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The Story of Elijah

Author: Elijah    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 8, 2002

I came into this world in 1973 through a severe auto accident, in which the doctors were surprised I lived through. I was in a coma for 3 1/2 days, when they came to my mother and told her, we don't know what was going on, but that I was going to be OK.

Now, my mother was very religious, I THOUGHT. She went to all the functions associated with church, and read the Bible daily. I attributed "at the time" my recovery to her being by my side praying constantly for me and telling the devil he could NOT have me. Kinda religious, huh! At least that is what I thought, still do. BUT prayer DOES work, and miracles DO happen. That is a recorded FACT.

That is when I became a walk-in. Although it was literally years later that I would realize, and allow myself to acknowledge that. Finally I DID, IT was the ONLY explanation that made any sense for me being in this world.

You see, from the time of that accident even to this day I have no memory of anything that had happened to me. Nor any memory prior to that. That is when I became a stranger in a strange land.

Through the years I read MANY books on UFOs, pyramids ancient civilizations and religions. Even books on channeling, Jane Roberts, Seth Materials, Ramtha and the likes. And channeling "at that time" seamed to best explain my situation. Which in truth WAS what I was doing. Although no one seemed to understand me except a very few. Anyhow as time progressed, I was moved to read the Bible, I thought well that is a very old book, maybe there is something about ancient cultures, OR, maybe, that book was something an alien race dictated to gifted people of that day to sometime in the future. Maybe, just maybe, it was not a religious book at all.

Well then, I did a totally religious thing, I got saved, as they say, accepted Christ, the whole thing. But religion made NO sense to me, totally offensive, BS. But as I read more of that book, it started talking to me. Now I know that sounds strange, but not really.

I remember the first time it started making any sense to me. I has been thinking "something" about ETs, or something like that, for 2 or 3 days constantly, 24-7.

When I picked up the Bible and just started to read, whatever page I opened it to, and there, in front of me, in words, was an explanation of what I had been thinking about for those 3 days.

To say the least, I was blown away. Now I must explain myself. I did not understand the meaning of those words on a conscious level. Just kinda like a real emotional WOW, or as I call it, a really PROFOUND experience. Something I had NEVER experienced before. So profound were those words, that I just read them over and over for 2 days. Even more significant than reading them, I would fall asleep thinking about them. And after a couple of days, the meaning started become more on a conscious level. The more I thought about those words, the more of a "conscious" understanding I would have.

Needles to say, that is exactly why I continued reading "those words" and meditating on them "in most instances" for long periods of time. They would be my last thought at night, and my first thought in the morning. I LITERALLY thought about those words day and night. I would say them over and over in my mind or read them over and over. And they would give mean understanding I already knew, but now I knew it on a conscious level. It's like I knew it in the back of my mind. And through those words the concepts became conscious thought. Have I lost you yet?

Believe it or not, I read the Bible for 25 years, yes, TWENTY FIVE. When I wasn't reading those words I was thinking about them.

I worked in a factory, where I could get my required work done in 4 hrs. and read the Bible the rest of the time. In a soundproof room with nothing to disturb me, totally isolated. With only my thoughts.

Everyone thought I was religious and the only ones I had much to do with were those religious people. I would say those WORDS to them (more of in like a prayer), and after a while they too quit talking to me. Except a very few and even then very seldom.

Boy! Talking about isolation, my family even thought I was an idiot. And left me alone. I JUST did not fit ANYWHERE.

THEN, in time, I found Project X, and quite by accident I would add. You see, nothing of significance ever happened to me when I consciously thought, well I will go here or go there. Everything of any significant meaning just KINDA HAPPENED. That has been my experience to this days in time.

THAT is called "destiny" and the fulfillment thereof. THAT is why I say FREE WILL must be given up to allow destiny to run its course. There is literally NOTHING I can consciously do to fulfill my destiny. It has ALREADY been predestine. The only thing I can do is to allow it to BECOME manifested into reality.

I know how that last statement could sound to most people. They say, "But God gave mankind free will," and, yes, he DID. But consider THIS... What has man done to this point with his free will? Then does it not seem logical that man is NOT capable of finding TRUE PEACE through free will, but by allowing destiny to take its course.

If humanity is to achieve TRUE PEACE, and IT WILL, it will NOT be through free will.

But now I leave a warning to humanity, take heed to IT. Peace WILL come. Only AFTER free will has run its course that THAT which is predestined might be fulfilled. And, ALL THAT IS WRITTEN be done. There again only AFTER the times of much trouble has first come.

The great and dreadful DAY of The Lord IS come. But who should hear?

And WHO, O Lord, shall believe our report. But they who have ears to hear for to THEM, IT, IS, GIVEN.

Take comfort in this very thing, PEACE IS man's to achieve, and ALL shall be saved, wet so as by FIRE.


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #77

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