back to being conscious of the ONENESS with the SOURCE. No longer in the dream but fully awake!

So in actuality the 'ascension' is but the returning "home" - leaving the holodeck.

As I said in the beginning... Food for thought!




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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #36

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