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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #63

October 9, 2001

1. Opening Words - The Events Of September 11th - Daniel Valliant
2. Channeled Communication with a Hijacker - Nancy X. Sharpnack
3. More Responses to The Call: Lee Koon Wui, Annette, Cassie - Today's Mail
4. The "Black Sheep" Hero (Visitors From Tomorrow - Part Four) - Mark Andrews
5. That Sweet Longing - Sister Hebe Quicksilver
6. Message In the Night - Cassie Zievers

Opening Words - The Events Of September 11th    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Daniel Valliant    (all articles by this author)

     The events of September 11th were the most horrific that the American people have ever had to face. It is not to say that such things have not previously occurred, but we in the states have long been shielded from the cold reality of our world society. That has changed abruptly, and this door now opened must be wedged open, so that we may never ignore the cruel reality that surrounds us again. I do not seek to dishearten those who read this, but instead I yearn to infuse you with the desire to remain awake and awaken others to the entirety of this world.

     Ignorance. Ignorance is a word used most often to describe a lack of knowledge, but that is not at all accurate. Too often in this language, and beyond that in this civilization we, by silent agreement call a cup a dish and say we are eating off of it, but yet continue to drink our fill as we ignore it's nature. Ignorance is far more truly described as an act, not a state of being. Ignorance is the act (to ignore). We who have, ignore the plight of those who have not. When one does wrong, he must ignore how his actions will effect other people. We, here in America, often ignore social conditions in poorer countries in favor of our DVD players and comfortable cars. Those in said countries often ignore the necessity of dedication and hard work in favor of the cool unthinking embrace of old religions and static, unchanging belief systems that must inevitably find conflict with the unending change which all must undergo.

     My statement, in essence is to all those out there who by simply expressing interest in the paranormal and the unknown, have betrayed your inability to ignore the possibilities that exist in this world. Some are quite far off the track, and others are as close to the truth as any one can be. The important thing however, is that in the ability to question lies the potential strength deal with the conclusion to which you will eventually come. I have so often heard those who say that the "time of awakening" is at hand. I do not disagree. The truth of the matter is that this awakening must be engineered, and not simply left to chance as though it will spontaneously appear in the nick of time. The time for us to ignore the course of our future, trusting in gods and fate to see us through is fading, and its loss will be nothing if not painful. Birth is not pleasant. But it is necessary. Worry less about what might be and focus your powers of perception strongly and with purpose upon the course that we must take to awaken as a whole and direct our future. You are indeed the Chosen, and, as Alex stated so well, the time has come to make your choice. We are humans, Becoming.

Channeled Communication with a Hijacker    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Nancy X. Sharpnack    (all articles by this author)

Dear Friends,

I am a channel, and I channel the teachings of just one wise spirit being, by my choice. Last night as I was lying in bed the thought occurred to me that perhaps I could get in touch with one of the hijackers of the planes that flew the horrendous missions on September 11th that caused so much destruction and loss of innocent life. My thought was that perhaps I could get information concerning who was behind the plot to do these heinous acts. So I went into my relaxed detached state of mind that is conductive to channeling with the intention of attempting that contact.

A presence came into my awareness. I knew that he was a hijacker. He said that his name is Ahmed Amani (or something similar to that). He told me he is in a very dark place. He said that he had expected to go to a wonderful great celebration as a hero, but that was not what he has experienced.

I asked if there were other people or souls around. He said that there were but that he was not able to make contact with any of them and that this contact with me was the first he had been able to make with anyone. He was not sure about whether the souls were aware of his presence and were shunning him or whether they really could not see him and did not know that he was there.

I asked him to describe the place he was in and he said it is very black and completely colorless. There are gray shadowy forms that he can see and sense. I asked if there was light anywhere (since I have read that lost souls can move toward the light) and he said that there was none and he had looked for light in all directions. I asked if he was outside and could see stars or anything like that and he said that there were none and it was not like being outside.

Then I understood and he discussed with me that he was having to undergo the experience of the death and agony of every person that had been affected by the actions and decisions that he had made. He said that the events that began on September 11th still exist in what we know of as past time and that he is required to go back into "earthly time" and experience first hand, for each person individually, their death and/or agony, fear, physical pain, etc. as though it were happening to himself. Not only that, but he also must experience in the same way the grief and pain of everyone who is a loved one of the people that died or were injured. This has been communicated to him and it has begun. I asked him how many deaths he has thus far experienced and he said just two and that it would take the equivalent of many lifetimes to experience all that is ahead of him. He said it is taking so long because the pain and grief of the families and others connected to just these two individuals is so intense and it is ongoing, so he cannot move on quickly.

I asked about his family and loved ones and if they understood what he is going through. He told me that he had found that they were unable to do so be cause they held the belief that he was a hero and that he was being celebrated and that the truth could not penetrate through their beliefs.

I asked if there was any message he wanted me to take back to the world. He said that he had been lied to and that he had wanted to believe the lies. He said that to those who might be plotting or intending to do similar acts, that he wanted them to realize that they are being lied to and that they will not be celebrated as heroes as they have told to believe.

He also said that not only would he have to experience these deaths and pain but that all those who assisted and plotted these acts would also. Even those who were not a part of the plot but who celebrated the events that caused all this misery for innocent people would be experiencing many of the same things.

Except for when he talked about those that lied to him (and he felt or knew that some had knowingly done so to advance their own purposes) his air was one of resignation and disheartenment. I realized that I felt very sorry for what he would have to go through and the realization that was dawning on him, but that it was what he needed to experience to learn from.

I believe that he had the insight that this was not punishment per se, but that it was a consequence of needing to learn the human consequences of what he had done.

I left him and pondered this for a time and finally went to sleep. My husband awoke me and said that I was having a bad dream. I realized that I was still with Ahmed and experiencing my body being crushed as one of his victims must have experienced. I didn't feel pain but much anguish and terror and I must have been screaming for my husband to hear. Once awake I realized that the door to that world had to be closed for me at least for the time being so that I could get some sleep.

This morning more insights poured in during my meditations. I realized that each of us is responsible for what we do and support, and that if we support the injury and killing of innocent people, or celebrate such an event that we are also going to have to experience the grief that it causes. This is not just a lesson for terrorists but for any who support and applaud even official actions that harm innocent people.

I asked what the solution might be. The answer came. It is time that we realize who and what we are. We are not individuals separate from each other, as the illusion appears to us. We are a part of a single conscious organism and when we injure any part of that organism we literally are injuring ourselves. This is the meaning of the Golden Rule.

The Bible says that God claims "Vengeance is mine". The meaning of this is not that we are free to retaliate blindly when harm is done to us. Nor is it that there is a terrible avenging and punishing God. Its meaning is that the best way for us to learn is through direct experience. We must be able to experience the consequences of our thoughts and actions in order to understand what and who we are, and the implications of our actions. Thus we suffer the suffering that we inflict on others.

We are One. This Oneness is a literal reality. We are being given the choice to see and know this right now, so that we can avoid enormous amounts of suffering. To see it and teach this to the world in this time of great grief is the most marvelous legacy that could come out of the horrific acts that have immersed the globe in sorrow.

God is love and desires for us to see our Oneness and thus to heal mankind.

In love and light,

Nancy X. Sharpnack

More Responses to The Call: Lee Koon Wui, Annette, Cassie    (view on a separate page)
Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)

("The Call" is an article by Aldarow, published two issues ago. Below are additional responses to it, including the article that follows later, "That Sweet Longing")

Lee Koon Wui:

Dear Alex,

The phenomenon you experienced is akin to sensitivity to omens, it is related to the teaching "nothing is coincidence". The reason why it feels stronger more inspiring than others is because it is a deliberate attempt by your spirit guides to communicate with you.

At a very high level the spirit guides ARE you... but unless you have attuned to your pre-incarnate self (transcending even your Soul), it is highly useful to consider these beings separate, and short of the fact that they are in possession of Spiritual wisdom (which you too will have when you become Spirit-realized), they are very much your peers.

This is to facilitate working with these beings. You will reach a point whereby you receive these messages on a daily basis and you'll go "Ah yes thank you for that reminder that God is Within Us at all times..." or other similar inspiring messages to, as you say, remind you that all is well.

At a even higher level, you will effectively stop having such indirect method of communication, and speak to your guide/s yourself. You will know his/ her/their name/s, or rather, what they would like you to call them. These beings, together with you, can regulate your etheric, emotional or even mental energies, thus having a huge impact on your life.

At a even higher level still... upon merging or partially merging with your Monad, your mighty I AM, you will realize (not just know or understand but REALIZE) that Life is an illusion... by then you will be in contact with a spiritual Master. One of these most wonderful beings is Sananda Jesus. There are others. By then you are no longer guided by your Soul (or higher self). Your previous guides will "burn away", and you will have attained the spiritual clarity you are looking for.

But it does not end here. Being a direct "disciple" of your Master, you will need to work for the Spiritual "Brotherhood". Only then are you officially one of the True and direct Light workers. All else is given up. EVERY moment is dedicated to God simply because now you realize, really, "all that arises is subject to ceasing", all illusions does not exist for you, and only God exists. This is like saying that when a person is happy for the wrong things (thus not God), he is blind to the harmful things that follow. That it is not Real.

Of course all these take a lot of dedication and hard work. We have been asleep for so long. It is time to awake. There are many techniques out there to serve in this. But they all start with sensitivity to energies. Chakra refinement is a basic must. Just as normal people want to eat and live healthy (physical, emotional, mental), chakra refinement by energy meditation is the spiritual aspect. All great channellers and gurus or masters I know, are experts at some form of this. It is a basic thus important step.

I recommend Ascension techniques, but there are others. Also it is very important to keep grounded. I have jumped many stages of development in my description of the process, so it may sound a little in the stratosphere, so to speak. But taking it slowly, it can be done.

All the Blessed

elohim elohim elohim


You have described what I have felt many, many times but cannot describe. I sit and cry in the bathtub. It's this overwhelming longing I feel. I feel guilty for having it at times because it is not happy. I don't understand it. I feel guilty because I have been given so much grace in this life that I think to myself. What is this longing? And for what? I talk to Ya'shua about it hoping to understand it. But I still don't. I never talked about it with anyone before because I never knew anyone else felt it and because I would not know how to describe in words what it is saying to me.

It is very bittersweet and sometimes completely overwhelming. And yes, it is brought about by music, or a phrase someone says or other things. Sometimes I am so drawn to the music that evokes this feeling and then wonder why I listen to it. Because I end up in tears. I do not think there is an answer to this feeling of what is it? Why am I feeling it?

I thought I was alone in this highly personal feeling that cannot be expressed. It almost feels like yearning, longing and sometimes it creates a feeling of loss?

Please elaborate more on this for me. Thank you for righting about it. I have lost three loved ones this year and I think feelings of loss that come up may be about them too. I don't know. I feel bad sometimes afterward because I have such a full life I think how could you be feeling like you long for anything. It is a feeling of I want to go home. And then I don't know where home is or what it looks like. I feel guilty about this too because I have a really good life here.

Thank you so much for sharing about this.

In love and light to you and a new connection I did not know could exist for me.


I don't know if you're still taking letters about this, but I just had to put my two cents in. I have been feeling a rather extraordinary yearning for "Home" in the last few days, to the point that I feel myself wanting to cry at times with remembering what it is like. It is no home I have ever had here in space/time. It is the place we go between lives. I don't know if it will necessarily require a death to return there, as I have been feeling like its presence in the here and now is imminent. All I know is that it is where I want most to be. I long for it as much as I do the man I love whom I am currently so far away from at the moment. It is THAT strong. I catch myself almost crying quite a bit lately. I realize I am being redundant but then again, so are these feelings... overwhelmingly so!!

The "Black Sheep" Hero (Visitors From Tomorrow - Part Four)    (view on a separate page) (more articles about aliens)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

A True Story Of Strange Encounters
(c) 2001

If you had seen "Old Roy" walk in to the coffee shop, your first impression of him would most likely have been less than positive.
He seemed to attract dirt to himself like a magnet. He was perpetually garbed in the same (or similar) baggy jeans and sweatshirt. His one set of work boots were always untied. (I couldn't help but notice that he never wore socks.) Roy was heavy in weight and always unshaven. His white hair looked as if it had never been combed. He moved slowly and often seemed unconcerned with the social graces. He had the classic crotchety "old geezer" personality.
He allowed few people to know him beyond a superficial level. Fewer still were granted knowledge of his several secrets. I was fortunate to be one of those very select few.
Throughout the year 1978, I made a second home of a local coffee shop / restaurant close to my house on the South side of Indianapolis. It was at the coffee counter there that I got to know "Old Roy".
I would frequent the shop sometimes two or three times a day. Rarely would I not find Roy already sitting in his "regular" stool. I would often watch with amazement as he would offer very costly gifts of rings and jewelry to his favorite waitresses. Roy was then in his mid 60's, and found such acts of generosity to be his preferred outlet for female approval. Frequently, the waitresses would talk about Roy in his absence. I was able to gather that the gifts were indeed "the real thing". It struck me as odd that someone of Roy's demurer would have the resources to so freely give gifts of such high monetary value. It took a couple of months for Roy to finally strike up a conversation with me.
At first, his topics were fairly mundane; the weather, politics, charming waitresses. (The usual coffee counter babble.)
Roy was a man seemingly void of any forms of creativity or imagination. He was a "hard and fast" Taurus personality. He had no use for anything that he couldn't use in his daily life. He was a "down to earth" as anyone I have ever known.

Then came the evening when I sat at the counter and reflexively asked of Roy, "How are you?" He turned his head toward me, slammed his fist on the counter, and through a face red with anger stated, "They can't do that to us! We're American citizens. We have our rights! They can't just take us out of our homes like that!"
"...OK...", I thought, as Roy turned his face back away from me. He calmed down and began the first of many remarkable stories about the two "men" who had been paying unwanted visits to him at his home in the "wee" hours of the night.
Through the course of these many encounters with Roy, I learned that he had served in World War II with the elite (and highly renown) Black Sheep Squadron. This fact was verified for me by Roy through a scrap book of official documents, letters, and - of course - medals of valor. That part was easy for me to digest.
But then, there was the matter of the two "men".
Roy was retired, divorced, and lived alone. His house was just a couple of blocks from the restaurant. He rarely strayed far from the neighborhood. But as I soon learned, there was no need for Roy to make any effort at long distance travel. That - apparently - was a pre-arranged aspect of his life.
Roy told me that during his "flying" days with the Black Sheep, he was often tailed and "buzzed" by strange craft that were (clearly) not of this world. These encounters happened with such frequency that he came to accept their presence, and to regard their pilots as fellow flyers.
(Although there was never any direct contact with them during the war.)
It wasn't until after the end of World War II that he began having unsolicited visitations from (always the same) two "men".
As Roy related the story, they were friendly toward him, but often eerily evasive as to themselves, their mission, and their motives.
All that Roy could say with certainty about them was that they were citizens of another planet that was conducting a many thousand year research study of humans on earth. And that to the best of his knowledge and perceptions, they were every bit as "human" as we.
The regular scenario that Roy described involved the two letting themselves in through his (locked) back door at an odd hour of the over-night. Roy would be advised that it was time for his "session" and that he would then be expected to accompany them by way of an odd older- model car with darkly tinted windows. (The windows were also dark from Roy's vantage point in the back seat.) This was designed so that Roy would not know the exact rendezvous location of the awaiting "shuttle craft" that would then carry the three of them to the "main ship" somewhere in close space.
They would then lift off to dock with the mothership where Roy would under-go a routine examination and be asked to watch instructional holographic presentations in the realms of science, physics, biology, and of life on his hosts' home world in orbit around a lesser star of the Sirius star "cluster".
In the year 1978, Roy was able to speak to me with authority on the (then) less probable topics of:

1. Test-tube babies
2. Time travel
3. "Magna-drive"
4. The Galactic Federation
5. Reptilian empires
6. Trans-spacial "black holes"
7. Interdimensional "by-passing"
8. Cloning
9. Light-amplitude weaponry
10. Mind-to-mind "direct" communication
11. Collective knowledge
12. Cellular regeneration

All of this coming from a "no-nonsense" kind of a man whose only wish concerning the encounters was that they would stop so that he could live free of the pervasive "intrusion" that took his attention away from the more "earthly", tangible things in his life that really mattered to him.

Why Roy?

Roy was born in Egypt in the year 1910. He was the son of an English military officer and an Egyptian woman who claimed that her blood line went back to one of the royal dynasties of Egypt's latter pharaohs.
This, said Roy, had been confirmed to him by the "Sirians". They told him also that they had been following his DNA through many hundreds of generations, (including the royal houses of Ancient Egypt.) and that it was for the purposes of genetic research continuity that he was so closely under their surveillance.
I was taken a little by surprise one evening when Roy asked me if I had been aware of the fact that the stranger with whom I had had a conversation the night before (at that same coffee counter / in Roy's absence) was, in fact, one of the men who had been visiting him for so many years.
I, obviously, had not know that. Then Roy got an "impish" twinkle in his eye and said,

" And by the way... They know who YOU are."

Written in warm memory of my "Black Sheep" friend, Roy. 1910 - 1998

That Sweet Longing    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Sister Hebe Quicksilver    (all articles by this author)

Once I was dropping acid and making love, and all the sudden I was not with just the person I was making love with, I was with the God, and I was the Goddess. I saw the God speaking to me out of my lover's face, which kaleidoscoped and changed into a series of faces, (some that I have never known and some that I have since met) but all were the faces of people which I saw were just vehicles carrying Him, and He recognized me at the same time and we went dancing out in the universe to refresh each other and remind each other, lest we become too weary and discouraged in our work. Seeing Him reminded me that we had hidden ourselves in our creation in order to experience it – it was a test of what we had created in the guise of a game of Hide-and-Seek, cloaking our eyes and the full understanding we had gained in order to experience it "inductively".

This is a very interesting aspect of the creator's integrity. We had to know it all, inside and out, to create it, then as a final test of our own veracity, we agreed to reintroduce ourselves into it without the information, born into ignorance and illness. Poisoned by an economic system which has perverted itself through the murder of animals, the eating of their flesh and robbery of their young's food, and experiencing the insanity and violence and lack that this strange perversity breeds, we handicapped ourselves on purpose and subjected ourselves to testing the absoluteness of the law we created this whole thing with, to the extreme limit of its power, and that law is all that can pull us back out, now that we have thrown ourselves into this all-or-nothing quality assurance test of love and truth.

This experience led to another, long and painful period of testing (they call it drug-induced psychosis, but I call it work I needed to do). I will some day relate that experience to you all, but for now let me say that in that experience I woke up. I became aware of the necessity to achieve mastery of my vehicle, and I began to lose the assumption that things just "happen" to me. I had to fight my way back to this world, and during that time I saw things that were going to happen in the future. I was scared; I thought I was crazy so I could not just relax and experience what I was experiencing and record what I saw. I also thought I was crazy because I had no social or technological context for the things I saw – they didn't exist yet. The capacity for them to exist had yet to be built, inside me or outside me.

I will always long for the bliss – I experienced a bliss that is not of this world. But I also experienced its antithesis – a terror that is not of this world. What led to the terror was that I had not built the supporting foundation underneath my mind to hold me up while I looked at what I saw: the foundation of accurate definitions from which to reason out what I was seeing. This is the challenge with mind opening drugs; their use is a kamikaze agreement to peer into things beyond the accumulated power to reason. The walls melt and the sight is opened without the usual struggling to surrender to the world that is unknown. It just comes, as it comes, without a conscious bridge to the world that is known. This lack of struggle is akin to the butterfly not having to fight out of a cocoon or a chicken out of an egg.

Now I understand that this must not be done without the proper astrological support, or it can end in death. (I am a triple Cardinal, born to pioneer, but I learned later that many never come back from this ride.) The use of mind opening drugs was a necessary part of our evolutionary development, and like the eating of flesh, pushed us to a quantum leap in consciousness (having understanding of truth and also the tested power to raise ourselves from the dead). But, like flesh-eating, apart from this function, it lost its usefulness and led to perversity. Now, as it is better to discipline the mind not to lie and say that humans have to kill to eat (and to take the logical steps that this truth reveals), just so it is better to walk into revelation step by step in consciousness in order to have the ability to define how you got there. These definitions assist in facilitating the reasoning power that is needed to be able to assimilate and utilize the revelation.

What calls me is the God. My other half. The other aspect of myself that is longing to be fulfilled in me just as I am longing to be fulfilled in Him. I hear the call of the day when I will be able to uncloak my sight and experience creation with a complete knowledge of it, from beginning to end, from inside and outside, having tested both truth and my perfect ability to recreate myself, even handicapped by poverty, ignorance and disease.

Is there anyone out there who has understanding of this thing? Marco...? (she waits to hear a small, distant “Polo!”, calls again, and waits some more.) Where are you? Are you out there, do you hear me? Has anyone else been here before?

Hebe waits for Hercules to finish his own labors so that he can take his place with her among the Gods. I will write more about His labors, next time.

I wish you all a ripple in still water,
Sister Hebe Quicksilver

Message In the Night    (view on a separate page) (more articles about aliens)
Author: Cassie Zievers    (all articles by this author)

Early last spring, I found my sleep interrupted one night by a sudden need to go to the bathroom. While this is not at all unusual, what followed may be. I had just returned to my warm bed and was getting comfortable when I suddenly heard a voice from nowhere in particular tell me "You have to tell them we are coming." Somehow I understood who the "we" in the message was, the people of other worlds, those we have called 'aliens'. This was not a mission I would have wanted in this life. I balked at the idea, "But I'll be labeled a lunatic! I'll be considered some kind of a fanatic or something... why me??" There was no answer in the stillness of the night. I decided then and there that if the message was indeed genuine, and not some fabrication of a sleepy mind, I would require some semblance of proof for this. I did not question nor specify how that proof was to come, but it was what I needed and, I felt, a perfectly reasonable request.

For ten out of the next fourteen nights running, the message came again and again, just as it had before. In the night, as I was about to return to sleep the same message repeated word for word, "You have to tell them we are coming." Dreams are never this persistent. This clearly had to be genuine. I mentioned to one of my teachers what had happened, and she complimented me on my having thought to ask for proof. But then she asked the incomprehensible "So what are you going to do with it now?"

It took me a great deal of time to think about that. I mentioned it to various people at different times, one on one mostly, but never considered getting the message out to a number of people... that is, until now. I could well theorize on why that is, on why now seems important and any other time didn't, but I feel that would be pointless. The message stands on its own. And for whatever reason, now is the time to make it known. This will not be a small isolated event, not a random individual or small group UFO sighting, this will be known worldwide. There will be many of them. Finally, and irreversibly, contact will be made. I can't help thinking they have been waiting for this for such a very long time... waiting for us to be ready, to finally have come to a place in our collective consciousness where we are inclined to cast aside our differences and see what makes us inevitably one.

It seems we have accomplished this in a very obvious way with the recent events in New York and at the Pentagon... for the first time in our history, we have managed to leave issues of race, politics, religion... anything that would separate us on the back burner. For the first time in my life, these things suddenly made no difference anymore. For one brief shining moment we have glimpsed that beautiful reality that we are all one and there is no turning back.

If we can look past the fearful images of them that have been painted for us by the movie industry and in various books we may well understand that rather than being here to wreak havoc in our lives they are coming to help us transition through a difficult time. They are coming to help us to reach our potential.

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