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Opening Words

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 14, 2000

Hello, and welcome to the exciting future!! Well, to all the pessimistic prophets among us - "Told you so!" I guess the end of the world is postponed for a while, but we mustn't be too light-minded, for several more tests will follow for some of us. We have, perhaps, escaped the possible tragic consequences of Y2K bug, but war and diseases still gnaw the body of our race. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that we have entered the age of spiritual revolution, when, if you accept and perceive it, we are no more entirely bound to our physical frames and egos.

I am virtually sitting on the edge of my chair, burning with the desire to tell you what is happening with me right now. But before that there is something I wish to share. I met a person recently, let's call that person A. We spoke of spirituality and such, A. admitted a recent attraction to this overwhelming and all-embracing (in my opinion) subject, but what about the tools for further spiritual development, the meditation, book, and so on? Now, A. grew in the atmosphere of classic music and art, A. loves painting, teaching, understanding the human nature, and much more. So I've been thinking afterwards: while we, the ordinary citizens, victims of pop-culture, have to meditate for hours, chant, analyze our dreams, read endless essays, observe the crystals and burn the incense, just to sense a certain connection to the spiritual world, A. is already there! Raised among a beauty, untainted by modern society, A. is unknowingly on such a level, that the spiritual perception comes to A. very naturally! Makes you wonder whether we have subconsciously shaped this material world, so that it will provide the biggest obstacle toward our spiritual freedom.

One last thing before we proceed - an announcement about two new sites, that I warmly recommend to visit: a sister site to Project X, Community X (, maintained by Tiamat, and a brother site, The Chosen (, established by Night. My reviews on them, I feel, will be redundant, simply see them for yourselves (just tell the host that Aldarow sent you ;-) ).

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #29

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