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Author: Star Princess    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 8, 2002

Oct 16/1999

Awoke this AM and lay in bed thinking about time and thought. In "The Way of The Shaman" there is a quote: "The Great Spirit drew a line in space and called it "Time" upon one side he gave the Nagual, all that cannot be named. On the other side he gave the Tonal, all that can be named.

Mankind is given the ability to think and what we think is called "Thought". Thoughts are constantly going through the brain. What is the reason for thought? Most would say we are to learn by thinking and to know all that humanity has thought, written and said through ages past. That is just processing the thoughts of others. That comes under the division called Tonal.

Through perception and awareness, the mind can draw up, from within, new Knowledge, and that will cause Creation to take place. Within that creative thought, there lies the Nagual or all that cannot be named.

When thought rests in awareness and perception, that thought does not end. No thing ends or dissolves, even thought. That wave coming through the brain, rushes on out into the atmosphere to be picked up by a receiver who also is perceptive and aware. This is the way world Consciousness is built and comes from the Nagual into the Tonal.

When thought comes out of the Unseen and passes out into the atmosphere, there are those who are aware, who hear and, in hearing, that thought becomes multiplied and creates a new world Consciousness.

With creative thoughts of Love, not fear, we may pass over the barrier of time into the Nagual, or the Unseen. There we cause a new world Consciousness to evolve which will dissolve all of the dire fear predictions of the past. The use of thought is far more important than going about doing things. Thoughts are the building blocks of a new Consciousness of Love, which brings all mankind into that Love.

These are fumbling attempts to uncover the use of thought and to verify that thoughts are things because thought creates on both sides of the Line of Time now drawn.

I have a poem or writing I have called: "Baby Thoughts" which shows how thoughts leave our minds and grow as they pass on and on. There they multiply as others' thoughts merge. It then becomes Consciousness co-created by the Great Spirit. Some call it God, the Creator of All. It matters not what it is called; it is the Source of the deep inner thought which is co-creative. The Source did not create once and stop; creation is in constant motion and mankind is given the power to co-create through his thoughts. (to be continued later)

Oct.19 /1999 at 11:30 PM

It is already proven that thought does not originate in the brain. The brain is but a receiver of thought. The great Spirit/Creator sends out creative thought as a River; that River flows through minds via receptors in the brain. It is also proven that but a tenth of the brain is now in use.

When new thoughts pass through from the Creative Thought, those thoughts find no resting place because they do not conform to what we have been taught over many centuries. And so they pass on in the River as unused.

If, however, new thoughts are received and contemplated openly, the brain opens up to receive more thoughts. On all sides new voices now proclaim a new Consciousness and each voice speaks in the same vein of thought but perhaps in a different manner. The one Proclamation is total, unconditional Love.

Various religions have been set up by fear tactics. Each religion has started with someone receiving a new thought. Upon that one thought an entire religion is built and immediately it becomes fenced in as the Only Way. From this has come the wars and bloodshed among people for ages, one against another, all based upon fear..

When a person tries to put Thought from the Creator into puny words, those words fail for the Creator rests in the unseen Nagual where things are unseen by third dimensional senses. Mankind has difficulty even understanding the unconditional Love of the Father of all. Man thinks of love as "if you do such and such I will love you" as though love must be earned. And so religion is based upon the same premise. To be loved by the Father/God/Creator man must earn that love.

So each religion has its Saint, its Redeemer, its Stand-in and that being is worshiped instead of looking to the Creator of all. The blindness of human perception has taken all mankind far from the Shores of Heaven where Love alone reigns. Heaven is not a place; Heaven is a state of joy, peace, abundance in all areas.

(to be continued)

Oct. 23rd

The Line placed in space by the Great Spirit is now becoming Total Oneness. The Nagual and the Tonal now merge to become a new Species formed to seed the Galaxies and create new Stars. Instead of Beings on one side or the other of Time, they now become Total Time which liquidates time to be no more.



Editorial supplemental: The above excerpts from a journal, that Star Princess has sent to me, gave me an idea. Many of us have thoughts, ideas and conclusions, expressed in our diaries and journals. If you feel comfortable to share them, you are, by this, invited to publish them in our newsletter. Let the monologue of your mind become a conversation of many souls.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #77

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