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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #77

September 8, 2002

1. Opening Words: I simply am - Alexander Aldarow
2. Messages From Beyond 2012 - Mark Andrews
3. All is "ISNESS" - Gary Voss
4. The Story of Elijah - Elijah
5. Thoughts - Star Princess
6. In The "Face" Of Fear - Mark Andrews

Opening Words: I simply am    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Hello, my dear friends.

It has occurred to me that it was a while since I have directly addressed you, besides occasional administrative messages. I am also (painfully) well aware that it has been over a month since the previous newsletter, but this period has coincided with a lot of changes on a personal level, and I had to mentally sort through a lot of new revelations before directing my attention back to our humble e-zine.

Just like over a year ago, it has been a period of another jump in my spiritual development. More of old beliefs and patterns were shed off, more supernatural experiences have flown in, all of them interconnected into a curious matrix of meanings, encounters, dreams, signs. I can even claim that my focus on the present time was re-gained. Of course, I am now cautious with bold statements like "Enlightenment achieved! There is nowhere further to go!" That is far from truth, yet I believe - no, I KNOW - that I've climbed up another step. Like previously, this small ascension was paired with a harsh conflict/crisis, yet afterwards came a "rewarding" (<-a word I actually dislike to use) sense of peace and purposefulness.

One of the things I've fully come to understand - although it can appear somewhat obvious to many of you - is that I have no need in (self-)definitions. I don't have to - and wouldn't now know how to - state what stage of my life I'm at, or what I am now. The labels of the type "I'm this and that" seem redundant. I simply am. I know that it is hard to explain verbally, and, interpreted the wrong way, you can perceive my ramblings as some arrogant proclamations. Therefore, another invitation to a dialogue. Can you do a better job than me about explaining the "I simply am"? Are you experiencing something similar? Or should I go back to school, repeat my English lessons and try this task again? :-)

Enjoy today's newsletter. I, again, apologize you had to wait for it for so long. There are some changes that reshape the nature of the entire Project X as well, as the last bits of our old ideology fall away, and we establish a simple conversation from one "I simply am" to another. I will keep you posted on all the changes, as we enter the period of blissful indefinition...

Messages From Beyond 2012    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

(My ever-expanding personal theory.)

Communications to us from the makers of the authentic crop formations, and their meanings for all of humanity.

You may find this to be somewhat unsettling.

You may find this to be tremendously exhilarating.

About "them"; the makers of the crop formations...

THEY are time travelers.
They are our great-great-grandchildren. They are the blending of human and extraterrestrial genetics.
They are reaching back to us through time in an effort to (subliminally) better prepare us for the various transitions that our world and human race are currently witnessing, and are about to experience on a much more accelerated level (i.e. the passage of our solar system through hyper-dimensional space / the "Great Purification" / the inclusion of our world into extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional societal federations).

The messages.

Just as one cannot gain a clear appreciation for a crop formation while viewing it from ground level (they are meant to be seen from above), so it may likewise be that we cannot form an adequate understanding of the messages that the formations are intended to convey to us until, through the passing of time and sufficient layers of complexity, we can glean a "big picture" view of the over-all patterns.
They began with simple circles woven in the crops. The phenomenon is reported to go back to the mid 1600's in the fields of Scotland and England. They were said to be fashioned into the plants by "devil lights" which would appear over the fields on the night prior to the discovery of the circles. The circular patterns would come and go with little acknowledgment from the citizenry of the times. The development of what we see today as the pectoral glyph formations began with the dawning of the 1990's.
Fans of Unsolved Mysteries and Sightings may recall a famous anonymous UFO video tape known as the "Guardian" tape. This enigmatic piece of home video - shot on the evening of August 19, 1991 near Ottawa, Ontario Canada, at around 10 P.M. - showed a large, brightly lit flying saucer-type craft resting just above the ground on a platform of generated energy. To the left of the craft, a circular formation of burning "flares" formed a pattern in the tall weeds. The event was witnessed by a woman who lived adjacent to the property. The next morning, the woman went to check the area where she had witnessed the strange event. The plants showed no evidence of having been burnt, nor were there any landing marks in the field that one would expect with the presence of such a large craft (estimated to have been 25 - 30 feet in diameter).
It would seem that the "Guardian incident" (so named "Guardian" for that word's presence on the outside of the video tape) was intended to usher-in to us a new, more complex phase of "crop circle" communications. From roughly that moment on, the crop circles began to evolve into the incredibly elaborate formations that we have become accustomed to seeing today.
It is also worthy to note that the formation of the Chilbolton Face (human / alien hybrid), as well as the SETI Response formation appeared near a RAF radio telescope over-night on the morning of August 19, 2001,10 years to the day of the Guardian incident.
One would tend to think that this was the result of long-term planning and not simple coincidence. It would also seem that we were intended to mentally connect the two events.

Clues And Conclusions

Why England?

Aside from the obvious significance of the regions around Stonehenge (as well as the very "craftable" fields of crops in Southern England), there may another clue to the interpretation of the crop formations by the simple fact of where they have been so often found. When the Voice Of America begins a news program in a particular language, it is preceded by a familiar announcement in English, "This program is in the Portuguese language", or which ever language is being spoken. Let's allow ourselves to imagine that the crop formation makers were using a similar ploy by keeping their patterns in England.

Clue # 1
Having established English as the medium of communications, we might then allow for a second clue involving the fields of Southern England rather than simply the patterns themselves.

Clue #2
(The Quantum "field" of space / time continuum.) By connecting the activities involving the crop formations with the English language, the "field" / field mental association can be established.

Clue #3
The repeated use of circular formations in the early stages of the phenomenon set up a "base" for communication. Our mathematical system is founded on a base 10 system.
Perhaps the repeated use of circles in the formations is eluding to a mathematical system with a "zero-point" value; akin to "zero-point gravity" and "null time", or where the circle (often refereed to as the "perfect" shape) becomes symbolic of a dimensional level of energy vibrations where ALL and ONE are inseparably interwoven - much like the plants within the formations themselves - and where the ONE and the ALL interconnect without the "hard and fast" separations of Newtonian physics.

Clue #4
CIRCLES AS VORTICES In every authentic circular crop formation, there is a "signature" swirling of plants both toward and away from a central apex.
This swirling depiction is very close to the regarded movement of "Prana" (Life Force) energies both in and out of a chakra on the human subtle anatomy. With their positions upon the earth, these created circular vortices may also be intended to suggest to us that the earth itself is a living entity (The Gaia).
In the larger picture, this might also be a way of suggesting to us that our life energies and those of the earth are inseparably connected. And that what we do to the earth we ultimately do also to ourselves.
Another interpretation of the apex-swirl vortex pattern might be a "black hole" / time travel innuendo, as well as a suggestion regarding a dimensional door way through which the crop formation makers have traveled to be in our "here and now".

Assuming that we are receiving messages from our concerned descendants who are seeking to encourage us to clean up our act and to make ourselves spiritually / mentally / emotionally / metaphysically more ready for the changes ahead, one might rightly ask why they don't just "land on the White House lawn" and make themselves and their messages irrefutably known. It would be reasonable to consider that any such time travelers would be operating within a frameworked set of constraints much like a Star Trek style "prime directive" of non-interference coupled with the allotment that we in our time-line continue to operate within the parameters of our free will.
In other words, if they can encourage us to advance ourselves motivated by our own internal compulsions, then the temporal directives would not have been violated.
And aside from that, it would be highly unlikely that the majority of present day earthlings would respond favorably to the sudden appearance of human / alien hybrids claiming to be time-travelers who have come into our reality to save us from ourselves. One would think that they would be more likely met with bullets than with brotherhood.

Clue #5
A recurring theme in the crop formations is the blending together of two planet-like circles. This has appeared with such regularity that we have become somewhat callus to its obvious (and frequently unnerving) implications.
As humans, we like to regard ourselves as the kings of all hills. We do not relish the thought of more intelligent - more technologically advanced- more psychically attuned - more spiritually mature "aliens" coming into our reality to rearrange our world, whether or not they come with our best interests in mind. "This is OUR home!!!" "No one else has any right or business telling us how we should live OUR lives on OUR planet!! - That is certainly the prevailing attitude when it comes to "guidance" from beyond.
We always fall back into our collective cave-dweller mentality.

Clue #6
I would encourage you to find a photograph of the Dresde Codex (The Mayan Calendar) and then compare it with the photo of the crop formation that is linked to the bottom of this message. The Codex is said to show our Cosmic history up until the day December 21, 2012; the day when the calendar is believed to come to an end. The formation in the attached link to bear an uncanny resemblance to the "Mayan Calendar".
I have often wondered if there isn't actually a Mayan language disclaimer somewhere at the termination of the Codex that says something to the effect "Now go back to square one but at a higher level".
As you look at the attached crop formation image, see if you don't get a similar impression that following 12-21-12 we will be back where we started, but with a much greater sense of our highest selves.

All is "ISNESS"    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Gary Voss    (all articles by this author)

I have always contemplated the idea of "God" to be an embodiment of all things that exist within the universe, until now I've had difficulty explaining these views unto others however it appears that I am no longer alone on the ideas I have always subscribed to.
The conditions of create, of counter-create, of altering what one sees and ignoring what one knows can be summed up as As-Is (instant creation without persistence) Alter-Is (creation and counter-creation of the creation as altered) and Not-Is (effort to reduce the appearance of an Isness by force). Of these the mysterious one is Isness -- the 'it IS' condition that tells you it is not a question of creation or belief or postulate but that SOMETHING IS THERE TO BE OBSERVED AND WHEN YOU HAVE STOPPED GOOFING AROUND AND LOOK IT SQUARELY IN THE EYE YOU WILL OBSERVE WHAT IS THERE TO BE OBSERVED.

To learn and understand the concept and ideals of Isness, I have included additional information and websites below.


The following is an excerpt from a email journal written from a very talented prodigy & research associate of ours who inadvertently shares a common perception that appears to follow into the same concept and ideas expressed pertaining to this topic of discussion which I will share with you.

From: "Joseph Yates" -
Subject: July 14th
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 20:34:04 -0700

Hi, Guys,

I wanted to make sure you got this so I sent it to all the email addresses I have for you, so expect some duplicates email, OK?
Well, it's only 7:30 PM 7-14-02. The phone has not rung all day. I am not sure what or if anything will happen later or not. At the very least the message I got in May of 95' has had my mind working on the beginning of what reality is.

I have said some of this before, the future is carved in stone. It is not just one future though, it is all possible futures. You and me as an energy or a life force with a certain energy composition will follow a certain path that is spelled out. Change a component of your energy and you will change only the path your consciousness will follow or seek a complementary energy to go towards. That is the only true choice we have.

This is only a small part of a dynamic though. Some of the other parts as I see them are a purpose the life we have chosen - to learn and grow as a spiritual being. We exist so the Prime Creator can experience self. To do this we need to experience all possible outcomes of the decisions we make, therefore it makes sense that there would be more then the one reality that we are experiencing now. More then one you or me existing in other realities making and taking the decisions we did or did not.

This door has been opened for me and I am going through. I am in a state of thought where I would not have a problem talking to the other me's, I would not be disorientated. These statements and ideas may be just too outrageous for some, but they feel right and make sense to me. 7 years of looking into time travel, religion, philosophy. Having a hell of a time trying to make them fit together, not all the parts do and that's ok. Those parts or the details that seem to have nothing in common with anything. Similarities in thought or ideas across time and in various cultures and their philosophies, the ones the don't seem to go away for some reason, that is what needed looking at.

I can't claim to have all the answers but I have a tool that can help me find them - a way of thinking about reality itself and its dynamic relationship to consciousness and time. I still am going to be involved in scientific stuff, I am not starting a new religion. I am trying to break away from the dogma of thought that humans have put upon themselves. And that is very hard to do. Think about all the things that guide your actions and thoughts, peer pressure, society pressure (of the culture you live in), religious pressure, rules and regulations (of the land you live in), those are a few. I am not saying to disregard all these things but they are away of controlling. There seems to be a good idea with some bad stuff attached to it in a lot of the cases.

I wish I could tell you that something happened, but I can't. Oh well. I will let you know if anything happens though."


Impossible means that you haven't figured out how to do it yet!

*Why Isness Is That Way?
A being is in a sense an Isness: it IS that way. One IS a being, of infinite dimension and capability. That is what is. There IS a building around you (if you are in a building) not because you think so but because there IS. You can walk into it. You can walk out of it. It IS-is-is-is! And the longer and harder you try to alter its ising the more degraded YOU might feel because it demonstrates that you can't do so.

This above all: To thine ownself be true! - Accesses: there is nothing so sacred as the integrity of your mind.

*Neutrality / Isness
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The Story of Elijah    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Elijah    (all articles by this author)

I came into this world in 1973 through a severe auto accident, in which the doctors were surprised I lived through. I was in a coma for 3 1/2 days, when they came to my mother and told her, we don't know what was going on, but that I was going to be OK.
Now, my mother was very religious, I THOUGHT. She went to all the functions associated with church, and read the Bible daily. I attributed "at the time" my recovery to her being by my side praying constantly for me and telling the devil he could NOT have me. Kinda religious, huh! At least that is what I thought, still do. BUT prayer DOES work, and miracles DO happen. That is a recorded FACT.
That is when I became a walk-in. Although it was literally years later that I would realize, and allow myself to acknowledge that. Finally I DID, IT was the ONLY explanation that made any sense for me being in this world.
You see, from the time of that accident even to this day I have no memory of anything that had happened to me. Nor any memory prior to that. That is when I became a stranger in a strange land.

Through the years I read MANY books on UFOs, pyramids ancient civilizations and religions. Even books on channeling, Jane Roberts, Seth Materials, Ramtha and the likes. And channeling "at that time" seamed to best explain my situation. Which in truth WAS what I was doing. Although no one seemed to understand me except a very few. Anyhow as time progressed, I was moved to read the Bible, I thought well that is a very old book, maybe there is something about ancient cultures, OR, maybe, that book was something an alien race dictated to gifted people of that day to sometime in the future. Maybe, just maybe, it was not a religious book at all.

Well then, I did a totally religious thing, I got saved, as they say, accepted Christ, the whole thing. But religion made NO sense to me, totally offensive, BS. But as I read more of that book, it started talking to me. Now I know that sounds strange, but not really.
I remember the first time it started making any sense to me. I has been thinking "something" about ETs, or something like that, for 2 or 3 days constantly, 24-7.
When I picked up the Bible and just started to read, whatever page I opened it to, and there, in front of me, in words, was an explanation of what I had been thinking about for those 3 days.
To say the least, I was blown away. Now I must explain myself. I did not understand the meaning of those words on a conscious level. Just kinda like a real emotional WOW, or as I call it, a really PROFOUND experience. Something I had NEVER experienced before. So profound were those words, that I just read them over and over for 2 days. Even more significant than reading them, I would fall asleep thinking about them. And after a couple of days, the meaning started become more on a conscious level. The more I thought about those words, the more of a "conscious" understanding I would have.

Needles to say, that is exactly why I continued reading "those words" and meditating on them "in most instances" for long periods of time. They would be my last thought at night, and my first thought in the morning. I LITERALLY thought about those words day and night. I would say them over and over in my mind or read them over and over. And they would give mean understanding I already knew, but now I knew it on a conscious level. It's like I knew it in the back of my mind. And through those words the concepts became conscious thought. Have I lost you yet?
Believe it or not, I read the Bible for 25 years, yes, TWENTY FIVE. When I wasn't reading those words I was thinking about them.
I worked in a factory, where I could get my required work done in 4 hrs. and read the Bible the rest of the time. In a soundproof room with nothing to disturb me, totally isolated. With only my thoughts.
Everyone thought I was religious and the only ones I had much to do with were those religious people. I would say those WORDS to them (more of in like a prayer), and after a while they too quit talking to me. Except a very few and even then very seldom.
Boy! Talking about isolation, my family even thought I was an idiot. And left me alone. I JUST did not fit ANYWHERE.

THEN, in time, I found Project X, and quite by accident I would add. You see, nothing of significance ever happened to me when I consciously thought, well I will go here or go there. Everything of any significant meaning just KINDA HAPPENED. That has been my experience to this days in time.

THAT is called "destiny" and the fulfillment thereof. THAT is why I say FREE WILL must be given up to allow destiny to run its course. There is literally NOTHING I can consciously do to fulfill my destiny. It has ALREADY been predestine. The only thing I can do is to allow it to BECOME manifested into reality.

I know how that last statement could sound to most people. They say, "But God gave mankind free will," and, yes, he DID. But consider THIS... What has man done to this point with his free will? Then does it not seem logical that man is NOT capable of finding TRUE PEACE through free will, but by allowing destiny to take its course.

If humanity is to achieve TRUE PEACE, and IT WILL, it will NOT be through free will.

But now I leave a warning to humanity, take heed to IT. Peace WILL come. Only AFTER free will has run its course that THAT which is predestined might be fulfilled. And, ALL THAT IS WRITTEN be done. There again only AFTER the times of much trouble has first come.

The great and dreadful DAY of The Lord IS come. But who should hear?
And WHO, O Lord, shall believe our report. But they who have ears to hear for to THEM, IT, IS, GIVEN.

Take comfort in this very thing, PEACE IS man's to achieve, and ALL shall be saved, wet so as by FIRE.


Thoughts    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Star Princess    (all articles by this author)

Oct 16/1999
Awoke this AM and lay in bed thinking about time and thought. In "The Way of The Shaman" there is a quote: "The Great Spirit drew a line in space and called it "Time" upon one side he gave the Nagual, all that cannot be named. On the other side he gave the Tonal, all that can be named.

Mankind is given the ability to think and what we think is called "Thought". Thoughts are constantly going through the brain. What is the reason for thought? Most would say we are to learn by thinking and to know all that humanity has thought, written and said through ages past. That is just processing the thoughts of others. That comes under the division called Tonal.

Through perception and awareness, the mind can draw up, from within, new Knowledge, and that will cause Creation to take place. Within that creative thought, there lies the Nagual or all that cannot be named.

When thought rests in awareness and perception, that thought does not end. No thing ends or dissolves, even thought. That wave coming through the brain, rushes on out into the atmosphere to be picked up by a receiver who also is perceptive and aware. This is the way world Consciousness is built and comes from the Nagual into the Tonal.

When thought comes out of the Unseen and passes out into the atmosphere, there are those who are aware, who hear and, in hearing, that thought becomes multiplied and creates a new world Consciousness.

With creative thoughts of Love, not fear, we may pass over the barrier of time into the Nagual, or the Unseen. There we cause a new world Consciousness to evolve which will dissolve all of the dire fear predictions of the past. The use of thought is far more important than going about doing things. Thoughts are the building blocks of a new Consciousness of Love, which brings all mankind into that Love.

These are fumbling attempts to uncover the use of thought and to verify that thoughts are things because thought creates on both sides of the Line of Time now drawn.

I have a poem or writing I have called: "Baby Thoughts" which shows how thoughts leave our minds and grow as they pass on and on. There they multiply as others' thoughts merge. It then becomes Consciousness co-created by the Great Spirit. Some call it God, the Creator of All. It matters not what it is called; it is the Source of the deep inner thought which is co-creative. The Source did not create once and stop; creation is in constant motion and mankind is given the power to co-create through his thoughts. (to be continued later)

Oct.19 /1999 at 11:30 PM
It is already proven that thought does not originate in the brain. The brain is but a receiver of thought. The great Spirit/Creator sends out creative thought as a River; that River flows through minds via receptors in the brain. It is also proven that but a tenth of the brain is now in use.

When new thoughts pass through from the Creative Thought, those thoughts find no resting place because they do not conform to what we have been taught over many centuries. And so they pass on in the River as unused.

If, however, new thoughts are received and contemplated openly, the brain opens up to receive more thoughts. On all sides new voices now proclaim a new Consciousness and each voice speaks in the same vein of thought but perhaps in a different manner. The one Proclamation is total, unconditional Love.

Various religions have been set up by fear tactics. Each religion has started with someone receiving a new thought. Upon that one thought an entire religion is built and immediately it becomes fenced in as the Only Way. From this has come the wars and bloodshed among people for ages, one against another, all based upon fear..

When a person tries to put Thought from the Creator into puny words, those words fail for the Creator rests in the unseen Nagual where things are unseen by third dimensional senses. Mankind has difficulty even understanding the unconditional Love of the Father of all. Man thinks of love as "if you do such and such I will love you" as though love must be earned. And so religion is based upon the same premise. To be loved by the Father/God/Creator man must earn that love.

So each religion has its Saint, its Redeemer, its Stand-in and that being is worshiped instead of looking to the Creator of all. The blindness of human perception has taken all mankind far from the Shores of Heaven where Love alone reigns. Heaven is not a place; Heaven is a state of joy, peace, abundance in all areas.
(to be continued)

Oct. 23rd
The Line placed in space by the Great Spirit is now becoming Total Oneness. The Nagual and the Tonal now merge to become a new Species formed to seed the Galaxies and create new Stars. Instead of Beings on one side or the other of Time, they now become Total Time which liquidates time to be no more.

Editorial supplemental: The above excerpts from a journal, that Star Princess has sent to me, gave me an idea. Many of us have thoughts, ideas and conclusions, expressed in our diaries and journals. If you feel comfortable to share them, you are, by this, invited to publish them in our newsletter. Let the monologue of your mind become a conversation of many souls.

In The "Face" Of Fear    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Are we missing the boat? (Or the star ship?)

August 18, 2002

Linda Moulton Howe, a well known crop circle researcher, (during her regular segment on Whitley Strieber's Dreamland radio program last evening) eluded that she is leaning toward the persuasion that the 2002 crop formation face is most likely the work of earthlings as opposed to ETs. She seemed most suspicious that the formation could be the work of Disney Corp as a way of promoting their hit movie, "Signs". Admittedly, Ms. Howe has not seen the film, and was speaking of her first reaction when confronted with an image of the pectoral glyph. (And as Mr. Strieber quickly pointed out, the face in the 2002 image bears almost no resemblance to the aliens in Signs.)
In her interview with the farmer who works the field in question, Ms. Howe's inquiries to him, and his responses, often seemed given in a way that left the listener circling around the "hoaxer" hypothesis. The farmer said that the formation developed over the course of several nights, beginning with the appearance of the rectangular framing. However, he also stated that he did not see anyone in the field through the course of the formation, nor were there foot prints or other signs of human activity.
Ms. Howe was suspicious of the fact that the face formation was not created in a pattern consistent with the nearly instantaneous appearances of previous (bona fide) impressions.

Another view.

When you click on to the particular image of the 2002 face linked at the bottom of this message, you might be first taken by the fact that the image was - indeed - created in a non-traditional process.
Instead of being flash-projected into the crops, this pattern appears to have been "waved" into place by currents of undulating energies; creating the 3-D effect through "molded" lifting and falling arrangements of the plants. The waves also give the facial image the pixeled qualities of having been televised. (It looks like it's coming across a TV screen.) This would certainly seem to be a new technique in the long history of crop circling.
But forget the face for a moment. Again, we have a circular pattern that might be the heart of the intended message (the face is the obvious attention getter.) Regardless of any coded information that may or may not be contained within, this circle does NOT conform to the stomping /pressing process employed by earthly pattern makers.


I would fully expect that there will be those in the "skeptical" and hoaxer communities who will come forward to try to take credit for this formation. I'm also expecting that we will hear fake testimonies from individuals who will claim to have watched as the pattern was hoaxed.
These are "spins" that we've become accustomed to.
Many in ufology have become overly defensive in light of the relentless assaults of "skeptics" and disinformers. We're more afraid of being fooled, discredited, and ridiculed than we are afraid of missing the appearance of "the real thing".
Perhaps we need to step back just a little to allow our thoughts to clear.

Let's pretend for a moment that there had never before been anything in the "crop circle" arena before the appearance of the 2002 Face; no circles, no hoaxers, no theories... nothing.

Let's say that the image on the attached link had appeared as it is from "out of the blue" over the course of 3 - 4 days last week. The event would have been seized upon by the global media and heralded as the clear, unquestionable, earth-shaking, history changing point of "contact" with a civilization from elsewhere that has demonstrated the capacity to employ energies of incomprehensible potential.
The whole world would be glued to their television screens in anticipation of the next - obviously in the making - contact event.
So then (considering the 2002 Face) why are we not now watching the skies; fine-tuning our receivers; wearing quirky hats and making silly placards in anticipation of welcoming our off-world visitors?

What have we lost along the way that has so drained our capacity for wonderment?

We have become far more fearful of the hurtful, fear-based assailings of our fellow earthlings than toward any potential dangers from "out there".

In my opinion, if Disney Corp is responsible for the 2002 Face formation, then they have already achieved levels of technology beyond those that power and drive the star ship Enterprise.

One of the going "come-backs" that crop circle researchers throw back when confronted by those who assert that all crop formations are hoaxes is:
"Just because you can counterfeit a $20 bill doesn't mean that all $20 bill are counterfeit."

And "Amen" to THAT! Now, take a look at the image on the attached link and tell me if you don't think that THIS one isn't just a "20", but is more toward the denomination of a G-note!

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