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Opening Words

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 3, 1999

First thing first. The Competition is still on. All you have to do to win our prize is to e-mail me and vote for your choice for the best article of Project X Newsletter (just write the number in the body of your message). Again, here are the nominees:

1) "Elijah: Revelation", 7th issue;

2) "Doug Lewis: Brain Wave Diary, Questions and Answers", 12th issue;

3) "Messages from the Original Six", 15th issue;

4) "Gwen: Merkaba", 12th issue;

5) "Rinor: Hypnotic Gate", 6th issue;

6) "An introduction to Wicca, courtesy of Tiamat", 15th issue;

7) "Aldarow: The Experience", 7th issue;

8) "Prometheus Elucidation", by Erik S, 17th issue.

All the previous issues could be found at our website (

Sadly enough, only few readers have yet placed their votes. It extremely increases their chances to receive the prize, but if we won't reach at least 20 (3%) votes the competition will be terminated, and the best article will be chosen by our editorial group. The promised prize will have to stay in the bookstore.

My favorite section of Project Y (, Judith's pages, has been updated, with another beautiful story added. You are invited to take a look at that amazing story.


Now that the more official part is over, let us focus on another purpose of the newsletter: the preparations for the future events. This period of time can be well described as "What the hell happens?!" One of the goals we must achieve is the Gathering of people around the world to greet the dawn of the new world. The Gathering is not necessary physical, it can also be mental, astral or even cyberspacial, by the means of the World Wide Web.

Admit it. We are the race of survivalists. Despite the natural disasters, despite the conspiracy, surveillance and abductions, despite Karma, nightmares and energetic vampires, despite wars, terrorism and crime, despite injustice, prejudice and envy, despite evil - we are still optimistically looking forward for the next day to bring new surprises. Again, the surprises can be nasty, but we deal with them, fight the obstacles off, and the sun rises again.

Many people write to me and ask, "Who are those chosen ones?" Many claim that the title sounds to arrogant, boastful. I shall tell you, who are the Chosen Ones. EVERYONE! Everyone who opens up for possibilities, who discovers that beside the material shell he/she also has and eternal soul burning throughout millennia, fueled by the warmth of the Great Spirit, the Creating Force, God.

To say that lately things have been speeding is to sound too moderate. Many events are taking place simultaneously: the Old One's escape, Chosen Ones fighting for their lives and sanity, groups are preparing for major cosmic events. There are a couple of close dates that without a shadow of doubt will impact the collective consciousness. In several issues we have discussed aspects of August 11, 1999 - the great eclipse, predicted by Nostradamus ("The great king will come from the sky...) To learn how you can observe it from your living are, go to Now, beside the obvious political/racial unrest that may occur at that date, and the supposed, but which hopefully will remain unfulfilled, NASA's Plutonium fueled space probe's hazardous re-entry to our atmosphere, there is another cosmic aspect worth to think about. As I have found on the Internet, it appears that the planets of our Solar system will form a Grand Cross, each of them placed in one of these significant zodiac signs: Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio. I have dreamt of that stellar pattern recently. Compare it to the formation of 5.5.2000 - the Alignment. How can so many events be condensed in one day? Lightworkers around the globe will be meditating, the news will be choked with controversial reports, "and the young ones shall behold dreams and visions", to slightly paraphrase the Holy Bible. Another couple of days you may consider: July the 4th and July the 11th - I dreamt about those.

For conclusion to my opening words, here is something positive and reassuring that Elijah wishes all of us to know:

"Evil is ONLY a phase, it is ONLY a "conscious" concept. It is NOT a "spiritual" one. These are the LAST days of evil, when THAT concept will be NO MORE. Yes, these days ARE evil, indeed, but again say I, that THAT concept WILL cease.

Do YOU understand that?


You "DO" understand that."

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #18

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