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Paranormal Experiences

Author: Saddiq Fard    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 14, 2000

These are the experiences:

The first time I was alone in my apartment and heard the sound of water pouring. It sounded as if someone was watering the plants that sit on the window behind my sofa, but nothing was there. I tried to ignore it, however I heard again. This time it was significantly louder. This happened about 8 weeks ago.

The second time, I was sitting on the same sofa practicing guitar chords and I heard a sound as if someone was flapping my window blinds. I looked around and saw nothing. I tried to ignore it, but it did it again significantly louder. I quickly investigated the area behind the sofa and outside the window. Again there was nothing.

Other two seemingly related incidents:

My fiancee and I heard a huge crash (outside). I looked around out back, but I didn't see anything. However, about an hour later, lying in bed we both distinctly heard paper shuffling. She became fearful and asked me to turn on the light. I turned on the light. As I was walking away from the light switch. headed back to the bedroom, we then heard a loud clear voice of a child call my name. The voice sounded familiar (one of the children that I mentor). Even though there was a child (age 3) in the room she was sound asleep.

The next day after work one of my favorite house plants looked as if it had been vandalized. It was severely bent but still in the pot.

The latest incident just happened two nights ago. To make a long story short - this time a child screamed out "Mommy" and woke us both up. However, the child was again sound asleep.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #29

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