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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #29

January 14, 2000

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. Zohar: The Book of Splendor - Alexander Aldarow
3. Brain Wave Diary continues in the New Millennium! - Doug Lewis
4. Guardians Of The Temple Of The Flame - Lady Tia
5. Paranormal Experiences - Saddiq Fard
6. CenterPeace - Karyn Altman
7. The Last War: Chapter Five - De Sade - Original Six
8. Closing Words

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Hello, and welcome to the exciting future!! Well, to all the pessimistic prophets among us - "Told you so!" I guess the end of the world is postponed for a while, but we mustn't be too light-minded, for several more tests will follow for some of us. We have, perhaps, escaped the possible tragic consequences of Y2K bug, but war and diseases still gnaw the body of our race. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that we have entered the age of spiritual revolution, when, if you accept and perceive it, we are no more entirely bound to our physical frames and egos.
I am virtually sitting on the edge of my chair, burning with the desire to tell you what is happening with me right now. But before that there is something I wish to share. I met a person recently, let's call that person A. We spoke of spirituality and such, A. admitted a recent attraction to this overwhelming and all-embracing (in my opinion) subject, but what about the tools for further spiritual development, the meditation, book, and so on? Now, A. grew in the atmosphere of classic music and art, A. loves painting, teaching, understanding the human nature, and much more. So I've been thinking afterwards: while we, the ordinary citizens, victims of pop-culture, have to meditate for hours, chant, analyze our dreams, read endless essays, observe the crystals and burn the incense, just to sense a certain connection to the spiritual world, A. is already there! Raised among a beauty, untainted by modern society, A. is unknowingly on such a level, that the spiritual perception comes to A. very naturally! Makes you wonder whether we have subconsciously shaped this material world, so that it will provide the biggest obstacle toward our spiritual freedom.
One last thing before we proceed - an announcement about two new sites, that I warmly recommend to visit: a sister site to Project X, Community X (, maintained by Tiamat, and a brother site, The Chosen (, established by Night. My reviews on them, I feel, will be redundant, simply see them for yourselves (just tell the host that Aldarow sent you ;-) ).

Zohar: The Book of Splendor    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

"After hard work, you had been rewarded with a form of success.? Presently, you are bound by no physical or spiritual rules... thus a state of freedom. Soon, you will be filled with an urge to investigate magick or spiritual issues (maybe to a level you had not thought of before). A new cycle or unexplained change of direction is at hand."
This is what I named "The Tiamat prophecy", received by me on Sunday evening via e-mail, from Tiamat, after she did a spontaneous Tarot reading on me. My dearest friend did not know that the above progress has already begun...
Sunday, January 9, around 13:00. Skipping a couple of lectures (just don't tell my mom), I'm at the new central bus station of Tel-Aviv, fourth floor, the Kabbalah Centre's counter - I've mentioned it before, in the past article (25th issue). I was conversing with the bookseller, a very kind woman, about several Kabbalistic issues. Now, if you recall my American revelations from the 22nd issue, my father's brother, whom I met in New-York, told me that my original surname (Aldarow is an Internet/spiritual nickname) derives from Rashi, a well-known Judaic interpreter from the medieval Spain. I told it to the bookseller, and, with amazement on her (and my) face, she revealed to me that my uncle was wrong - by at least a thousand years further into the history! "Rashbi!" she said, the excitement is strongly noticed in her voice, while a storm of unknown emotions rose in my inner world, "And you real name isn't Alex, either!". In Hebrew culture, and especially in Kabbalah, there is a great significance for the letters, so 'b' ('beth') couldn't be simply added or omitted.
Rashbi, as I recalled, pretty much shocked, is Rabbi Shimon Bar Yokhai, the founder of Kabbalah, who, for 13 years, secluded in a cave with his son, channeled knowledge from Moses and Elijah, that served his pupils to write Zohar, The Book of Splendor, a manuscript of such cosmic power, that Necronomicon and New Testament pale next to it. All the laws of the Universe, the Light, the Creation, the Energy, are in Zohar.
Minutes earlier, when I was going through the books on the counter, the bookseller suggested me to buy one of the five sets of 24 tomes of Zohar they have, with interpretations and translation. She said that she does not propose these sets just to anybody, only... to the Chosen Ones! I raised my head, and we exchanged a brief but a meaningful glance. Now, as the realization that I am the apparent descendant of Shimon Bar Yokhai causing a turbulence in my soul (Oh, my God, oh my God, oh my God!), she said to me, "You think it is just a coincidence that you came to here? Now you have to have the book." I uttered something about having to sleep over the newly acquired knowledge, and hurried to the bus.
That night, after reading Tiamat's e-mail, I had a dream. I was in our university, and three students that I am slightly familiar with, were the Chosen Ones. It appears that as if I dreamt of them before, and I was also prophesied about an atomic bomb (that is supposed to go off / be dropped?) In the dream, I introduced myself to them as also a Chosen One, and, although one of them was suspicious of me, they confirmed about the A-bomb.
Back to the waking reality. You, reader, might wonder, "Does Aldarow suggest there is a nuclear threat in our future? That's not such a hard thing to foresee!" Wait, there is more.
Two days later, I'm back on the fourth floor of the Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station.
"What did you decide?" asked the bookseller.
"What I have decided two days ago," I replied.
We began to fill the forms of purchase. In addition to Zohar I also bought a book, that explains how to read and navigate in Zohar. Also, I was told the specific place in the book, that matches the date of my birth, where my spiritual DNA is coded. An interesting occurrence took place, while we were conversing - a guy approached the counter, dragging his small pale girlfriend, that looked as if he completely drained her of life. A dark atmosphere was surrounding his black-hair-long-coat appearance. We observed him. He checked the books for a moment, than retreated, his girl-slave still in his grasp.
"A vampire," I told the bookseller, and she agreed. "He was repelled by it."
In any case, with my order being filled, I said to the Kabbalist that I wonder what dreams will Zohar bring to me. I mentioned the long experience I had in my sleep a year ago, when I only received the book by Darwin Gross, which Nancy sent me (see and also issue # 7). What will I see when Zohar will be in my room?
"Wow," she replied, "it will be like an ATOMIC explosion."
For the second time, since she called me the Chosen One, I stopped for a second, amazed with the depth of her remark. Now do you see the connection to the message in that dream with the A-bomb? And if that is not enough, then let me tell you that the book by Sri Darwin Gross, as well as his movement, is also called ATOM (Ancient Teachings of the Masters)! All in all, it means that I am reaching toward a new level of experiences - exactly what the "Tiamat prophecy" foretold!!
Yesterday, Thursday evening, the books of Zohar were delivered to me. The night before that, however, I had my last pre-Zohar dream. I was in an open space with other people, like a field or a valley. Then, another sun began to rise, diagonally crossing the sky through the clouds, and joining our original sun to its right. That additional sun was a huge UFO, a mothership, if you will. After that, sun spots began to cover our luminary. Later, with the power of my imagination, while walking forward and crossing a line, I was transported to their ship and met the aliens, who were men and women in silver, futuristic-like clothes, introducing their names to me, but I didn't remember any. They gave me an object, a slightly strange syringe, I returned to the earthly plane, but didn't use the syringe on me yet.
As I write these lines, on Friday, Jan. 14, 16:00, some hour prior to posting the 29th edition to the Internet and to you, Zohar has occupied a whole shelf, all 24 volumes, golden letters glowing in the approaching twilight, all the cosmic wisdom just a reach away. Last night, after I unpacked it, I almost astral projected, but fell asleep as I was leaving my body. Also, all night long I dreamt of reading in Zohar.
I will keep you informed of the further discoveries, whether they came when I was turning its pages, or whether when I was dreaming afterwards.
God is with us, dear friend. Now we all know that.
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Brain Wave Diary continues in the New Millennium!    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (27-Nov-95)

?? I chipped away - and found me

I looked in the mirror -- as I always do to wash my face. On this day I became startled because I actually saw myself, I mean REALLY saw myself. Of course, I am familiar with my general physical appearance but my shock this morning was to do with focus, clarity and detail. For some reason I saw myself as though for the first time. I was shocked because I found myself wondering "Who is this person".

My self-questioning was not so much about the physical characteristics of self, but rather other aspects such as essence and soul - my metaphysical aspects. I was shocked because I have always taken whom I am for granted. Who else would know me better than me? Well, as I stared at the stranger in the reflection of the mirror the realization swept over me - I had not a clue who I was, anymore!

For years I have raced between the rails of life, inches ahead of the freight train I call destiny. Like the fox that for years kept about his familiar route, an escape path identified for every section and occasion till one day the freight train was two minutes early and the fox, unable to make it to his established escape route in time, was killed. Killed because he did not know he could leave running between the rails at any point in time. A wily but conditioned fox whose escape strategy became his demise.

Had I become that fox?

Over these many years I have gained a patina of external influence. Gradually, unknowingly, I became a stranger unto myself, buried beneath layers of others conditioning, willfulness, regulations, rules, enforced behaviors and desired traits. I became encrusted with requirements of others, buried under weldments, forgings, casings and the plaster of others molding.

Parents, teachers, guardians, employers, employees, governments, scientists, preachers, ministers, psycho analysts, authors, bullies, siblings, enforcers, judges, bystanders, helpers, hurters, critics - who has NOT had a hand in shaping what I must be - for them and their purpose.

It is NO wonder I found myself a stranger!

Since that shocking day, I have committed to peel, scrape and chip away the layers, lumps and coverings of a million influences. I must rediscover who I am before I may rediscover that which I seek. For that which I seek was always with me - I just lost it for a while.

I will have exposed enough of me when I clearly remember the absolute awe and splendor of being seven or eight years old again. The only time in my stolen life that I know I was fit and ready to find, identify and exult all possibilities and miracles.

Chip, chip, chip - I think I am almost there - AGAIN!


In Oneness, for we are all a mother's child.

Respectfully submitted by Doug Lewis,
(a.k.a) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends * VBS *
At the site for sore eyes
A World the way a World should be!

Guardians Of The Temple Of The Flame    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)

The Contest for the poet of the New Millennium continues, and my e-mailbox is open for your creations, our dear spiritual authors. The deadline is set, however, for January 20. The responses to participate in this celebration of divine poetry, I must say, were truly beyond my expectations. I just hope that you, readers, will be as enthusiastic in your voting as us, poets, were. Remember, a prize - a real one - awaits one of you as well.
Entry number five is the poem written by our Tiamat, the Priceless One.

Guardians Of The Temple Of The Flame
(ode to the three)

Out of the vastness came the light,
where space and time ceased to exist.
And all the sounds came together
though quite muffled they were.

Of one consciousness all things sprang,
And there I stood, greeted by the three.
The three representatives of the fire
surrounded their earthen wonder.

Intense voices were understood by the maiden,
and images of her guardians flashed before her, abruptly.
As the corridor opened, her eyes did widen.
She sat in silence.

Secluded from the physical world,
she was called out into a courtyard.
A light pant in her breath,
she answered the call.

Stripped of the physical projection,
a twinkle did dwindle in that holographic cavern.
Whence she saw there was nothing.
In those other physical projections she found emptiness.

Her walk, matching the rhythm of her music,
She proceeded to a distant location.
Each step grew lighter,
as she herself grew stronger.

She found the glitch in her program...
the light at the end of the corridor.

In her true sights,
came the first guardian.
Her draconian protector, mentor.
And in a flash he had passed.

Next would come her second guardian.
The wolf, a fellow pupil of the mystical and divine.
Ever powerful and influential,
slowly he faded by.

Last cometh the third guardian.
The ultimate one as her intuition had deemed him.
Her deepest love and brightest light,
with an internal blink she missed his departure.

Guardians of the temple of the flame,
She burns brightly
within the cross-section of their passions.

In them,
she saw the faces of countless others
whom had come before,
and would truly come again...

Until the blanket of night
no longer donned the eternal soulfire.


Paranormal Experiences    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Saddiq Fard    (all articles by this author)

These are the experiences:

The first time I was alone in my apartment and heard the sound of water pouring. It sounded as if someone was watering the plants that sit on the window behind my sofa, but nothing was there. I tried to ignore it, however I heard again. This time it was significantly louder. This happened about 8 weeks ago.
The second time, I was sitting on the same sofa practicing guitar chords and I heard a sound as if someone was flapping my window blinds. I looked around and saw nothing. I tried to ignore it, but it did it again significantly louder. I quickly investigated the area behind the sofa and outside the window. Again there was nothing.

Other two seemingly related incidents:

My fiancee and I heard a huge crash (outside). I looked around out back, but I didn't see anything. However, about an hour later, lying in bed we both distinctly heard paper shuffling. She became fearful and asked me to turn on the light. I turned on the light. As I was walking away from the light switch. headed back to the bedroom, we then heard a loud clear voice of a child call my name. The voice sounded familiar (one of the children that I mentor). Even though there was a child (age 3) in the room she was sound asleep.
The next day after work one of my favorite house plants looked as if it had been vandalized. It was severely bent but still in the pot.

The latest incident just happened two nights ago. To make a long story short - this time a child screamed out "Mommy" and woke us both up. However, the child was again sound asleep.

CenterPeace    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Karyn Altman    (all articles by this author)

CenterPeace creates, produces and markets workshops, seminars and travel adventures focused on holistic health, enhancing relationships and connecting with inner wisdom. Our mission statement is: CenterPeace, creating experiences that transform our world, one heart at a time..
Our next event, a full day workshop on past life regression and Shamanism is 1/22/2000. It's called Past Lives, Future Visions and Shamanic Journeys, with Linda Adler, LCSW, President of the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies. It's a full day adventure beyond time and space into past lives. Location is the Radisson Deauville on Miami Beach, 10 AM - 5 PM, $75. Call CenterPeace - 305-672-7759, or email or visit the website (upcoming events listings section) at

I'd like to submit my poetry into the contest. I've included one below and have two others that are listed on my website in the poetry section.

Not An Accident

Surely not an accident
nor coincidence it seems,
that everyone I speak with
has corresponding themes.

Its like things got away from us.
We pedal through our days,
but moments blur together
distorting time to haze.

No matter how we plow ahead
we always fall behind,
because we're never tuned to now
or present in our mind.

Each minute is consumed by next
Time always gets away.
Before we're even out of bed
we've thought away the day!

But when we stop to take a breath
one moment of our time,
to quiet down the chatter
and pause to realign,

we reconnect with who we are
and all the power within
Propelled directly from the light
that ignites our inner vision of

a journey filled with wonder-ment
and guided with such love
extending out to all we meet
and flowing from above.

Yet we don't need a road map
because the path is really clear.
We've never really gone away-
we've always been RIGHT HERE!

So the next time when your feeling like
you day is speeding by,
and time has gone beyond control
you might give this a try...

just STOP but for a minute
inhale and close you eyes
remember you are always loved
and then just visualize,

that you and every part of you
are bathed in glowing light
and let it fill you heart with love
and fill your inner sight,

and see the world around you then
In a new and "present" view
because the gift comes from within-
the present comes from YOU!

Karyn Altman 1/99

{Note: The above poem enters our Poetry Competition under number six.}

The Last War: Chapter Five - De Sade    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Original Six    (all articles by this author)

Thanks to Tiamat, you are now able to read all the previous chapters of this novel so far in their sequence at Community X's renewed site: go to and click on "The Last War". By the way, for the obvious reasons, the name of one of the characters is now changed to Alan Rashbi.
A fourth Chosen One joins this suspenseful story-telling. The following chapter is written by none other than Original Six, alias The Communicator.

Chapter five - De Sade

Time: 1940-something Location: Europe Event: WWII

Through the spiritual eyes of a wounded United States infantryman, the battlefield seemed hazy. A gray and black impressionist painting of landscape and tanks and soldiers on a horrible canvas. The spiritual eyes saw the black silhouette of a German soldier pointing his rifle at the wounded body but the silhouette did not fire. The German looked to his left, dropped his rifle to his side and ran away.
"Compassion", thought the spiritual eyes. But if it were truly compassion, soldier boy was only given a few seconds longer to live, as the spiritual eyes witnessed the last impressions that the young American would ever see. The churning, compassionless tracks of a German tank.

Time: Present Location: U.S. of A, southern sector

De Sade knew of some of his past lives. He knew that the same spiritual eyes that lived and died with soldier boy, were now animating his body, but so what. "No big deal", thought de Sade, "That was then. Merely residue from another time".
De Sade is all matter-of-fact, and he wants to become more so. Pure logic would be his ultimate state of operation. A being on a mission. A machine. A machine as logical as the German tank that smashed soldier boy. A machine whose only purpose is to do what is correct. Not correct by most humanoidal logic. Not correct by twisted, suppressive spiritual logic, but correct by the pure spiritual logic of original purpose. The original purpose that, a very long time ago, gave life to the spiritual eyes that now occupy de Sade.

But de Sade was curious about his past life as an American soldier who fought and died in WWII. Curious as to how WWII is connected with his present day mission. De Sade knew that WWII had a spiritual connection. He knew that WWII was a physical manifestation of a suppressive spiritual directive. Had de Sade already fought his world war? De Sade wondered if the spiritual eyes would witness another world war. "Was II the last or would there be III?", thought de Sade, "or will there be isolated battles, 'little wars'. Battles covertly fought while most humanoids go about their daily business".

De Sade did know the the reason for the future war. A war that will be fought for spiritual freedom. He knew that his mission was to regain the spiritual freedom that he lost a very long time ago, and to help other beings regain theirs. But at present, de Sade was not spiritually free. He was very much under the control of suppressive spiritual forces, even though they no longer have the strangle-hold on him that they once had, as de Sade is just now in the genesis of his transformation to spiritual freedom. A freedom-from spiritual suppression. But de Sade knew that freedom-from was not enough. There must also be a freedom-to. A freedom-to original purpose.

[To be continued...]

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

"Hey, hey, I saved the world today.
?Everybody's happy now, the bad things gone away."
? Eurythmics, reunited

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