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Prometheus Elucidation II

Author: Erik S.    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 3, 1999

Dear Aldarow,

Excellent 17th edition; definitely getting better and better. This submission I feel spells out where it is that I'm coming from, though I in fact admit the darkness, from which I came, and the understanding of what is meant for me in this life to the now and future. It is my hope that some feedback whether positive or not comes about from such writings as for a time these statements I reserved for none except myself, if you could keep me posted on the results, I would appreciate it greatly, for if I am to learn anything at all from others as much as I can from myself, honesty and open communication without the role playing is required.

In the 17th edition I spoke of many things in the end; it is not that I feel these words and the words of others with this newsletter have fallen upon deaf beings, but I am both angry and ashamed at the actions others are still taking in continuing the manipulation of our children and everyone around them towards the path of chaos, for life I feel is only as complicated as you make it to be through your own words and actions to which the higher authorities must alter your path accordingly. Certainly to some extent there must be a guide for each of us to effect this in hopes of awakening our true inner self but so many are fighting against themselves as much as with each other that they simply cannot see nor hear the suffering they cause and or their guides concerns as to their words and actions.

As my handle implies, this life I live is under the sign of Virgo (I simply define it as the watcher of the darkness and bearer of the light) for this path in general be that of the 6th (To aid and serve others in for no other glory than to see their suffering end and of raising their consciousness through the art of listening and speaking with the right thought, words and actions not to what or how it is being said but for why and what they bear upon their souls to cause such a necessity of divulsion and repulsion of their inner light). As I am honored to be given such an opportunity both by the One being (AKA God, Buddha, Krishna....) and by my guardian.. It is the result of their influence that I am able to speak and live within this plane today. For had they not I surely would've drowned or broken my neck in a motorcycle accident long ago.

As a result of these incidents in combination with the war I've waged from both within as well as without have resulted in my renewed hope for humanity though the increase of the level of violence has all so renewed my concern. And to those I say, "The time be at hand raise up your fists in defiance of chaos and shout the unyielding truth, that we are more than equals unto each other, but are the incarnate of the One which all began and all returns", as it must be done should we truly wish to define not only what we need to know to fully awaken ourselves, but also in hopes of spreading what we have learned on to those we speak with in the hopes of their enlightenment as well. And in so doing we open new possibilities for this world and all within it.

There is no doubt in my mind that there is the danger of opening one's own heart and soul to the travesties and injustices we commit, and although I am by no means pure as virgin snow, it is as it was meant to be for each of us to reach the point of understanding that we are at and where we need to be able to effect any real change. For only six years ago I was a thief, cheat, liar, and a criminal, who presented nothing to society but rage and hatred for both myself as well as others, to them I know no apology whether in words, actions or expressions will ever truly erase the damage I've caused. It does, however, serve to remind me that to be counted amongst the honored one must be willing to set aside priorities of wants and acknowledge the needs of the all so that each of us can have the harmony and peace we deserve for not only our sake but for the sake of those who come to this realm after us.

All around me doth chaos surround

For it knows I was lost but am now found.

It screams in rage that its influence is no more

For I shall fight the till peace be yours

I be the Watcher of the darkness, Bearer of the Light.

One of the Chosen to lead this fight

Now be the time for light to reign,

Rise with me, unto the glory that be his name.

Virgoian Hermit


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #18

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