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Author: Karyn Altman    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 14, 2000

CenterPeace creates, produces and markets workshops, seminars and travel adventures focused on holistic health, enhancing relationships and connecting with inner wisdom. Our mission statement is: CenterPeace, creating experiences that transform our world, one heart at a time..

Our next event, a full day workshop on past life regression and Shamanism is 1/22/2000. It's called Past Lives, Future Visions and Shamanic Journeys, with Linda Adler, LCSW, President of the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies. It's a full day adventure beyond time and space into past lives. Location is the Radisson Deauville on Miami Beach, 10 AM - 5 PM, $75. Call CenterPeace - 305-672-7759, or email or visit the website (upcoming events listings section) at

I'd like to submit my poetry into the contest. I've included one below and have two others that are listed on my website in the poetry section.

Not An Accident

Surely not an accident

nor coincidence it seems,

that everyone I speak with

has corresponding themes.

Its like things got away from us.

We pedal through our days,

but moments blur together

distorting time to haze.

No matter how we plow ahead

we always fall behind,

because we're never tuned to now

or present in our mind.

Each minute is consumed by next

Time always gets away.

Before we're even out of bed

we've thought away the day!

But when we stop to take a breath

one moment of our time,

to quiet down the chatter

and pause to realign,

we reconnect with who we are

and all the power within

Propelled directly from the light

that ignites our inner vision of

a journey filled with wonder-ment

and guided with such love

extending out to all we meet

and flowing from above.

Yet we don't need a road map

because the path is really clear.

We've never really gone away-

we've always been RIGHT HERE!

So the next time when your feeling like

you day is speeding by,

and time has gone beyond control

you might give this a try...

just STOP but for a minute

inhale and close you eyes

remember you are always loved

and then just visualize,

that you and every part of you

are bathed in glowing light

and let it fill you heart with love

and fill your inner sight,

and see the world around you then

In a new and "present" view

because the gift comes from within-

the present comes from YOU!

Karyn Altman 1/99

{Note: The above poem enters our Poetry Competition under number six.}

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #29

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