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Right and Wrong

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 3, 1999

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An always topical issue - Right or Wrong (says who?)

Often, many wonder directly or are asked by others why human inhabitants of our precious planet embroil each other in events and circumstances deemed to be "wrong" from another factions point of view? This is one of the "timeless" questions -- seemingly without an acceptable "right" answer for everyone. An opportunity arose the other day for me to "seek" the answer. I did receive one and I would like to share it with those of interest.

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" Wednesday, June 16, 1999

Right and Wrong - You be the judge!

The following came through during a spirited debate during a chat room session involving several cyber acquaintances in my favorite Spirit Web chat room. The topic involved perspectives of Right and Wrong.

Later, out of curiosity I sought a "Wave" perspective, (For those not familiar, "Wave" is my channeling source, "Warrior" as in "Protector" is the channeling medium).

Warrior: Wave, why do individuals elect to do wrong?

Wave: Warrior, individuals seldom elect to do wrong.

Given the precious gift of self-determination each is able to exercise free will in thought and deed. The individual, when thinking or doing -- invariably does "right" from their perspective of context, situation and circumstance. If the result is unsatisfactory to that individual in retrospect, then the individual deems their decision to have been incorrect.

No one intentionally sets out to do something they would think of as "wrong" ? they simply would not do it else.

"Wrong" is a judgment performed by another individual observing or witnessing the act of a "Right" doer.

Warrior: Wave, does this mean that everything done by an individual is "Right"?

Wave: Warrior, yes from their perspective. However, they are accountable for their thoughts, actions and most importantly the results thereof.

Warrior: Wave, but what about despicable acts performed by an individual, surely these should not be tolerated by those impacted or be classified as "Right"?

Wave: Warrior a cardinal consideration for everyone healthy is to consider the ramifications of their decisions. As much as "free will" is a precious gift so is a balancing conscious for its proper use. The community -- for the purpose of preservation of the intelligent species and warden ship for the rest of life and life supporting systems -- establishes fundamental standards for community living.

In the simplest terms "free will" is to be exercised considering the result of an action. A conscious action should not compromise or adversely affect another. This consideration, when observed, validates the "correctness" of any decision.

In some unhealthy individuals, not all faculties operate correctly ? this may cause aberrant, destructive behavior judged as wrong by healthy individuals. If there is threat to life preservation the wanton act would and should be seen as "wrong" by the well and defensive measures taken.

The unwell require assistance from the well. Assistance should be provided without jeopardy to those requiring it.

Right or Wrong? - You are the judge.

Respectfully submitted by Doug Lewis (aka) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends.

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #18

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