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Published on: July 3, 1999

-May 28th, 1999-

As with any key, it goes to a door, a lock that opens. There is one key but there are many doors. Everything, everyone, everywhere, is constantly moving into different doors based on that key. Where your world has had difficulty is recognizing and learning to utilize the key. It is not enough, to have the key, one must learn what lock it goes to. It is now time for you to move into another door and inside this door greater understanding of the key is needed. That is what we're trying to do, help you understand the key. Those who do not understand the key will not be able, at this time, to move into the door. Not because they are incapable but because they do not yet understand it enough. It would be like, in your terms, promoting someone from the 2nd grade level to the 4th grade level without that person having learned what they can from 3rd. The key is you. The doors are the many facets of your multidimensional self. You are the key to your own unfolding but you are also the key to this world's unfolding.

-June 6th, 1999 @ 11:45 EST-

You expect your teachers to be perfect, but you do not understand what perfect is. It is not an end to knowledge, it is the constant unfolding of it, of you. You strive for perfection, but as in most things, you strive and look for what is already there. Perfection is a state of being. It is who you are now and who you will always be despite what you do. Your teachers are teachers because they know who they are, not just from this life but from others. They know the sum of their parts, that is, your so called teachers should know. You can not teach the ills of murder unless you know and understand that at some point in your time, you have murdered. You can not teach the joy of love unless you love. You can not teach the destructiveness of anger unless you have been angry. You can not teach, what you do not know. Teachers (should) teach by example and parable and so, how can one teach others if they have no examples or parables to work from? Teachers are also students, always. As they are teaching, they are being taught by others. And so it goes on and on, to infinity. Your scientists cannot find an end to their view of the universe. What do you think that means? It means, there is no end. If there is no end to the universe(s) what makes you think there is an end to spiritual development? There is no end. There is only expansion, greater awareness. What seems to you to be an 'end' is actually a beginning. Your teachers (should) only reflect to you what you already know. They should take the answers you already possess and expand the landscape it covers that you may not be recognizing. And in the process you will probably say many times, "Ah, I kind of knew that." Ultimately, a teacher isn't really teaching you anything.

We are helping you understand yourselves and in that process you will come to better understand all life, everywhere.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #18

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