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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #18

July 3, 1999

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. Prometheus Elucidation II - Erik S.
3. Timewave: 21 December 2012 - Ty Narada
4. Right and Wrong - Doug Lewis
5. Messages by ??? - anonymous / author unknown
6. Today's Mail: Andrew and Aldarow - Today's Mail
7. Closing Words

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

First thing first. The Competition is still on. All you have to do to win our prize is to e-mail me and vote for your choice for the best article of Project X Newsletter (just write the number in the body of your message). Again, here are the nominees:
1) "Elijah: Revelation", 7th issue;
2) "Doug Lewis: Brain Wave Diary, Questions and Answers", 12th issue;
3) "Messages from the Original Six", 15th issue;
4) "Gwen: Merkaba", 12th issue;
5) "Rinor: Hypnotic Gate", 6th issue;
6) "An introduction to Wicca, courtesy of Tiamat", 15th issue;
7) "Aldarow: The Experience", 7th issue;
8) "Prometheus Elucidation", by Erik S, 17th issue.
All the previous issues could be found at our website (
Sadly enough, only few readers have yet placed their votes. It extremely increases their chances to receive the prize, but if we won't reach at least 20 (3%) votes the competition will be terminated, and the best article will be chosen by our editorial group. The promised prize will have to stay in the bookstore.
My favorite section of Project Y (, Judith's pages, has been updated, with another beautiful story added. You are invited to take a look at that amazing story.
Now that the more official part is over, let us focus on another purpose of the newsletter: the preparations for the future events. This period of time can be well described as "What the hell happens?!" One of the goals we must achieve is the Gathering of people around the world to greet the dawn of the new world. The Gathering is not necessary physical, it can also be mental, astral or even cyberspacial, by the means of the World Wide Web.
Admit it. We are the race of survivalists. Despite the natural disasters, despite the conspiracy, surveillance and abductions, despite Karma, nightmares and energetic vampires, despite wars, terrorism and crime, despite injustice, prejudice and envy, despite evil - we are still optimistically looking forward for the next day to bring new surprises. Again, the surprises can be nasty, but we deal with them, fight the obstacles off, and the sun rises again.
Many people write to me and ask, "Who are those chosen ones?" Many claim that the title sounds to arrogant, boastful. I shall tell you, who are the Chosen Ones. EVERYONE! Everyone who opens up for possibilities, who discovers that beside the material shell he/she also has and eternal soul burning throughout millennia, fueled by the warmth of the Great Spirit, the Creating Force, God.
To say that lately things have been speeding is to sound too moderate. Many events are taking place simultaneously: the Old One's escape, Chosen Ones fighting for their lives and sanity, groups are preparing for major cosmic events. There are a couple of close dates that without a shadow of doubt will impact the collective consciousness. In several issues we have discussed aspects of August 11, 1999 - the great eclipse, predicted by Nostradamus ("The great king will come from the sky...) To learn how you can observe it from your living are, go to Now, beside the obvious political/racial unrest that may occur at that date, and the supposed, but which hopefully will remain unfulfilled, NASA's Plutonium fueled space probe's hazardous re-entry to our atmosphere, there is another cosmic aspect worth to think about. As I have found on the Internet, it appears that the planets of our Solar system will form a Grand Cross, each of them placed in one of these significant zodiac signs: Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio. I have dreamt of that stellar pattern recently. Compare it to the formation of 5.5.2000 - the Alignment. How can so many events be condensed in one day? Lightworkers around the globe will be meditating, the news will be choked with controversial reports, "and the young ones shall behold dreams and visions", to slightly paraphrase the Holy Bible. Another couple of days you may consider: July the 4th and July the 11th - I dreamt about those.
For conclusion to my opening words, here is something positive and reassuring that Elijah wishes all of us to know:
"Evil is ONLY a phase, it is ONLY a "conscious" concept. It is NOT a "spiritual" one. These are the LAST days of evil, when THAT concept will be NO MORE. Yes, these days ARE evil, indeed, but again say I, that THAT concept WILL cease.
Do YOU understand that?
You "DO" understand that."

Prometheus Elucidation II    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Erik S.    (all articles by this author)

Dear Aldarow,

Excellent 17th edition; definitely getting better and better. This submission I feel spells out where it is that I'm coming from, though I in fact admit the darkness, from which I came, and the understanding of what is meant for me in this life to the now and future. It is my hope that some feedback whether positive or not comes about from such writings as for a time these statements I reserved for none except myself, if you could keep me posted on the results, I would appreciate it greatly, for if I am to learn anything at all from others as much as I can from myself, honesty and open communication without the role playing is required.

In the 17th edition I spoke of many things in the end; it is not that I feel these words and the words of others with this newsletter have fallen upon deaf beings, but I am both angry and ashamed at the actions others are still taking in continuing the manipulation of our children and everyone around them towards the path of chaos, for life I feel is only as complicated as you make it to be through your own words and actions to which the higher authorities must alter your path accordingly. Certainly to some extent there must be a guide for each of us to effect this in hopes of awakening our true inner self but so many are fighting against themselves as much as with each other that they simply cannot see nor hear the suffering they cause and or their guides concerns as to their words and actions.

As my handle implies, this life I live is under the sign of Virgo (I simply define it as the watcher of the darkness and bearer of the light) for this path in general be that of the 6th (To aid and serve others in for no other glory than to see their suffering end and of raising their consciousness through the art of listening and speaking with the right thought, words and actions not to what or how it is being said but for why and what they bear upon their souls to cause such a necessity of divulsion and repulsion of their inner light). As I am honored to be given such an opportunity both by the One being (AKA God, Buddha, Krishna....) and by my guardian.. It is the result of their influence that I am able to speak and live within this plane today. For had they not I surely would've drowned or broken my neck in a motorcycle accident long ago.

As a result of these incidents in combination with the war I've waged from both within as well as without have resulted in my renewed hope for humanity though the increase of the level of violence has all so renewed my concern. And to those I say, "The time be at hand raise up your fists in defiance of chaos and shout the unyielding truth, that we are more than equals unto each other, but are the incarnate of the One which all began and all returns", as it must be done should we truly wish to define not only what we need to know to fully awaken ourselves, but also in hopes of spreading what we have learned on to those we speak with in the hopes of their enlightenment as well. And in so doing we open new possibilities for this world and all within it.

There is no doubt in my mind that there is the danger of opening one's own heart and soul to the travesties and injustices we commit, and although I am by no means pure as virgin snow, it is as it was meant to be for each of us to reach the point of understanding that we are at and where we need to be able to effect any real change. For only six years ago I was a thief, cheat, liar, and a criminal, who presented nothing to society but rage and hatred for both myself as well as others, to them I know no apology whether in words, actions or expressions will ever truly erase the damage I've caused. It does, however, serve to remind me that to be counted amongst the honored one must be willing to set aside priorities of wants and acknowledge the needs of the all so that each of us can have the harmony and peace we deserve for not only our sake but for the sake of those who come to this realm after us.

All around me doth chaos surround
For it knows I was lost but am now found.
It screams in rage that its influence is no more
For I shall fight the till peace be yours
I be the Watcher of the darkness, Bearer of the Light.
One of the Chosen to lead this fight
Now be the time for light to reign,
Rise with me, unto the glory that be his name.

Virgoian Hermit

Timewave: 21 December 2012    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Ty Narada    (all articles by this author)

Sent by Ty Narada, the main editor of Cyonic Nemeton:

On 21 December 2012, the timewave stops. It is also commensurate with the Mayan calendar's mysterious conclusion.

At about 3 pm on that day (our time), Sol (Sun) will take it's 10 satellites through a pocket in Sagittarius through which the galactic equator runs.

The pocket itself is more tube like and extends for quite some non-time -- Sol's trajectory drives right down the center of this pocket. The timewave and the pocket are separate algorithms. Now that fractional time is actually traceable, it stops on 21 December 2012 (not by deliberate intention, but because it does). The wave has since been compared to historical events in Earths history and the points on the timewave have matched critical events with crystal clear application (02 January 2000, for instance, it will reach an extreme peak before tapering back off).

Sol enters the Equatorial pocket in Sagittarius every 7,800 years (which could possibly account for the biblical interpretation of Genesis, since 'thought' would be the only thing that contained meaning in a timeless dimension). Entry and exit in previous trajectories has been at an angle, however, this time - it's a hole-in-one.

At 5,500 year intervals, Sol enters an area of density that is referred to as the Paradox (parking for 2 boats). The density area specializes in global reconditioning. Where the pocket affects time, the Paradox affects density.

At 2,300 year intervals, Sol approaches, but does not fully enter the density area.

Items to calculate:

Sagittarius and the Paradox are not fixed points in space -- both anomalies have their own state of motion.

There is a 3rd quantity known as the Jupiter effect that occurs every 256 years -- not with 'perfect' alignment, but the planets do align within a 30-15 degree conical range heading in one direction.

Quantity #4: The Earth has it's unique solstices in relation to the Sun (Sol).

We don't know if the Mayans were aware of this when they stopped their calendar, but:

On 21 December 2012, at about 15:58 our time, the Jupiter effect will occur in what astronomers claim, will be the first near-perfect alignment since known time. We can confirm a conical variance of less than 1 degree (if you shot an arrow -- you could string them like beads).

At that moment, the Earth will also enter it's Winter Solstice with cosmic precision. Typically, there is always a variation +/- a few hours; the variation warbles along like a sin wave, intersecting 21 December as the median, or zero point.

In order for the following two additional calculations to jive, it is given that the Earth has been around for millions of years: The 5,500 year density area (the Paradox) is also going to be surrounding the pocket in Sagittarius (that we enter every 7,800 years) on 21 December 2012.

The density area is actually a flare removed from, but traveling in/with Andromeda's trajectory.

Now that science is aware of all 4 of these quantities, they've been able to decipher on the Mayan calendar that the Mayans were also aware of all 4 of these quantities -- and it's no wonder that they decided to stop their calendar on what casually appears to be a random date. (There was room for another 2,000 years +/- a few).

The Winter Solstice, the most perfect planetary alignment yet, the paradox, the pocket in Sagittarius, right at the moment when we cross the galactic equator seems to have mind boggling ramification: Death, Relativity, Time, Matter and Rebirth all wrapped up in one convenient equasion/occurance/event.

Another correlation are the Universal cycles of time: Seconds, Days, Months, Decades and Eras.

According to the Mayans, 21DEC12 is the day that the Gods die. But it does not necessarily mean that it's the end of the world.

Here's the most interesting interpretation: If the Earth had an odometer clicking away the ages, since terraforming -- all of these cycles converging at one point in time and space would suggest that the odometer was being reset to zero. This exact imprint has not occurred since the beginning of time (literally).

It is suggested that the Earth cooled and began it's first biological cognition at that moment, x billion years ago.

I'm beginning to see a correlation among the various religious teachings -- they want their constituency to control their thoughts enough so that a destructive desire doesn't detonate in an environment that exchanges synapse for reality. That would require self control that no mortal, to my knowledge, is capable of.

Higher Interpretations:

1. We each represent our own Heaven & Hell. We each compose a world of our choice and in the end, won't have anyone to blame for our happiness or grief.

2. The more we become aware of our pain, the more responsible we are for repairing it.

3. The innocent have no evil from which to project or evoke hell on either themselves or others.

Final Analysis:

"Nobody is truly a failure until he blames his mistakes on another person."

The Universe, for being so simple, is making a suggestion that an overeager inquirer may not immediately notice for its lack of complexity....

"Start gathering and organizing your values."

Right and Wrong    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Welcome by again.

Selected you are -- so selected be
You are the master of your destiny!

An always topical issue - Right or Wrong (says who?)

Often, many wonder directly or are asked by others why human inhabitants of our precious planet embroil each other in events and circumstances deemed to be "wrong" from another factions point of view? This is one of the "timeless" questions -- seemingly without an acceptable "right" answer for everyone. An opportunity arose the other day for me to "seek" the answer. I did receive one and I would like to share it with those of interest.

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" Wednesday, June 16, 1999

Right and Wrong - You be the judge!

The following came through during a spirited debate during a chat room session involving several cyber acquaintances in my favorite Spirit Web chat room. The topic involved perspectives of Right and Wrong.

Later, out of curiosity I sought a "Wave" perspective, (For those not familiar, "Wave" is my channeling source, "Warrior" as in "Protector" is the channeling medium).

Warrior: Wave, why do individuals elect to do wrong?

Wave: Warrior, individuals seldom elect to do wrong.

Given the precious gift of self-determination each is able to exercise free will in thought and deed. The individual, when thinking or doing -- invariably does "right" from their perspective of context, situation and circumstance. If the result is unsatisfactory to that individual in retrospect, then the individual deems their decision to have been incorrect.

No one intentionally sets out to do something they would think of as "wrong" ? they simply would not do it else.

"Wrong" is a judgment performed by another individual observing or witnessing the act of a "Right" doer.

Warrior: Wave, does this mean that everything done by an individual is "Right"?

Wave: Warrior, yes from their perspective. However, they are accountable for their thoughts, actions and most importantly the results thereof.

Warrior: Wave, but what about despicable acts performed by an individual, surely these should not be tolerated by those impacted or be classified as "Right"?

Wave: Warrior a cardinal consideration for everyone healthy is to consider the ramifications of their decisions. As much as "free will" is a precious gift so is a balancing conscious for its proper use. The community -- for the purpose of preservation of the intelligent species and warden ship for the rest of life and life supporting systems -- establishes fundamental standards for community living.

In the simplest terms "free will" is to be exercised considering the result of an action. A conscious action should not compromise or adversely affect another. This consideration, when observed, validates the "correctness" of any decision.

In some unhealthy individuals, not all faculties operate correctly ? this may cause aberrant, destructive behavior judged as wrong by healthy individuals. If there is threat to life preservation the wanton act would and should be seen as "wrong" by the well and defensive measures taken.

The unwell require assistance from the well. Assistance should be provided without jeopardy to those requiring it.

Right or Wrong? - You are the judge.

Respectfully submitted by Doug Lewis (aka) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends.
For more information about the "Brain Wave Diary" contact the author:
To access the "Brain Wave Diary" site click

Messages by ???    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: anonymous / author unknown    (all articles by this author)

-May 28th, 1999-
As with any key, it goes to a door, a lock that opens. There is one key but there are many doors. Everything, everyone, everywhere, is constantly moving into different doors based on that key. Where your world has had difficulty is recognizing and learning to utilize the key. It is not enough, to have the key, one must learn what lock it goes to. It is now time for you to move into another door and inside this door greater understanding of the key is needed. That is what we're trying to do, help you understand the key. Those who do not understand the key will not be able, at this time, to move into the door. Not because they are incapable but because they do not yet understand it enough. It would be like, in your terms, promoting someone from the 2nd grade level to the 4th grade level without that person having learned what they can from 3rd. The key is you. The doors are the many facets of your multidimensional self. You are the key to your own unfolding but you are also the key to this world's unfolding.

-June 6th, 1999 @ 11:45 EST-
You expect your teachers to be perfect, but you do not understand what perfect is. It is not an end to knowledge, it is the constant unfolding of it, of you. You strive for perfection, but as in most things, you strive and look for what is already there. Perfection is a state of being. It is who you are now and who you will always be despite what you do. Your teachers are teachers because they know who they are, not just from this life but from others. They know the sum of their parts, that is, your so called teachers should know. You can not teach the ills of murder unless you know and understand that at some point in your time, you have murdered. You can not teach the joy of love unless you love. You can not teach the destructiveness of anger unless you have been angry. You can not teach, what you do not know. Teachers (should) teach by example and parable and so, how can one teach others if they have no examples or parables to work from? Teachers are also students, always. As they are teaching, they are being taught by others. And so it goes on and on, to infinity. Your scientists cannot find an end to their view of the universe. What do you think that means? It means, there is no end. If there is no end to the universe(s) what makes you think there is an end to spiritual development? There is no end. There is only expansion, greater awareness. What seems to you to be an 'end' is actually a beginning. Your teachers (should) only reflect to you what you already know. They should take the answers you already possess and expand the landscape it covers that you may not be recognizing. And in the process you will probably say many times, "Ah, I kind of knew that." Ultimately, a teacher isn't really teaching you anything.
We are helping you understand yourselves and in that process you will come to better understand all life, everywhere.

Today's Mail: Andrew and Aldarow    (view on a separate page)
Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)

This is our newest feature, in which we will respond to one of the many letters that arrive our editorial staff. Today's topic is: spiritual use of drugs?
In writing this message I am by no means trying to encourage you to do something that you feel is wrong, yet at the same time to reach the stage you have you must be able to keep a very open mind about the universe around you and the true abilities of all of humanity. I was wondering if you'd ever tried ecstasy. I find the levels I am able to reach whilst on ecstasy are amazing in reference to the abilities of the mind. It has opened up man doorways for me, when used in the correct manner, and advances my abilities and understanding of them at much greater rates than without its use. On higher doses of ecstasy I have experienced things that have blown my mind, things that I KNOW where not caused by my mind, but enabling me to see and understand things in about the universe due to my perception of it at the time. I was wondering if you or others had ever used drugs of any form in this manner? Your reply would be greatly appreciated.
Sincerely, Andrew.
Aldarow's response:
Hello, Andrew.
You see, many of the interesting letters I receive I immediately decide to put into the newsletter, so that the others could enjoy the knowledge, and it would make the writer proud. But drugs are extremely controversial issue; of course, almost everything I publish in the newsletter can be viewed as controversial, including the existence of the paranormal itself; however, those things, although doubtful by some (but not me), are harmless, whilst drugs have a negative effect on your physical form. I'm not trying to bring you the obvious arguments, I am completely aware of the 'marvelous realms' the 'ecstasy' can take you to (although I haven't tried it myself, and never will), but you can reach much greater planes and worlds if you use meditation, dreams, trance, astral projection, and other 'New Age/Ancient Wisdom' means of achieving higher perception and awareness. While dope merely provides you with chemical reaction and psychedelic delusions, the methods I've mentioned give your experiences you cannot question, which solely came from your re-opened mind. I'll place you letter after all, along with my response. Take care, and try to avoid that stuff, before you become dependent on it.

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

"What does Zen master say to hot dog vendor?
'Make me one with everything.'"

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