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Timewave: 21 December 2012

Author: Ty Narada    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 3, 1999

Sent by Ty Narada, the main editor of Cyonic Nemeton:

On 21 December 2012, the timewave stops. It is also commensurate with the Mayan calendar's mysterious conclusion.

At about 3 pm on that day (our time), Sol (Sun) will take it's 10 satellites through a pocket in Sagittarius through which the galactic equator runs.

The pocket itself is more tube like and extends for quite some non-time -- Sol's trajectory drives right down the center of this pocket. The timewave and the pocket are separate algorithms. Now that fractional time is actually traceable, it stops on 21 December 2012 (not by deliberate intention, but because it does). The wave has since been compared to historical events in Earths history and the points on the timewave have matched critical events with crystal clear application (02 January 2000, for instance, it will reach an extreme peak before tapering back off).

Sol enters the Equatorial pocket in Sagittarius every 7,800 years (which could possibly account for the biblical interpretation of Genesis, since 'thought' would be the only thing that contained meaning in a timeless dimension). Entry and exit in previous trajectories has been at an angle, however, this time - it's a hole-in-one.

At 5,500 year intervals, Sol enters an area of density that is referred to as the Paradox (parking for 2 boats). The density area specializes in global reconditioning. Where the pocket affects time, the Paradox affects density.

At 2,300 year intervals, Sol approaches, but does not fully enter the density area.

Items to calculate:

Sagittarius and the Paradox are not fixed points in space -- both anomalies have their own state of motion.

There is a 3rd quantity known as the Jupiter effect that occurs every 256 years -- not with 'perfect' alignment, but the planets do align within a 30-15 degree conical range heading in one direction.

Quantity #4: The Earth has it's unique solstices in relation to the Sun (Sol).

We don't know if the Mayans were aware of this when they stopped their calendar, but:

On 21 December 2012, at about 15:58 our time, the Jupiter effect will occur in what astronomers claim, will be the first near-perfect alignment since known time. We can confirm a conical variance of less than 1 degree (if you shot an arrow -- you could string them like beads).

At that moment, the Earth will also enter it's Winter Solstice with cosmic precision. Typically, there is always a variation +/- a few hours; the variation warbles along like a sin wave, intersecting 21 December as the median, or zero point.

In order for the following two additional calculations to jive, it is given that the Earth has been around for millions of years: The 5,500 year density area (the Paradox) is also going to be surrounding the pocket in Sagittarius (that we enter every 7,800 years) on 21 December 2012.

The density area is actually a flare removed from, but traveling in/with Andromeda's trajectory.

Now that science is aware of all 4 of these quantities, they've been able to decipher on the Mayan calendar that the Mayans were also aware of all 4 of these quantities -- and it's no wonder that they decided to stop their calendar on what casually appears to be a random date. (There was room for another 2,000 years +/- a few).

The Winter Solstice, the most perfect planetary alignment yet, the paradox, the pocket in Sagittarius, right at the moment when we cross the galactic equator seems to have mind boggling ramification: Death, Relativity, Time, Matter and Rebirth all wrapped up in one convenient equasion/occurance/event.

Another correlation are the Universal cycles of time: Seconds, Days, Months, Decades and Eras.

According to the Mayans, 21DEC12 is the day that the Gods die. But it does not necessarily mean that it's the end of the world.

Here's the most interesting interpretation: If the Earth had an odometer clicking away the ages, since terraforming -- all of these cycles converging at one point in time and space would suggest that the odometer was being reset to zero. This exact imprint has not occurred since the beginning of time (literally).

It is suggested that the Earth cooled and began it's first biological cognition at that moment, x billion years ago.

I'm beginning to see a correlation among the various religious teachings -- they want their constituency to control their thoughts enough so that a destructive desire doesn't detonate in an environment that exchanges synapse for reality. That would require self control that no mortal, to my knowledge, is capable of.

Higher Interpretations:

1. We each represent our own Heaven & Hell. We each compose a world of our choice and in the end, won't have anyone to blame for our happiness or grief.

2. The more we become aware of our pain, the more responsible we are for repairing it.

3. The innocent have no evil from which to project or evoke hell on either themselves or others.

Final Analysis:

"Nobody is truly a failure until he blames his mistakes on another person."

The Universe, for being so simple, is making a suggestion that an overeager inquirer may not immediately notice for its lack of complexity....

"Start gathering and organizing your values."

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #18

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