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In The "Face" Of Fear

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 8, 2002

Are we missing the boat? (Or the star ship?)

August 18, 2002

Linda Moulton Howe, a well known crop circle researcher, (during her regular segment on Whitley Strieber's Dreamland radio program last evening) eluded that she is leaning toward the persuasion that the 2002 crop formation face is most likely the work of earthlings as opposed to ETs. She seemed most suspicious that the formation could be the work of Disney Corp as a way of promoting their hit movie, "Signs". Admittedly, Ms. Howe has not seen the film, and was speaking of her first reaction when confronted with an image of the pectoral glyph. (And as Mr. Strieber quickly pointed out, the face in the 2002 image bears almost no resemblance to the aliens in Signs.)

In her interview with the farmer who works the field in question, Ms. Howe's inquiries to him, and his responses, often seemed given in a way that left the listener circling around the "hoaxer" hypothesis. The farmer said that the formation developed over the course of several nights, beginning with the appearance of the rectangular framing. However, he also stated that he did not see anyone in the field through the course of the formation, nor were there foot prints or other signs of human activity.

Ms. Howe was suspicious of the fact that the face formation was not created in a pattern consistent with the nearly instantaneous appearances of previous (bona fide) impressions.

Another view.

When you click on to the particular image of the 2002 face linked at the bottom of this message, you might be first taken by the fact that the image was - indeed - created in a non-traditional process.

Instead of being flash-projected into the crops, this pattern appears to have been "waved" into place by currents of undulating energies; creating the 3-D effect through "molded" lifting and falling arrangements of the plants. The waves also give the facial image the pixeled qualities of having been televised. (It looks like it's coming across a TV screen.) This would certainly seem to be a new technique in the long history of crop circling.

But forget the face for a moment. Again, we have a circular pattern that might be the heart of the intended message (the face is the obvious attention getter.) Regardless of any coded information that may or may not be contained within, this circle does NOT conform to the stomping /pressing process employed by earthly pattern makers.


I would fully expect that there will be those in the "skeptical" and hoaxer communities who will come forward to try to take credit for this formation. I'm also expecting that we will hear fake testimonies from individuals who will claim to have watched as the pattern was hoaxed.

These are "spins" that we've become accustomed to.

Many in ufology have become overly defensive in light of the relentless assaults of "skeptics" and disinformers. We're more afraid of being fooled, discredited, and ridiculed than we are afraid of missing the appearance of "the real thing".

Perhaps we need to step back just a little to allow our thoughts to clear.

Let's pretend for a moment that there had never before been anything in the "crop circle" arena before the appearance of the 2002 Face; no circles, no hoaxers, no theories... nothing.

Let's say that the image on the attached link had appeared as it is from "out of the blue" over the course of 3 - 4 days last week. The event would have been seized upon by the global media and heralded as the clear, unquestionable, earth-shaking, history changing point of "contact" with a civilization from elsewhere that has demonstrated the capacity to employ energies of incomprehensible potential.

The whole world would be glued to their television screens in anticipation of the next - obviously in the making - contact event.

So then (considering the 2002 Face) why are we not now watching the skies; fine-tuning our receivers; wearing quirky hats and making silly placards in anticipation of welcoming our off-world visitors?

What have we lost along the way that has so drained our capacity for wonderment?

We have become far more fearful of the hurtful, fear-based assailings of our fellow earthlings than toward any potential dangers from "out there".

In my opinion, if Disney Corp is responsible for the 2002 Face formation, then they have already achieved levels of technology beyond those that power and drive the star ship Enterprise.

One of the going "come-backs" that crop circle researchers throw back when confronted by those who assert that all crop formations are hoaxes is:

"Just because you can counterfeit a $20 bill doesn't mean that all $20 bill are counterfeit."

And "Amen" to THAT! Now, take a look at the image on the attached link and tell me if you don't think that THIS one isn't just a "20", but is more toward the denomination of a G-note!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #77

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