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Messages From Beyond 2012

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 8, 2002


(My ever-expanding personal theory.)

Communications to us from the makers of the authentic crop formations, and their meanings for all of humanity.


You may find this to be somewhat unsettling.


You may find this to be tremendously exhilarating.

About "them"; the makers of the crop formations...

THEY are time travelers.

They are our great-great-grandchildren. They are the blending of human and extraterrestrial genetics.

They are reaching back to us through time in an effort to (subliminally) better prepare us for the various transitions that our world and human race are currently witnessing, and are about to experience on a much more accelerated level (i.e. the passage of our solar system through hyper-dimensional space / the "Great Purification" / the inclusion of our world into extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional societal federations).

The messages.

Just as one cannot gain a clear appreciation for a crop formation while viewing it from ground level (they are meant to be seen from above), so it may likewise be that we cannot form an adequate understanding of the messages that the formations are intended to convey to us until, through the passing of time and sufficient layers of complexity, we can glean a "big picture" view of the over-all patterns.

They began with simple circles woven in the crops. The phenomenon is reported to go back to the mid 1600's in the fields of Scotland and England. They were said to be fashioned into the plants by "devil lights" which would appear over the fields on the night prior to the discovery of the circles. The circular patterns would come and go with little acknowledgment from the citizenry of the times. The development of what we see today as the pectoral glyph formations began with the dawning of the 1990's.

Fans of Unsolved Mysteries and Sightings may recall a famous anonymous UFO video tape known as the "Guardian" tape. This enigmatic piece of home video - shot on the evening of August 19, 1991 near Ottawa, Ontario Canada, at around 10 P.M. - showed a large, brightly lit flying saucer-type craft resting just above the ground on a platform of generated energy. To the left of the craft, a circular formation of burning "flares" formed a pattern in the tall weeds. The event was witnessed by a woman who lived adjacent to the property. The next morning, the woman went to check the area where she had witnessed the strange event. The plants showed no evidence of having been burnt, nor were there any landing marks in the field that one would expect with the presence of such a large craft (estimated to have been 25 - 30 feet in diameter).

It would seem that the "Guardian incident" (so named "Guardian" for that word's presence on the outside of the video tape) was intended to usher-in to us a new, more complex phase of "crop circle" communications. From roughly that moment on, the crop circles began to evolve into the incredibly elaborate formations that we have become accustomed to seeing today.

It is also worthy to note that the formation of the Chilbolton Face (human / alien hybrid), as well as the SETI Response formation appeared near a RAF radio telescope over-night on the morning of August 19, 2001,10 years to the day of the Guardian incident.

One would tend to think that this was the result of long-term planning and not simple coincidence. It would also seem that we were intended to mentally connect the two events.

Clues And Conclusions

Why England?

Aside from the obvious significance of the regions around Stonehenge (as well as the very "craftable" fields of crops in Southern England), there may another clue to the interpretation of the crop formations by the simple fact of where they have been so often found. When the Voice Of America begins a news program in a particular language, it is preceded by a familiar announcement in English, "This program is in the Portuguese language", or which ever language is being spoken. Let's allow ourselves to imagine that the crop formation makers were using a similar ploy by keeping their patterns in England.

Clue # 1


Having established English as the medium of communications, we might then allow for a second clue involving the fields of Southern England rather than simply the patterns themselves.

Clue #2


(The Quantum "field" of space / time continuum.) By connecting the activities involving the crop formations with the English language, the "field" / field mental association can be established.

Clue #3



The repeated use of circular formations in the early stages of the phenomenon set up a "base" for communication. Our mathematical system is founded on a base 10 system.

Perhaps the repeated use of circles in the formations is eluding to a mathematical system with a "zero-point" value; akin to "zero-point gravity" and "null time", or where the circle (often refereed to as the "perfect" shape) becomes symbolic of a dimensional level of energy vibrations where ALL and ONE are inseparably interwoven - much like the plants within the formations themselves - and where the ONE and the ALL interconnect without the "hard and fast" separations of Newtonian physics.

Clue #4

CIRCLES AS VORTICES In every authentic circular crop formation, there is a "signature" swirling of plants both toward and away from a central apex.

This swirling depiction is very close to the regarded movement of "Prana" (Life Force) energies both in and out of a chakra on the human subtle anatomy. With their positions upon the earth, these created circular vortices may also be intended to suggest to us that the earth itself is a living entity (The Gaia).

In the larger picture, this might also be a way of suggesting to us that our life energies and those of the earth are inseparably connected. And that what we do to the earth we ultimately do also to ourselves.

Another interpretation of the apex-swirl vortex pattern might be a "black hole" / time travel innuendo, as well as a suggestion regarding a dimensional door way through which the crop formation makers have traveled to be in our "here and now".

Assuming that we are receiving messages from our concerned descendants who are seeking to encourage us to clean up our act and to make ourselves spiritually / mentally / emotionally / metaphysically more ready for the changes ahead, one might rightly ask why they don't just "land on the White House lawn" and make themselves and their messages irrefutably known. It would be reasonable to consider that any such time travelers would be operating within a frameworked set of constraints much like a Star Trek style "prime directive" of non-interference coupled with the allotment that we in our time-line continue to operate within the parameters of our free will.

In other words, if they can encourage us to advance ourselves motivated by our own internal compulsions, then the temporal directives would not have been violated.

And aside from that, it would be highly unlikely that the majority of present day earthlings would respond favorably to the sudden appearance of human / alien hybrids claiming to be time-travelers who have come into our reality to save us from ourselves. One would think that they would be more likely met with bullets than with brotherhood.

Clue #5


A recurring theme in the crop formations is the blending together of two planet-like circles. This has appeared with such regularity that we have become somewhat callus to its obvious (and frequently unnerving) implications.

As humans, we like to regard ourselves as the kings of all hills. We do not relish the thought of more intelligent - more technologically advanced- more psychically attuned - more spiritually mature "aliens" coming into our reality to rearrange our world, whether or not they come with our best interests in mind. "This is OUR home!!!" "No one else has any right or business telling us how we should live OUR lives on OUR planet!! - That is certainly the prevailing attitude when it comes to "guidance" from beyond.

We always fall back into our collective cave-dweller mentality.

Clue #6


I would encourage you to find a photograph of the Dresde Codex (The Mayan Calendar) and then compare it with the photo of the crop formation that is linked to the bottom of this message. The Codex is said to show our Cosmic history up until the day December 21, 2012; the day when the calendar is believed to come to an end. The formation in the attached link to bear an uncanny resemblance to the "Mayan Calendar".

I have often wondered if there isn't actually a Mayan language disclaimer somewhere at the termination of the Codex that says something to the effect "Now go back to square one but at a higher level".

As you look at the attached crop formation image, see if you don't get a similar impression that following 12-21-12 we will be back where we started, but with a much greater sense of our highest selves.

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #77

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